BBA Sex Romp: Fans Slam Nigeria’s Beverly Osu

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Nigerian fans of the Big Brother Africa have condemned Ada Beverly Osu, one of the country’s representatives, at the ongoing reality TV show over her sex romp with Angelo Collins, a South African housemate.

Beverly was slammed for finally succumbing to sexual urges and unprotected sex with the dude on Friday night under the duvet and later in the bath tub all under the prying lenses of BBA.

Since the still and motion pictures of the video went viral on social media, it has set off rage with many condemning Beverly’s moral rectitude, especially over her admission of her highly active libido.

Ada Beverly Osu
Ada Beverly Osu

Nollywood top director, Charles Novia, was the first notable figure to lash out at Beverly, aligning himself with Professor Wole Soyinka’s statement made a few years back that BBA is “pervasive and debasing”.

“The latest furore generated by Nigeria’s representative, Beverly Osu, over her unlimited libido is as shameful to many as it is interesting to others….Beverly represents a whoring Nigeria which seem to get nothing right but just allows itself to be screwed both by internal and external interests,” Novia said.

Another angry fan, Evelyn Obaro was more acerbic as she lashed out at the BBA star via her twitterhandle @evediva . “I am not surprised at all, this Beverly is living fully up to her surname ‘OSU’ which means ‘Outcast’,” wrote Evelyn.

One Christian Adinde asked: “It’s a pity. All these for money and fame? This girl has lost the sense of shame. Must Naija girls disgrace this blessed country in the BBA.”

Another fan who simply called herself Dobby worried about the consequence of Beverly’s actions upon her return home. Her words: “I hope she wins the game. No matter how grown up you try to make the game seem, the fact still remains that she was sent as a representative of not just her family and friends, but also her country and Nigerian female folks in general.

“Whatever image she projects there might be seen as a norm in our already messed up society. The previous winners-Karen, Utti and Kevin- didn’t have to reduce their moral standards in a bid to win the BBA game and they all still won.”

And the video people are talking about: Beverly’s sex romp with Collins

However, it’s not all condemnation for Beverly. To some, she’s just been real as the show is all about one real self.

Uti Nwachukwu, winner of same BBA in 2010, some weeks ago came to Beverly’s aid via a series of Twitter messages.

“Hold up. Y’all need to go easy on Beverly. It takes a lot of discipline and grace from God to fight KOnji in that house after 2 months. No vex,” the former BBA winner tweeted.

Uti added: “That game is not easy at all. If you are a sexually active person and you like sex, three months is a long time to be celibate. Let’s not be hypocrites. If there were cameras in our homes, most of us won’t be able to show our faces in public.”

One Andrew James was on the same page with Uti. James posted on his facebook wall: “To all the hypocrites, when she was going for the auditions and paying for cab, did you sponsor her in anything? Now she is at the game and you all want her to do your moral bidding. She’s the real star in that house.”

Another anonymous commentator defended Beverly: “Anyone who never sin before should cast the first stone. Critics should let her be and don’t judge. We should commend this girl for been bold enough to do what we do in private. Tomorrow, you will all still love her and she will get married after all every pot of soup get cover.”

Another female fan said Beverly has neither committed any crime nor gone against any written rule with her sexual act: “Don’t you guys have an idea of what Big Brother is all about? Don’t you at least have an idea that the show ain’t for kids and holy holy viewers? Beverly is an adult and has a right to do whatever pleases her. Sex and many more sex happen in every Big Brother house be it Africa, UK or Australia.”

Angelo and Beverly began flirting with each other two weeks ago. On several occasions, in oral sex.

However, Beverly took the ‘lovey-dovey’ a step higher as she opened up to her heartthrob about her not too glorious lifestyle in order to make ends meet.

She repeatedly admitted to have slept with various men to take care of herself and her folks, as well as allegedly aborted four month pregnancy for a popular Nigerian rap star (name witheld).

The “O leku” music video vixen told Angelo how much she’s in love with the dread-locked South African.

Lover boy, Collins also reciprocated by telling her of his affections for her.

And as their intimacy grew in intensity, they seized every opportunity to be alone and indulged in erotic feelings, shared make-out sessions and ultimately climaxed it with a sex romp at the weekend.


  1. Nnenna

    Bible says what ever man sow so shall he rip, yes Osu did it with her body because sex its what u commited with your body nt with tounge
    it is nt when u had the sex mean u have committed , when u dress like harlot showing ur body to whole world u have sin, she felt into sex to the house boy bc all there body was expose so dont blame her neither crucify her bt i have to blame her for nt make it secret bt know that sex without life husband is a sin
    tunji pray for her for God to fogive her becose u have done sexual act in ur life if u have repented

  2. frank

    Beverlo, so u went dear to Represent us for the BBA show is for SEX Representation. thank u for d Representation , we can see u can even act BF Videos u should have told us that u are practicing to act BF, but that is not the Right place of course bitch.

  3. frank

    If any one should support such an immoral act den dat person is a devil himself. Beverlo even ashawo wen stand 4 Road day collect 300naira sef better pass u, why don’t u tell us dat u.are going dear 4 sex not 4 the BBA show, we Nigerian’s are nt happy with u o. ashawo folk that ur strong ass, u dis slot.

  4. big

    May your daughters, and daughters’ daughters , all grow up to b just like Beverly Osu. Amen………


    1. frank

      This so-called Beverlo has brought sham 2 the entire Nigeria nd her family. Any way she is a big allot dat is why she can’t control her sef. She also know dat the BBA show will last 4 three month before she wen na, was he accidental? A very big G0AT no self control.

  5. DmC

    If anyone has committed a more immoral act than what Beverly been said to have done on BBA and still criticizes her, may more intense judgement be upon you!

    Hypocrites all have one trait in common: they justify all they do and reproof others’. Some people tend to forget that, in a house as BBA’s, it takes only a while to even forget that you’re under surveillance by cameras, let alone at night when it’s dark and unimaginable how you could be seen, but for the aid of cameras of the sort used in the house. Besides she’d been celibate for 2 months, that’s not an easy feat!

    The girl smokes, lies (like everyone else) and you don’t castigate her. She has sex with someone and you’re staking her. Afterall, the same doctrines iterate that all sins are of the same magnitude. If God hasn’t judged her, who the f***k are you to do so?

    You’re committing more evil by using remarks as “God punish her….” For all you ignorant and immature folks. Please visit your nearest DSTV Centre to get educated on how to use the Parental Guidance feature of your decoder.

    Phoniness stinks!

    1. big

      Well i neva had a problem with what she did, my issues are with all she said………………….. however, those who think she acted well, and people are just being unfair, …and i quote; “The girl smokes, lies (like everyone else) and you don’t castigate her. She has sex with someone and you’re staking her.'”

      In that case, all i can say is……… nothing is wrong with Beverly or anything she did . I completely agree with you dude……so here’s a toast:

  6. big

    See, i have always questioned the moral value of this BBA. It adds nothing to anyone. As for Beverly, i am not as concerned about the sex she had, as i am for the statements she made. She is pitiful. This girl called her father an asshole, said her mother was imprisoned in paris for pushing drugs, and in her absence she took care of her brothers. she claims to have been expelled from secondary school, and attended a covenant shortly after and was also kicked out, and went to babcok and got to 300 level before being kicked out AGAIN. She said her mother is a tout, and the same mother dey do ‘PAROLES”. I have so many questions for this girl. from her statements she entered class one @ 2years? she entered babcok with which results? and if she was kicked out from sec school at 14 in and was in babcok 300level by 19yrs, wen she come go the covenant na?………. ITS A SHAME !!!!!!! She is a liar, and she has painted her family as a gang of pretenders with questionable morals. shebi she go come back naija. oya make we dey watch.

  7. ariel ben tzuar

    i just feel pity for dat osu girl.d weakness to d shear pressure of lust,greed n impatience.we can only face our fears when we know them.she can’t tell if shez doing rite or wrug.a result of a blindness some place down her subconscious.she needs to see only thru d light of torah.

  8. splurge

    #KickBBAout : kindly go on twitter & comment using the hashtag.

  9. Mirabel

    Have really read tru all d comments here. Berverly sure doesnt knw d camera caught Her. Its so immoral cos as it is now, she can act porn Movies. I wil only be anygry if she gets evicted afterall. She is not d only lady in dia. Y shld she b d one 2 do dis? Its Her Life n Image she is tarnishing. Its Her cup of Tea. 2ndly My Dear frnds, there are oda channels on Dstv. U musnt watch dis station

  10. Holuwarkemmy keshinro Ajibola

    Why ar we been sentimetal over here, bervely, dat girl is in love as for me she’s d only one dat knows how to play d game big brother is for adult and not for born fun girl.

  11. Michy

    @jerry,this is nt abroad..this is Nigeria…you see,the problem with Nigerians is we care so less of wat oda pipo do buh jst think of ourselves and we forget dat either way we wil be affected…its high time you stop sugarcoating evil deeds and say it raw the way it is…d funi thing about it is whatever happened between beverly and that Angelo is not called sex..its fornication.

  12. gela

    The trueth is that, because this media showcase is control by bba, therefore bba should not publish an act like that . Because they have control of all activities going on in the House.
    Bba should not feel less concern in publishing things like that, seriouly its not fun to publish immoral things like that.

  13. 4Divas


  14. sunday malaga

    See what money is doing, all because of money some young and beautiful ladies of our beloved country Nigeria have decide to sell there pride, oh my God, God of mercy please have mercy on them, because they do not know what they are doing…. Please my brother’s and sister no matter what please always remember where you are coming, and believe that God will bless you when your time comes…. Thank you GOD BLESS NIGERIA…….

  15. Ehije


  16. osas

    some say its ”konji” wao,uti said it wao am just scare bcos it means a man can’t go for course abroad for 3months witout d wife sleeping wit his driver or cook all in the name of konji? Nonsense

  17. osas

    its a very big shame bcos she is the latest whore in the world,this story will forever spoil her reputation.all of u that supports her will u allow ur daughter or younger sister do it? Self control is self control,she acted badly

  18. Steven

    Nawa o. i am still surprised to see people supporting this shameful act. If u no that is ok y do u normaly lock the door when you want to have sex and you are here calling some body that saying truth fool osu is a prostitute that is all i need to say but there is still grace in which can cover her in christ

    1. jerryfranklyn emeka

      @ steven,Ya mr Stevens, even if she is a prostitute as labelled by you, i based abroad and i fully know that prostitution is a legal job, the so called prostitutes pay their taxes and operate freely. There is no woman that is not a bitch, in this our generation. Because, babes this time do not search for love but cash and fame.

  19. @ottylouis

    Abeg make una free d gal jhor!!we all r humans nd we hav emotions o.d only diff btw her nd u guys condemning her is dat she was caught on camera nd u guys aren’t!most of u r far worse!guess she’s just a victim of d popular saying “who dem catch na em b thief”

  20. jerryfranklyn emeka

    i don,t support evil but the lady in question is an adult, so she has her life to live and account for it. She was in love, and really want to have with the guy, unfortunately she was on camera, that is just it. All her critics are they SAINT ? ONCE MORE, tunji is an animal, the biggest fool and otile. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fortune

    jerryfrank..i am so ashamed at what morals may have to degenerate to, if you were in a pole position to drive it. How can you be justifying this madness?

  22. Jeff

    don’t be surprise that those people who, support Beverly and also encouraged her, will support same sex marriage (gay). am not a saint, Buh we should always have self control.

    1. monsur

      she is not a virgin nor a kid, so self control is impossible here after so many days of temptation. Although other winners had temptations but I want to be sure theirs werent as tough as hers. she shouldnt have ventured into BBA in the first instance. This should serve as a lesson for intending contestants who have not had any pratical approach to life sex before…I doubt the possibility. It’s a real big challenge indeed. May Nigerians pardon her and may God forgive her.


    NBC should ban tv stations from showing this stupid thing.
    Anyways, i don’t watch all these program that debased human dignity.

  24. Yomi Oloko

    It is Nigeria where so called “holy Christians” watch soft porn Nollywood movies, television shows like BBA and porn related online video clips of Nigeria scandals and even allow their kids to watch such programmes and then turn around to criticizes contestants of BBA.
    What are they even doing watching BBA in the first instance? or don’t such people realize that its not every programme on TV that they should be watching

  25. Lawindo

    Pls you people should stop having dirty minds,and act like well read,and is humanly impossible to have sex in that position,try it with your husband or brother,fingering possible but sex no,your dirty minds do not allow you to think farther than your penis and females am disappointed in you,be fair to a sister.and even if it is sex I can bet u are all having sex at least 2x a week .so leave the girl alone haters

  26. paul

    This is unbelieable having sex in a public. Uti the homo supported her too bad devil has many followers

    1. jerryfranklyn emeka

      @ paul, did you watch the clip? The babe did not make love in the public, she made love in her room videoed by an enemy and was posted on net.

  27. SamuraiYosefsky

    indeed, the love of money is the root of all evils!.. only animals are not ashamed to perpetrate an act such as that in a public domain…definitely when role models and examples are to be celebrated, many of these so-called celebrities should cover their faces in shame and find rocks to hide under…pathetic lots!

  28. santos chinonso

    osu cld ve show kind of morals nah,even if konji de worry her.d thing de sweet am well well.she has gone there to sell her life not nigeria

  29. jerryfranklyn emeka

    Tunji, you re an animal. why should you involve her parents in this, if she has done wrong as you think you talk or write about her and not the family. You idiot is just being jealous, tell me even upon her bad behaviour, if she presents herself for a nite to you, you won,t have, animal .. Watch the other videos about BBA, you will then know that she was not alone in her act, most of them come there to have sex. Tunji de FOOL!!!!! fooooooooooooool tunji

  30. Tiercel

    I think it`s high time to blacklist this BBA show. What morals are our children learning from it. Is is highly debasing and morally bankrupt. Let us all kick against this sinful program.

  31. Tunji

    She has said she was a sex worker, she kept her family father mother and siblin together from what she gets from arristos

  32. Mike Junior

    Sex is a biological necessity. Osu has proved her canal knowledge let condemnation not ruin our sister rather she should be corrected back home. I also know that sex is a sensation caused by a temptation when a man put his location in a woman’s destination. Lol…

  33. gee

    I am sorry to disagree with jerryfranklyn emeka, but this is what always happen when we copy western world of morality.

    What she has done is absolute trash, you gone tell me what she did was not calculated.

    Only Dogs do their business in the public, because they know no better. I hope someone take her back to village, let the chiefs give her some African trashing.
    When did Nigeria turned out like this.

  34. jerryfranklyn emeka

    She needs not to be condemned, what she did was still part of the game. The problem with hers, is that he was captured on camera. Afterall, when Davido was in Kenya, he had sex with a kenyan girl and nobody criticized him. In the entertainment industry sex is absolutely nothing, and that is why some parents hate their children to be part of it,, although the poor lady could not control her urge.

    1. Tunji

      You are a fool for your comment, How dare you justify an ill behaviour

      1. jerryfranklyn emeka

        you re the biggest fool to counterattack my comment, you make us and leave and leave people with their opinions. Gee was been reasonable to disagree with reasons and in a polite way. You re a big fool, tunji once more, idiot.

      2. olaifa simeon

        see what money has turn many of nigerians youth today throwing moral to the dog and that is the reason why they can easily open their leg for dog in the name of get rich quick. Shame on you supporting wore in the name of BB brother. God will punosh all if you.

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