Yes, Obama can dance!

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US President Barack Obama dances to music upon arrival on Air Force One at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on July 1, 2013. AFP PHOTO /
US President Barack Obama dances to music upon arrival on Air Force One at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on July 1, 2013. AFP PHOTO /

US President Barack Obama can also shuffle his legs as he did on July 1 on arrival in Tanzania on the third leg of his African three-nation tour.


  1. tonysantos chino

    my fellow nigerian,we should be on alert against obama,he is an agent of satan,beware..we dont need him in our country,n his gayism….hell fire awaites barack obama

  2. 1pumpaction

    Whether Obama endorses gay people or not,there are gay people everywhere including our very own obodo Nigeria.We like to pretend a lot and over here.The gay people are now so powerful that they are able to claim their rights as human beings.Anyone who blames Obama does not know that 90% of the media in this world is controlled by homosexuals.They have a loud voice and can bring anybody down.Even conservative England endorses gay rights.Personally,I do not give a damn what or who a man or woman decides to sleep with.It is entirely their own cup of garri.


    @ Shoula, If you called THE U.S.A. a country under the satanic boundage, please tell me under what boundage is NIGERIA
    I expect your reply asap.

    1. Olorun Essan

      Under HELL SATANIC boundage

  4. ipuole veronica

    not only gay but the founder of iluminaty is only God that know right people in this world that is demonic dance

  5. johnbosco

    God forbid u b my president,devil has his way to make people believe.let b careful.

  6. Nyakonsigbes

    I like Obama before I discovered this issue of gay campaign. I wish he would withdraw and denounce it willingly and pray for God to forgive him.
    I like his dance step too. African music, foods and our natural resources are irresistible!

  7. Chidera O

    Ride on Obama,nobody can stop you now.

  8. banky

    Obama you are the world president

  9. Baidi Joshua

    Good to know that Obama could dance very well.

  10. Excel

    If balack obama could! Yes we can.

  11. Unogu E

    The president is cool and gentle and too young to be denied dancing steps.

  12. Kunle Onabajo

    Obama is the Pride of Africa, harley may wish to know .

  13. Ejiko Samuel

    None that is big today that does not have a humble beginning. It is a good one for africans that feels too big

  14. Jj johnson

    Barrak obama z a 9ce man eva.

  15. emmanuel augustine

    i luv this man cus he is the kind of man we want in nigeria as our head, a man of is word just look at him living free life with every one and dance to celebrate with people

  16. inno

    Obama was a lecturer and a senator. How can you say he does not have the presidential qualification to run the country? Can Harley tell us his own contrbution to his country?

  17. Harley

    obama is a political icon only because he is destroying America with his muslim infiltration. He is leading the USA into a shit hole. He and his wife are spending millions of dollars on their “vacations” globe trotting around the world instead of fixing the economy. He likes running his mouth and golf courses since he does not have the presidential qualifications needed to run a country.

    1. Olu

      I bet in your twisted bigoted mind, George Bush is qualified to be the US president while Obama is not. Your George Bush destroyed not only the US economy but the whole world economy. Obama is fixing the mess your George Bush created and you are here displaying your usual ignorance and insanity.
      Can’t you see that the US economy is improving or are you drunk from the concoctions you have been drinking at your nocturnal tea party meetings?
      If you don’t like the Obama, you should go hug a transformer. We don’t need your likes now and never.

  18. Solomon bawa

    Why do people like being judemental

  19. Chris

    Actually president Obama is a polical icon, he really care for his poeple. He will lead USA to the promise land

    1. tick tock

      Lol not!! He will lead right to hell I’m not going with him

  20. Samuel

    God almighty knows I so much like Obama in all areas except gay issue, what would it have been assuming Obama did not involve himself with controversial gay advertisement and preaching, please and please Obama denounce this devilish act called gay, its abomination before God, remember Bible says “It is written unto man to die but once after of which is judgement” Thank God my parents are not gay if not I wouldn’t have been existing today. Whoever have ear let him hear what spirit tells the Church. A word is enough for the wise.

    1. ola

      SAMMY, Obama view point on gay issue is not his personal view it is the Constitutional provision that allow it. America is a free country.

      1. Shoula

        FREE indeed, when under satanic bondage.

    2. Kenneth Ochogwu

      Please My People, do not blame Obama for the gay issues, it is politices. Remeber his Vice President made a public statement during a crucial election on the issue without Obama’s knowledge? He has to support his Vice President in the public to show they are united.

    3. anthony omisore


  21. Kachi Kachi

    Beautiful dance steps indeed!

  22. Umoh G

    He understands how to carry people along. He is a great guy, but his campaign for gay union turns me off. ‘Anywhere you come, as far as you are a blackman, you are an African”- Peter Tosh

    1. kenneth Enyie

      obama u b correct guy i like u n i also ove u

  23. Kachi Kachi

    No doubt Obama is a talented guy.

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