Nigerian teacher can’t read own document

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The verification of certificates of primary school teachers in the southern Nigerian state of Edo ordered by Governor Adams Oshiomhole has begun to yield startling results, with the discovery of a female teacher who could not read a sworn affidavit tendered with her documents.

The embarrassing discovery was made at Asologun Primary School, Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, Benin City when Mrs Augusta Odemwinge could not read a sworn affidavit she tendered as part of her credentials.

Governor Oshiomhole who paid an unscheduled visit to the State Staff Training Centre, venue of the exercise, was appalled that a teacher could not read, saying “if you can’t read, what do you teach the pupils, what do you write on the board?”

Students: what are their illiterate teachers teaching them?
Students: what are their illiterate teachers teaching them?

On arrival at the centre, the governor took time to peruse some of the teacher’s credentials and documents presented.

Trouble started when Mrs. Odenwingie took her turn for the exercise. The governor asked her to read the affidavit she presented.

To the consternation of everybody present, the teacher began to stutter as she read the affidavit as if a kindergarten were learning to read.

Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT, Comrade Ikosimi who described Mrs Odemwingie failure as an embarrassment, said the Union endorsed the state government move to sanitise the school system.

“We are committed to partnering with the government to reposition Education in the state. What this teacher has just displayed is a show of shame, it shows the decadence in the education sector.

“As the chairman of NUT, I have written to the governor that we are in total support of what he is doing. He should properly involve the NUT so that together we can fish out the culprits who are not viable as far as the system is concerned,” he said.


  1. osahemwinda

    this is shamful, people like dis needs public execution

  2. donaldgood1

    o shat i can believe this pis of crab can’t read ooo man


    What a shame, the prove is to fail? In the present of osho baba, you have enter one chance better go do business

  4. Bamaiyi

    the governor should not be surprise ,we Nigerians are living witness to the mess that is going on in this contry.thesame is happening everywhere in this contry the qualified candidate are always unemployed and the cow,s or the mumu,s are the employed.the NUT should watch teacher employment that is going on in plateau state so as to avoid this tendency of having bad eggs in the system.we are not surposed to play politics with education.

  5. Femi

    BIG SHAME… this is another serious issue it’s worst than OGA @ D TOP. I pray that GOD should pls, rescue our education sector.


    This is not just about the illiterte teacher, the whole system is faulty. What penalty is due for her supervisors, principal, minister etc. She didnt just hop into the classroom and start teaching, so, who gave her the job? why wasnt she screened ad trained? as for involving the police, huh? can they read the affidavit?

  7. paul

    Tell me what is difference between this woman and TINUBU chicago certificate as confirmed by the shameless he-goat OBJ.

  8. Dennis Oletukovie

    Y wnt ds mess b in d system when her person is in d ministry employing neighbours n relatives instead of qualified hands. Today, we hav unqualified hands in all d sectors because of governor or commissioner affiliation. God help ur children, n save Nigeria.

  9. Felix

    What a BIG SHAME!!! Even the So-called NUT Chairman knows what is happening. Requesting to be involved means requesting to hide more of that stuff. They have been existing before now. who recruited them??? who trained them??? who supervises them???

  10. patapata

    In some Nigerian states she would have been appointed a permanent secretary if she is lucky to marry a man at the top.

  11. Alehandre

    @Najeemdeen. Please put a suck in it. Which police should she be handed over to? Is it the same police with an almost 100% work force that that can barely read his/her own name tag? Or the same police, who got his job through the same nepotic method as did Mrs. Odenwingie?

    Its an ostensible fact of a monumental system failure. The decadent has permeated all facets of our lives. So @Najeemdeen, lets us stop the stereotype and attack the root cause of our problems and not the symptoms.

  12. Erubo

    This is NIGERIA, the best student study medcine, engineering, law, accounting, while the low level student become a teacher. we trust our children to dumming to teach them.
    The well behaved, well mannered, shun politics while the rogues rule our nation. IMPROVISED NATION.

  13. Sufyan


  14. Bill

    Hmmmh! Until we stop nepotism and deal with sentiments in our recruitment exercises, such messy stories will continue to filter out from our institutions. TERRIBLE! What bothers me is the effect the presence of such teachers will have on/in the molding process of the children.

  15. Najeemdeen

    This is a disgrace to the teaching profession. she should be handed over to the police and they should investigate her and know when she got the result she used to get the job she in to now. God safe Nigerian Students from wicked lecturers and teachers who have fake results and end up failing students and pretend to be best hands in the system.

  16. kenny-pee

    WOW!… No comment!

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