Outrage Over Adeboye’s 3-km Long Church

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Simon Ateba

The announcement last Saturday that the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, would build a three kilometre long auditorium in Nigeria has triggered outrage among Nigerians who call the humongous investment a waste and another cofirmation that Nigerian churches are veering off the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, announced during the Holy Ghost Service at the Redemption Camp in Mowe area of Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, that the existing auditorium which was built in 2000 with a capacity to sit one million people at once could
no longer accommodate millions of people who attend service there.

Adeboye said that the new auditorium which would be built at the mission’s camp ground at km 46, Lagos-Ibadan expressway would also be three kilometres wide. This will make the auditorium a humongous 9km square auditorium, and one of the top ten churches in the world in
area size.

The Holy Ghost Service was one of the programmes lined up for the 61st Annual Convention of the church and Adeboye promised that the project will start soonest and will be completed before the 62nd Convention in August 2014. He solicited for donations from members toward making the project a reality.

Pastor Adeboye.
Pastor Adeboye.

But not long after the announcement was made public on www.pmnewsnigeria.com that Nigerians reacted angrily on social media with many describing churches in the country as business centres.

According to Lookman, Adeboye should rather build a three-kilometre farm land and employ a million unemployed youths in Nigeria instead of wasting money on a building.

“So what impact will this have on the common man? More queues on Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, making life unbearable for travellers on Lagos-Ibadan route whenever programmes are going on,” said another reader.

“While I commend such vision, I think the billions of naira that will be used for such project could do the common man good if such is used to build affordable hospitals, schools, scholarships and provide basic needs for the common man,” he added.

According to Godson, Nigerians are hungry and unemployment rate is sky-high but churches are wasting their resources on buildings and other investments rather than tackling poverty.

“Why not use that money to build a non-profit organisation and employ our youths?” Godson queried.

To Naubiko, despite constant prayers, deliverance services and vigils in these big churches, Nigeria remains stuck in darkness and corruption.

“If they like, they should convert the whole of Oyo State and Ogun State to church there’s still nothing to show for it . No light. Even the General Overseer has more bodyguards than government officials and moves about in Helicopter / Private jet,” he said, adding that the
road to Adeboye’s church is a death trap.

According to Ade, “building long auditourium means more tithe. For God’s sake these churches can industrialise Nigeria!”
To Moses, Ngeria needs job and not competing in being among the largest church in the world.

“We can see clearly that all the countries that have these large churches are economically stable in terms of infrastructure and job creation , unlike Nigeria that any idea by church only benefits the immediate people at the top . We read about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,they were all farmers creating jobs for their followers and not people that expand churches,” Moses said.

According to a reader who described himself as Folo, religion is the bane of Nigeria.

“I have said it time without number that religion is the bane of our country. Remove religion from the affairs of man and there will be peace. I have watched closely some of our colleagues who have been brainwashed to believe that prayers from the so-called men of God is all that is required to be saved,” he said, adding that church followers believe and swallow everything they are told by their pastors.

Mark Yaveli said he would not mind being given the contract for the fencing of the church.

To Ade Oolokun, it is good news Nigerians are waking up from spritual hypnotism.

“ They (Ngerian pastors) are worst than armed robbers. They are con artists who are not afraid of God’s punishment. Some of Nollywood actors and actresses have also dumped acting and joined these con artists because, it is more lucrative than acting or 419 business. ”


  1. Olagbebikan

    Thank God we are in the dispensation of grace,otherwise many of the basket mouthed commentators would be rueing it by now!You commentators whose understanding has been darkened and you feel wise in your own eyes will soon begin to wring your hands for raising your voice against the Man of God who is led continuously by the Holy Spirit.He has not broken any law of the land as the members who voluntarily contribute to the work of God from their own assets, know what they gain by continuing to do so.What is your own problem?You don’t have to visit your frustrations on the Church or her Pastors .Agreed that there are bad eggs who infiltrate the pastoral call,this is not peculiar to the that profession since satan also have its own disciples.The Pastor of RCCG,Pastor E A Adeboye is one of the World Reknown and respected Clergies and it is most uncharitable to drag his name in the mud.If you fail to give HONOURS to whom God has acknowledged and honored ,you will be the worse for it.God has been using him for Nigeria and Nigerians through his intercession for the country on continuous basis.A lot of disasters and calamities have been averted on Nigeria due to his Ministries’intercession.Please be careful how you allow your mouth to be used to run down the Man of God.

  2. Boye Asaju

    I am disturbed when I see ignorance and lack of sound mind manifest in people’s comments on social network. There is no RCCG auditorium in Ikorodu, yet an average Ikorodu resident spends more than 5 hours everyday coming in and out of that town. There is no Auditorium in Lekki/ Ajah but the average resident spends 4 to 6 hours coming to and from work in Victoria Island on a daily basis. When the trailer drivers took over the whole of the Ibafo side of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway where was the brain of those who are talking negative about the church project now. When government officials loot the money meant to build and maintain roads and lavish it on parties home and abroad and live larger than life lifestyles your sharp tongues go on holidays. For the records, the camp ground is a city built and maintained by the RCCG. That includes roads, electricity and water without any singular input from any government federal or state. The camp has reduced a lot of pressure from the population of Lagos and parts of Ogun state. Adeboye that you criticise now has built many schools from nursery to university with sound academic and infrastructural facilities and their teachers and lecturers are not on strike. The level of employment that the RCCG has offered is by far more than that of 4 states put together. You hale and celebrate those who steal our common wealth on the street and at parties and run your mouth at those whom God have raised to enhance a better society. Your faculties are pedestrian and ridiculous. If it is for lack of education, find a good school to improve yourselves. If it is joblessness and frustration, believe God for ideas and start a productive venture. Adeboye has impacted his own generation, do something worthwhile with your life. Put your brains to good use. Capis.

  3. Olatunde George

    These people shouting farm, farm, I hop is not that they ve 4gotten d route to their father’s village. Must somebody buy cutlass and hoe for u before u can farm or cultivate a big land for u to barstardise.think b4 u write or Adeboye is d one u voted for in d last election ni

  4. Erubo

    There is nothing bad in church expansion, but the fact remains that the problem of Nigeria can be solved through religion. Let all our religion leaders get involve in the political affairs of this nation. The truth is the that REVOLUTION is looming in NIGERIA. The poverty in this nation has gone to the extreme and if revolution start, our RELIGION LEADERS will not be spared.

  5. sola

    how would u have described the covering of cloud during d day and pillar of fire in the nights God gave over the Israelites – a waste?, the welfare of his people matters to HIM

  6. Dami

    May God 4 4give u all 4 ur stand on ds issue of building another auditorium, what u all want Is τo see d churches been poor abi? Go on research τo know d large amount solomon used τo build temple 4 God den. God deserved d best and let his kingdom on earth be expand τo give chance τo people dat wanted τo worship him(GOD). U better create job 4 ur self and stop expecting adeboye τo do dat 4 u. Go and cry τo government dat loot ur money not d xtian learders, leave dem 4 God τo judge.

  7. Kenny

    It is a terrible thing for one to have a darkened understanding. God is indeed a merciful+patient God.

  8. Daniell anyanwu

    I sympathize with the sentiments of my bretheren though i hav some consern for people who must be obscene an uncivilized to another just to make a point. My guess is that pastor Adeboye has not sidelined the needy even as he ministers, because it it is as much his madate as that of preaching and praying. Again, if he needs to expand the church facility to better serve the worshippers, he has not sinned, provided he is not driven by ostentation. As for gainfully employing a vast number of the unimployed nigerian youths, this is not his core mandate.

  9. Tamara

    That Nig’ns will think dis way is ridiculous. Pls take ur time to search out the GO’s philanthropic activities. Do you know how many destitutes he has given a home, poor children now on scholarship, name it. Do you know how many people he single handedly fed in dis last convention? You talk of toilets? Even you, do u flush ur toilet after use? Have you ever wondered who takes care of those thousands of toilets. How many toilets are on d streets of Lagos anyway, when even you are used to doing it anywhere. Yet you pay tax. He has done more than any of our secular leaders have. Lagbaja was right when he called Nig’ns mumus living in Mumudom. Face d useless politicians who waste YOUR money on useless trips abroad, gallivanting every where making public displays of shamelessness. My pastor is not forcing anyone to give and by the way, who will sit in d auditorium, aint it human beings? Does ur president care whether you live under d bridge, on d highway or in hell when Nigerians cant even afford to live in decent houses in d FCT. I think mumus should use dia brains sometimes and stop displaying their folly in public like their morally-wretched mace-throwing pedophilia senators and leaders.

    1. Dami

      May God bless u 4 dat wonderful post.

  10. Nedu

    Those of u criticising the man of God calling him names may God Almighty ve mercy on u all amen, is it a wrong thing for the kingdom of God to expand? Ok wat u like is to see brotel everywhere, pornographic company, increase in heard drugs, beer parlour,legalising homosexuals, infact those of u that ve decided the devil to use them as idle mind speaking idle word that may stand against u in jugement, when they ve problem ar the same person that wil keep on calling and running to men of God for prays for them, this is not good o, remove the hand of monkey from the soup before it becomes human hand, go and expand ur own ministry,win souls for there shall be rewards for u both on earth here and in heaven, so stop being envious, the HolySpirit is given to everyone to profit withal, go and make profit for kingdom of God and stop being instrument in the hand of devil for he wil use u and even destroy up, so accept Jesus now

  11. Hello

    If foolishnes should be competed for, we would get the gold medal ! Our taxes (National thithes) can not build such structures but our church thites (voluntary taxes) from the gullible can.
    We even now marry one wife three times each with its own fanfare and lavish spending (Native marriage, Registry or Court marriage and then Church Marriage) ! These marriages are by jobless “children” who still live with their parents.

  12. Olorun Essan

    The likes of Akingbola will steal the money of their companies, donate it and later go to jail alone while the GO is busy enjoying the loot. God safe Nigeria from itself.

  13. Igbo Man

    It is most unfortunate that the PDP cabal has capitalized on the high unemployment amongst our youths and recruited unsuspecting Nigerians as political thugs and praise singers to infiltrate most forums where Nigerians share their opinions. It is only a fool that pursues rat while his house is burning.

  14. omo jesu

    I do respect GO so much i rate him more higher than others 419 and political messenger pastor.
    But he got this one wrong consider the the situation in Nigeria people can not afford a daily meal . the country become violent society ritual killing every where ,their spiritual task is to encounter evils in our society.cast demons in our politician and tell them true as bible said you shall know the true and the true shall set you FREEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    that all 419 pastors you fail to speak true that why all of you are under the evil politician FREE YOUR SELF AND FREE NIGERIAN

  15. ohis

    Infact,I am at peace with myself having read what Tony commented.I now know that,some Nigerians like tony still think right.With that comment,I don’t have any issue with those passing worthless and negative comments on dis issue.

  16. Wale

    My contribution. Rather than embarking on expansion project. I want to appeal to our reverred G.O & d church to improve on d existing facilities. Reasons are poor sanition, crowd contol need be improved. No one should get me wrong. Situation where ppl qeue to use toilet & birth place need improvement. During d convention ppl urinate & pou indiscriminately. My sugestion is that the auditorium must find way to accomodate toilet. If luxurius bus,, plane & master bedroom have inbuilt toilet. I do not see anything wrong. Lastly, i dont see why naija shld feel outraged. You crucify anyone over ambition. God will help us all

  17. ohis

    Jesus 2nd coming is around d corner,yet,this doesn’t disturb people especially NIGERIANS.Somebody should help me plead with people who are busy criticising others instead of minding how 2 make heaven.I wonder at d concern of those who want religious leaders provide jobs and infrastructures 4 d teaming unemployed Nigerians without considering d source of these monies.Why won’t they put pressure on the people they wrongfully elected in political offices instead of calling 4 church money?.Of all d people that have commented on dis issue,it’s only mike that has talked sense.

  18. Shote Paul

    PM News,don’t aid and publicise anti-God’s vision comments.It is disastrous and inimical to your organisation.Unfortunately,virtually all the comments vividly reveals lugubrous state of confusion and ignorance.First and foremost,does the Church RCCG has the right to conducive place of worship?Is the Church not promoting the philosophies of corporate and social welfare amonsgt it memebers and indeed comity of Nations?When has the church taken over the consttitutional responsilities of the Federal,State and Local Government by mandatorily creatting employment opportunities and other social amenities?Is the 3km proposed auditorium meant for Pastor Adeboye and his family alone?Are Those yelling for. Employment opportunities anti-Christ?Please,stop this mendacious assertions and insinuations.Call on the government of Nigeria to wake up to her responsibilities and stop condenming the progress that God Himself is the source.Jesus loves you all.

  19. tunji

    religion is the only thing saviing us in this country. if the church’s resources can cope with the project, they shold ride on

  20. Chuks

    No comment bcous jugment belong to God alone

  21. Aremu

    That is the Redeemed church where those who rapt tend their so-called holy ghost service queue on line in thousands to use toilet facility after paying N50.

    Would Jesuc Christ have charged his disciples N50 to use toilet?

    This Adeboye man na proper thief, but his disciples foolishly follow him.

    1. messiah

      illiterate , when you have over a million people using the toilet , how do they generate money to keep them clean and even help some of the people who are voluntarily doing the cleaning.

    2. Kenny

      pray for God’s mercy before it is too late for you

  22. Tony

    Frustrated generations can make any
    comment.To a frustrated poor man,every
    one riding a Jeep is said to be a thief.Im
    sure many commentators about these
    great men Of God are jobless.Since you
    know that church business is money
    spinning,yet you are jobless,does anyone
    hold you from starting one? Only fools
    like you will know which business brings
    money & yet remain a pauper .The
    unfortunate thing is that many of you will
    pass through this life uncelebrated,end
    like pauper exactly the way your
    grandfathers ended (you know how they
    ended without a mark).Continue to attack
    these great men of God & see if you can
    ever witness greatness.Your ugly mindset
    has already sealed your destiny,you
    yourself,be sincere,is this the level you
    ought to be even at your age? Baba
    Adeboye bagged his Phd a little above
    30,yet,a man of 40 who is still being fed
    by his parents & friends,call him a fool?

    1. iChurch

      My own take is why is it that any tine that this church has a project to embark upon special offering has to be raised? Even to build ordinary toilet they have to raise special offering for that? What happened to the regular tithes and offerings being collected from more than 3,000,000 members. Na wah oh

      something is not just right.

      1. messiah

        did they come to you for money, fool.

  23. Dayo salami

    It is Jesus Nigeria PLC

  24. Kenny

    The man of God hasn’t forced any1 to empty his bank account to expand the auditorium. One is talking about creating a farm, have you ever thought about the number of self-employed that their trades have been boosted via the camp activities? That’s by the way anyway.

    I need some1 to explain to me how the great commission of evangelism strives without cash backing. Why on earth do some people think pastors spend tithes and offering for personal use.

    The bible says ‘go ye into the world and preach the gospel’. How many of u think Pastor Adeboye travels out the country for leisure?

    We do not need to be biased on issues like this.

  25. paul

    I pray sincerely every day that God shouldn’t let me have problem that will take me near these heavy G.O’S.


  26. wale olotu

    well i wish we should not judge so dat we too shuld’t be judge,bcos only those who a in spirit can understand n be in position to interpret those spiritual things.but God is there in heaven watching we tians.

  27. Mike

    We should learn to direct our questions to where the answers are. People want Adeboye to use church money to build farms. But that is the business of farmers and the various ministries of agric. Adeboye is a Pastor and not a farmer. You want him to employ youths? But that is the job of the government and private business entrepreneurs. Money is being voted by govt and being looted right under our noses but we prefer to pour venom on preachers. The money being looted by govt officials is the money we should complain about because it is our collective wealth. If RCCG’s worshipers decide to build a 100 KM square church how does it concern me since I did not contribute? People are on the streets in Egypt, Syria, Bahrain trying to take back their destiny from their oppressors and we here attacking Pastors. If you are jobless and need a job ask your senator or ask your rep. If he refuses to give you a job, don’t vote for him next time. Chikena!

    1. emmy

      U re just a foolish mam!

    2. what will Jesus DO!!

      ARE YOU 4 REAL…..

    3. omo jesu

      Mr. Mike do read your bible very well as you self Micheal. Jesus is not a farmer when he fed multitude with bread and fish.while preaching and teaching .

    4. Negus

      Thank you very much Mike, those layabouts find it easier and faster attacking Pastors and complaining about their jets, than holding the politicians who are robbing them blind accountable. Very funny people, did he say he was going to build the camp with your money ?
      These haters should learn to direct their frustrations and aggressions at the right places and personnel – The National ASSEMBLY and ASO ROCK !

    5. umile

      oh God, when will some nigerians will stop been so envi. anyway the work of God must be done in jesus name. amen

  28. Adejinmi A. Remi

    Reading through all the responses, I realised that some of you need to be flogged.

    It is a fact that poverty will not seize among you, I strongly believe that when solomon was building for God there were many poor people in Israel and God was pleased with the building.Instead of you all to pray to God that He may Bless you to be part of the contributor to the project ,All you know is to criticize.How many poor people around you have you assisted.

    Afterall, the Man of God did not say he want to build his own house.

    Mallam Sehu, How many people have you helped in your vicinity.RCCG has welfare package for people.

  29. Boye

    I think people are mixing role of Government with Spiritual body. Why can we not ask The President and the Governors to explain how they are spending the multi trillion naira budget in there hand rather than asking church to build farmland for the nation. I am exited that we have an organization that is commited to such a project and I know by the Grace of God it will be achieved rather than a Govt that cannot do a Lagos Ibadan road in over 20 years.

    1. Julius Joel

      Boye, that is where you are wrong. Jesus fed hungry people he did not say it was government responsibility tobfeed the hungry. Jesus paid tax and encouraged people to do the same. Churches in Lagos are big business. Adeboye is probably richer than Dangote,, Adeboye doesnt pay tax and makes his money block roads and making life hell for other people. There is absolutely nothing wrong if Adeboye raise money to ensre we have uninterupted supply of electricity. Adeboye can raisemoney to build better road right from heart of Lagos to his camp. He will only be adding to God’ glory but right now with his bogus projects, he annihinates people and block them from the kingdom of heaven. I personsly dont believe that m Mr Adeboye is a true Chrustian. The Bible says if yourr brother is hungry feed him, if he needs clothes provide for him.Adeboye will be the kind of person Jesus will tell away from me you evil doers. If God gives him the ability to raise money he had better use it to benefit human being or else his end will be terrible

  30. Sir Sli

    But for the Churches,Nigeria would be in deeper mess than it is.The people crying foul are only displaying their ignorance.Building a House of worship has not deviated from biblical standards as long as it is not for personal aggrandisement.One only needs to pay a visit to Redemption Camp to appreciate the enormity of the crowd problem nay sitting space inadequacy.It would be better to keep quiet than criticise from a pedestal of ignorance and sheer envy.Pastor Adeboye in my view is only pursuing what God has comjitted into his hand to do unlike many of us who are lily-livered to stand out and be different in our callings and endeavours.

  31. John

    Forgiveness is all I ask for all of you

  32. Ayour Pee

    Religion is a sensitive subject to comment on … more so in a country where we believe more in prayers than hard work.
    It’s however sad that while developed and developing nations are putting all their energies towards their manufacturing industries, our own industrialists are busy selling off their factories and converting them to church auditoriums.
    I can bet that RCCG will meet their target of completing the auditorium within the next one year, courtesy of the poor masses, stolen and ritual monies and government patronage.
    We cant judge … God will … And how i wish He will … Sooner than later …

  33. Seyi

    I wonder why some people don’t mind their business. If a place of worship is too small to accommodate the members and arrangement is being made to build a bigger one, in what way does this infringe on the right of non-members? People should learn to mind their own business.

    1. what will Jesus DO!!

      the deference between DEVELOPED and DEVELOPING or UNDERDEVELOPED countries is what you have here.in the developed world,no matter how rich or deranged you are you cant just wakeup and decides to build a skyscraper.you cant do this in the UK….go and ask KICC…..his now based in GHANA…..another developing country.the most painful part is the white man brought Christianity to Africa. now we know and see God more than they do.yet common CAR we cant produce.hissssssssssss

      1. messiah

        my friend get your facts right. kicc is stiill in the uk. they just dedicated their new camp prayer city last month. stop spreading rumours,

  34. adeyeri oladeni

    pastor keep making your cool money, more jets in your compound.



    1. Adejinmi A. Remi

      Mallam Shehu,

      I will not like to be insultive rather educate you or enlighten your eyes of understanding.

      The problem in the world can be traced to ignorance.Bible says my people perish bcos they lack knowledge.
      Have you being to Mecca before to see the mosque there How big it is?When they start the building project I believe a lot of ignoramus people criticised the project but now many people benefit from it.

      I dont have time to teach you the economic inmportant of the project.

    2. mide

      thank you mike. God bless you abundantly…the idiots critizing the man of God only use thier mouths to bring curses upon themselves….i wuld b dissapointed if any christian says he or she diagrees with what the pastor is doing..avnt u heard of solomon and david that built a temple for God,….how wuld you just open your mouth and say rubbish??…are u listenin to yourself??just continue sayin nonsense and remain impoverished out of sheer stupidity n baseless envy…i just pray God has mercy on u dat have criticized wot God has put in d hands of his servant to do with which he is doing with all zeal and passion..and if u think that it is a waste n joke watch as God turns your life into a joke..

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