Nigerian Company Pays Clinton N100m To Speak

•Bill Clinton: Received N100 million just to speak in Nigeria
•Bill Clinton: Received N100 million just to speak in Nigeria
•Bill Clinton: Received N100 million just to speak in Nigeria

Just to speak at an event in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, a Nigerian company paid the former American President, Bill Clinton, $700,000 (over N100 million), the New York Times disclosed on Thursday.

The New York Times did not disclose the name of the company which handed Clinton the huge sum of money.

Clinton, since he left office, has visited Nigeria many times, the last two being a guest speaker at the launch of Eko Atlantic City and Thisday Awards.

America’s influential newspaper did not also disclose when the money was paid but said Bill Clinton made $17 million (N2.5 billion) from speeches last year alone.

The disclosure was made as the newspaper revealed also that Hillary Clinton will be paid $200,000 to offer pithy reflections and Mitch Albom-style lessons from her time as the nation’s top diplomat.

“The $200,000 she commands appears to be comparable to what Bill Clinton receives for speeches delivered in this country, though Mr. Clinton — who earned $17 million from speeches last year — has collected much more outside the United States, including the $700,000 he was paid when he spoke to a company in Lagos, Nigeria,” The New York Times said.

Some of the businessmen who had invited Bill Clinton to Nigeria include Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of ThisDay newspaper whose workers protested in May 2013 for being owed months of unpaid salaries.

As for Hillary Clinton, the newspaper said next month, Mrs. Clinton will speak at a meeting of the Global Business Travel Association in San Diego (a convention her husband addressed for $250,000 last June), and in the fall she will deliver speeches at the conference of the American Society of Travel Agents in Miami.

Nigeria is Africa’s second richest country, but the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, said last year that 100 million out about 160 million Nigerians live in abject poverty.

—Simon Ateba


  1. Adeola,the last time clinton came to nigeria he was invited by tinubu to say that bh was caused by poverty.we all know that bh is not a poor terror group.Though,clinton has come to nigeria before too,I know his visit that tinubu paid him with govt money to come and make speech.I dont comment anyhow and i am not a sycophant.

  2. Shinesunny65, you seem paranoid of Tinubu.

    This report is very clear in its headline and content, even to the stark bat-blinded person: “Nigerian COMPANY Pays Clinton N100m To Speak”. Is Tinubu now a company ? It is advised you get your information right next time before whipping up sentiments of hate against your fellow human being.

    For your information, the company in question is Thisday Newspapers Publishing Company.

    Na wah ooo.

  3. This is the same american that call africa third-world countries.Instead of giving free speech he demanded for a whooping $700k bribe.I said it earlier that clinton invitation by tinubu is suspicion.firstly,he wasted $5000dollars to attend a u.s convention that did not concern him.Now,he bribed clionton #100m to come and condemn jtf cleansing of bh.where does a former public servant(who has nothing before venturing in politics)has these huge sum of money he is wasting arrogantly?

  4. If an individual in person of Dare can give Kim Kadershian 60,000 dollars, how much more a company? All Naija are just same

  5. I suppose david Cameron isn’t aware of the mammoth amount money he will make when he leaves office if he knew he wouldn’t have be so hard on Nigeria regarding immigration issue

  6. This is what you get from a corruption entity like Nigeria. How have these US leaders impacted our nation that they should be draining our resources like this if our people are not stupid? The money they stole they squander on the irrelevant. When are we going to learn to put our mouth where our money is? Millions of Nigerians are languishing in abject poverty and the few stealing from the nation do not just care. This is very sad.

  7. Yes Oh!! Niger national cake is Global….Even Obama go chop when he leaves office… He’ll visit close to the end of his tenure….
    People like Tony Blair sabi molue route for Lagos now…

  8. Please other past Presidents, secretary of states, prime ministers should come and collect their own quota from Nigeria.
    Please come speedily.

  9. I would like to inquire how much it will cost me to invite Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan to speak at my book presentation ” Grammatical Blunders”. I am ready to pay beyond the Clintons’ fee provided……………………………..

    • Am very sure your late ole mother does not understand English and you are here raining insult on others.

    • That could actually make pple to come to your book thingy. Your mistake can actually become a miracle. We nigerians focus too much on mistakes. A rejected girl from ivory coast danced in the dancing with the stars last year in USA and danced for obama. What have u achieved with your grammar.

  10. When millions of Nigerians cannot afford 3 square meals per day. Why are we so wasteful in this country?

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