Funke Akindele Finally Confirms Marriage Collapse

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After five days of holding her fans and other Nigerians in suspense, star actress Funke Akindele has finally admitted the end to her fairytale marriage to property mogul, Kehinde Oloyede-Almaroof.

An official statement released this evening by Akindele’s publicist, Ayo Ola- Muhammed, Principal Consultant of NEECEE Entertainment, confirmed the speculation concerning the state of her marriage.

“On behalf of our client, star actress, Funke Akindele, we want to formally inform you that after due consultation and consideration, she has now separated from Mr. Kehinde Oloyede as his wife,” Ola-Muhammed’s two-paragraph statement sent via a Blackberry Messenger read.

Funke and her ex-husband Al Maroof Oloyede
Funke and her ex-husband Al Maroof Oloyede
The publicist who is also Akindele’s immediate elder sister added: “She (Funke) hereby urges her fans and all concerned to pray and wish her the best as she moves on in her career.

“Kindly note that this is the first and only official statement from Funke Akindele on the matter and will be glad if her wish is respected. Thank you.”

On Monday 15 July, the news filtered out that Funke’s husband, Oloyede-Almaroof, allegedly announced their separation via a post on his Facebook page.

“It’s with heavy heart that I am announcing the separation of me and my wife, Mrs Olufunke Akindele. We’ve both agreed to go our separate ways coz of irreconcilable differences. We are still best of friends and we would forever remain good friends,” the purported message reads.

He was said to have added minutes later: “Am doing just fine and getting along without you. Don’t need you anymore in my life. You are the greatest mistake I have made in recent time…Kehinde Oloyede.”

P.M.NEWS quick checks on Oloyede-Almaroof’s page revealed no such message as his last post on the page was on 6 July with pictures of a property ostensibly posted for sale.

But a close family source had told PMNEWS that the marriage was indeed troubled as the couple are already separated owing to some unresolved issues few months into their marriage.

The source said 37-year old Akindele has been hiding the issues from the public including family members, while she took solace in her job.

The source said the couple could not pretend anymore, thus the latest development.

However, our efforts since then to get the actress to respond through calls, text messages sent to her numbers yielded no effort.

All our messages were delivered and read, but the actress, who was on location of a new comedy movie “Trouble For Sale” alongside Aki and Paw Paw, in Delta States, did not respond to all our enquiries. Her PR camp also ignored enquiries.

The couple got married on 26 May 2012 at a 3-in-1 extravagant ceremony held at The Haven Event Centre in Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

But a month after their celebrated marriage, the news broke that the talented actress’ husband (a confirmed polygamist with two other women) had impregnated another lady and that was how the problem in their relationship started, another source told P.M.News.


  1. olaakin

    Life is full of so many unbelieved things.seperate jst lik dat

  2. omo jesu

    To my dearest funke,
    All human beings are prone to make mistakes you know!.l sincerely respect your person.Please pick up the pieces of your life and go back to God who is able to restore your joy.l think the break up is important for you to move on with GOD.In the first place that man is not your husband biblically, pray and ask for the right man not necessarily a popular man, check out the the life of omotola a fellow actress,l guess it is worth emulating and l rate you at that same level.God will help you. kindly don”t be distracted by what people will say about you,tell it all to God who knows your needs and He is able to allow the right man to cross ur path.l am proud of u and keep up the good works

  3. ify

    That man “Oloyede Almoroof” must be a DOG in human Flesh! A month after their wedding, it means he has impreginated the lady before getting married to Funke, anyway “What goes around comes around”, I remember when she was accused of dating Femi Adebayo but she denied it seriously that they were just friends,that was when that foolish Femi’s wife Khadijah left with their kids, the way she (Funke) denied it then I believed her, until recently when one of her friends confirmed it that she dated Femi. Now she married a polygamist and she wanted him”Almaroof” to still be faithful to her!!!

  4. Labidjainaise

    Awwwww…… what a pity. hes so shameless why would he do that to hes wife? Nawah o…….

  5. phunmine baby

    This is very unfortunate, more also so, it’s a good time for every one to know that what goes round also comes round and what ever you can’t take from others don’t do it to them.I am disappointed that funke could react this way, then what do u want the ladies you met in the house to do? So my dear it is not enough reason for you to quit d marriage .u should even be the principal person to hide it from the public . My sincere advise to you now is either you leave him and start your life afresh or you go back and settle with him and come out tell the world that d story is not real , this will only work for a strong lady who is determined. Ty

  6. Austin

    Thats good for them if they see a common man on the street that is ready to marry them, they will never marry u because u are nt a politician or a superstar, Insteed to look for a man that will be there for you and twich him up to there standard they will never do that all what they do is to look for already made. That will be a leason for all the actresses.

  7. J gurl

    i said it dat my BB batery last longer than this marriage

  8. gudnex

    did i read…someone said she was too desperate to get married?…@37! U kidn me…come to tink of it…in any normal circunstances..shl a woman still b talkin abt marriage @ 37?….may God help ha sha…

  9. jerryfranklyn emeka

    paul, dis is yoruba,s affair, i want to see ur comment.

  10. Abel

    I thought she said she was going to sue the newspapers that reported the break up. So, what is she waiting for. The man she got married to is serial polygamist. and everyone expected Akindele to have known but she blindly married him. Well, you are the newest actress whose marriage has broken up. You saw young men that were begging to marry you but your thinking was that they wanted to enjoy your money hence you turned them down and went for already established polygamist .?Where are you now. Welcome to the club

  11. y worry

    Abi the man thing no dey work – una no make mistake o, just because person get many wives no mean say him thing dey work o. the husband fit no do o.

    Y Worry

  12. moses


  13. Maik

    If wealth is the secret to – If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the streets.
    But only poor kids do that.

    If power ensures security, then officials should walk unguarded.
    On the contrary, only those who live simply, sleep soundly.

    If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages.

    Live simply. Walk humbly on the face of the earth..and Love genuinely..! All good will come back to you .

  14. tunde

    what did she expect. she collected the guy from someone else too didnt she?

  15. gudnex

    i only feel for her sha….its easy for anybody to blame her for d collapse of a 12mth old marriage..but all d same, we should all bear in mind dt whateva d wudnt ve bn her wish for things 2go sour soonest…be that as it may, i kn dt funke earlier in life wud ve toyed wt some chances of settlin down tinkn of sth beta ll come her way…but as it is now, if am to advice her…she should focus on her life…cos in ds world lot of tins hapn to diff ppl. Her case isn’t special..some marriage had lasted 30 days…..she shl mediate on all this..luk into areas whr she has nt listen to ha inner strive to make correctn. She shl 4get abt fame..reputation…fans ad all those nonsense that ll stand on her way to be herself cos all ds ll fade away….she shl also consider single mothering cos it may b dificut 4ha 2get real love. I pray that she ll find solace in her God…we all make mistake!

  16. michael Abidjan

    u talk is nonsense guy…….i’m michael abidjan and i’m always right guy……….do u know how many man she slept with b 4 ? Even until now ? ….If there breeze on hen bottom then u will see her dirtiness ok…She is not perfect and pretending to be perfect…This man money don run down and she just use this isssue to go away…I know that this guy don beg her from night still morning and she refuse because there is another 2much money man out there for her….Michael abidjan

    1. ifeoma nwuba

      Dis so could abidjan of a person, I think if u don’t know wat to say is better u keep ur mouth shot dan postin rubish,I bet u if it were ur sister she would hav don de samething,ur talkin as if u ar livin wit them…before she wil take such a decision she must hav endured alot,no woman wil want to get married and den separate from her more of her who is a celebrity…there must be a reason for everything that happened why not wait and see before u conclude..

    2. sade

      U ‘re simply MAD

    3. sade

      Pls try nd make sense when talking,nd stop judging people

  17. Brig, Ola Agbo

    Nobody we believe as a little gurl during her days in the family-oriented Nigerian television show (I Need to Know) no 1 will ever thought she could pros and hubby snatcher……………….

  18. kayode

    funke u disappoint by going into marrige wt alaya pupo (polygamist)

  19. BigKaycee

    Dis is a very simple issue, she was only dealt same card she played with so I don’t see what she is complaining about. Sometimes we humans deceive ourselves thinking our case will be different u married a man already having 2 wives and u expect him to stop on ur head sis wat comes around goes around. Life goes on anyway I wish you the best.

  20. peter

    When them knw dat dem don’t love them seif truely,y marriage,d guy marry funke bcos is a star and marry d guy bcos is av money and popular,two them are mad

  21. Lawal hakeem adewale

    Olajide baidemi,what type of frnd is that after both of them already agree to separate. funke u know this man house very well before you put leg there….you have waste ur chance @ aged of 37yrs,all the remain guy & man we just start too taste ur tin anyhow as from this moment

  22. nikkykay

    MICHAEL ABIDJAN look if u don’t knw how to contribute to issues like dis then u better keep quiet or better still look for something else to do.Wat do u take ladies for or do u knw wather husband is doing to her aside from dat.
    Before u start jamtalking ask for Gods forgiveness

  23. shinesunny65

    Actors an actresses cheats.funke cannot say she has not play away match after she married this man.

  24. kcools

    Stupid fools! Husband & wife.

  25. fela

    everything is under control. funke should take it easy

  26. Mike

    Funke should go and test for HIV in order to know her status…

  27. michael Abidjan

    THIS is nosense guys………Y waisting most of our time with all this pretendance……..Actress and actors……..fakes…….U better look 4 a village girl well train that will respect you and make u happy @ home….So that u ‘ll live longlife and joyful days on earth….Me i will never have time to say hi to them….big eye’s…longthroat,vipers…….Killers of destiny…..Full of distraction….To much ambitions….Guy move and leave the lady….She dey follow the step of her friends to married footballers and later on she will divorce again and married politicial and divorce again and married america super star and divorce again and now contest for Governor or senate ….we know them….Michael Abidjan

  28. s

    Getting another women pregnant is more than enough reason to end the marriage,my ? Will be was he married be4 he met her if d answer is no then he made vows with her…. Then again nija is men’s world they get away with all sorts

  29. Olajide baidemi

    Humm bur why dont u read very wel before u coment…they said both of them agreed to fo 4 sepration…and dey are still frnd 4ever.

  30. sheila

    Getting anoda woman pergant, shud nt b enuf to end d
    marriage. .she knew, he wuz nt a one woman guy.

  31. Django Django

    Don’t go about looking for already married and irresponsible men again. Now you don turn second-hand material.

  32. Grace

    If indeed she decided to quit d union bcos d man got oda women pregnant, dn she shld be ashamed of herself. She knew dis man was a polygamist and she has no right to expect fidelity from him!

    1. wumi

      You don’t know what is behind it so don’t blame her,only God who is at fault

  33. The DON

    She Had it Coming….

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