Jonathan plays the game without Amaechi

To President Goodluck Jonathan, incumbent Governor Rotimi Amaechi no longer counts in his calculus of winning Rivers State in the 2015 election as he met with his faction of the PDP in State House, Abuja today.

Among his guests was the former governor of the state, Dr. Peter Odili, who was Amaechi’s mentor and former boss. There was also former representative, Chibudom Uche, who is now an acting deputy national chairman of the PDP. Chief Felix Obuah, chairman of the Jonathan faction of the party brimmed with smiles all through the meeting with the President.

President Jonathan too played the host with mirth and laughter.

The photos at the event tell a better story


Sunny Smiles: President Jonathan shakes hands with Chibudom . Factional Chairman of PDP in Rivers, Obuah watches in broad smiles
Sunny Smiles: President Jonathan shakes hands with Chibudom . Factional Chairman of PDP in Rivers, Obuah watches in broad smiles
Ex-governor Peter Odili addresses the media after the meeting in Aso Rock
Ex-governor Peter Odili addresses the media after the meeting in Aso Rock


  1. Ade

    those praising jonathan are ttribalist. A president who cannot present his achievements yo nigerians when celebratomg 2yrs in office. 16 is greater 19 president. Nothing 4 him in 2015.

  2. morgan

    President jonathan is the only hope for a better nigeria take it or leave it, I have one’s been on a political seat .you only expect the worst anytime you stand out for the best ,because the bad ones will never allow you to make things go well.let’s give our prisident a chance,but I believe with all this pressure it will only make him wax stronger.

  3. Insight

    Judge urselves first. If u were to b d president would u have done any better or worst than. Put urself in his shoe. Its easier said than done

  4. Dan Ofem

    Well as u all said dis is democracy abi? And i want to informed u all dat as far as presidency is concern we can never be satisfy and even if we does ur expectation with mine can never be de same so let it go n allowed GEJ to work for us cos even if ur father has dis opportunity is de same thing we will still face so let go

  5. truth is bitter

    I won’t insult anybody here who recognise my right as a citizen of this God forsaking country to freely express my view on the ways and manners it’s affairs are being directed. We are badly governed by those people we entrusted with power in nigeria regardless of our investment and suffering in enthroning them. No body would believe that that shoeless dude who went throughout the entire nook and crannies of Nigeria to identify with our people suffering during pre election campaign could turn to a tranny of such. I can’t still believe my self that GEJ is the one doing all these evils. Anyway 2015 shall tell. Let the whole South South appropriate him as their son it won’t still save him from the rest of us who have legitimate grievance against his governance. He may quickly forget but we are not. He can only fool us once.

  6. philestick

    sorry 4 nigeria people.we are fulish.niger delta are senceless.we are just kining ourself.let the president be. Poor people

  7. Danladi

    If Odili is nuisance, then Amaechi is a pest in the state. He got the post on a plata of gold. And picking that cursed his father will not live long. Amaechi has caused the party that brought him to limelight from grass. He was speaker of Rivers during Odili for eight years he is now governor for two times and yet he is cursing the party that gave him this food to eat and make him a prominent person. No other political party can take cheat Amaechi is defeacating in rivers state. enough is enough of him. Let him the party for the party to have rest of mind.

  8. emekus

    Our eyes dong open, jonathan run things with wrong men like T.A. Orji who extra underperforming, Tony Anenih rtd fool who is anti democratic. He should wave good bye to democracy. Imagine his mumu wife dictating for people.

  9. Ejiko Samuel

    let us learn to pray for our leaders rather than cursing them. Remenber our leaders are products of our society. A good family (tree) will always produce good fruits let us focus on developing ourselves and our family in righteousness and see how beautiful Nigeria will become.

  10. Okebe job

    In as much as u may nt like the president,i dnt think its wise to insult him the way some people r doin,u should also have it in mind that some nigerians r singin his praises cos they r entitle to their opinion.pls,let stop insultin our president!

  11. Iyke

    This is the time the president should
    be mobilizing the entire country for
    positive things. This is the time the
    president should worry about how to
    protect our little children being
    murdered in their schools.
    “Instead, he’s busy reducing the
    authority of an elected governor in
    Rivers State. Will no one rid me of this

  12. jolayemi

    pls before you called jonathan or dokun idiot pls answers these question and judge yourself 1. Do you ever experience 3hours electricity light in your place 2. What is the percentage of unemployment in your family or how many graduate that living beyond poverty level in your family? 3. What is the minimum numbers of people have killed by boko haram since jonathan assume power?4. What is the state of economy now and when obj was in power ? 5. What progress jonathan administration has brought to external reserve? 6. Calculate the wealth that jonathan has created since the time he assumed the present education standard with that of obj period 8.why mr presodent can not do with out vafourtism? …who make sence now dokun or jonathan. Ameshi fear not 2015 will tell. .

  13. shagy

    obviously am spechless bt yet i wl not leav d page blank,Gej is not competant,he doesn,t hs leadership quality,is a confusionist,uncomposer,careless n educated illitrate,he is an animal in human inmage whom only follow where there is bone instead of meat,we voted 4 him 2 gv us fresh air on his promise bt now only Almighty God wil save us 4rm d polariz adultrated poisonous polluted air he is gvn us,where is our military!!oh sorry thy re busy fighty bk haram while others helpin Gej against nxt election,sorri I 4get i mean our youth,warning!!! timebomb is set,explosion is nearby comes 2015 endtime 4 nigeria, R.I.P………………………..

  14. Andrew partrick

    What has GEJ done 2 d nigeria economy? GEJ does not deserve a second term,we saw how america went 2 war 4 good 8 years under G-BUSH and their was no job no good health care 4 d american pple,we now saw how democrat came in under d rulership of barack obama,and how he revive general motors even creating jobs employment 4 d american youth even d lower class,dat is what i call a visionary leader,i don’ care where my president come 4rm,all i want is a change,GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  15. duchi

    i bliv d problem is not wit président Jonathan nor gov Amaechi but wit d’ munster nd enemy of dis our beloved country PDP who wil not allow leaders wit good intentions 2 Work nd deliver dividence of democracy 2 d’ pple. If am asked my opinion, i’ll say dey scrab of PDP nd others, nd com üp wit fresh 2 party system like we had in d’time of SDP nd NRC, cos is a big shame dat PDP as a party incharge 4 almost 15yrs now cannot giv d’ pple basics eg. Steady power supply, security housing etc.

  16. Ifeanyi

    If Jonathan knows the worth of the position he is in , he shall call Ameachi mend fence and carry him along in his future plans. The norths needs the position badly and there is no amount of rigging that will get Jonathan there , expect he mend fence with first chief executives of all states and then party chairmen and follow follow like Wike and Co

  17. eddybest

    Nigerians made a very big mistake by giving Nigerian president 2 a blind man in 2011. I want 2 asure Nigerian dat if such a mistake occurs in 2015 again then,Nigeria will not b a nation 2 carry home about. What happened in NGF and beyond tells us more about his(JET) plans ahead of 2015. Imagine,if our great passed leaders(Heros) worked in d same way,Nigeria would have not being a nation of her own today. Lastly,where i we now heading 2,4 God sake?

  18. Ray

    Av it in mind dat who eva lays blame/cause on gej or amachi n others ,do dem cos of wat dey feel , dey r not helping matas at all cos d county is in big mess ,dey go out n see how other countrys fair n come here to d d opposite,d game is too big for me to fight but just make my own money n leave d county for dem to kill dem self

  19. bosco

    dokun or whatever he call himself should be dealt with for calling mr PRESIDENT a fool.

  20. Dr.Kess

    All we ned is a concernd body dat wil stand to fast & pray for dis country. seek ye 1st His kingdom….AND OUR SOLUTION WILL COME

  21. Simply_nigerian

    any one for Fashola 2015 …… 😀 ?

    1. 1pumpaction

      Take a look at dirty Lagos and you will not vote andybody whose name begin with Fa… talk less of Shola.The man is a total nincompoop and only mgbati people cannot see the disaster that he is.with all the trillions of Naira that he is getting,Lagos is still one of the dirties places in this world.Fuck Yoruba people.

  22. Apostle BZ

    Dokun, d bible says; woe unto him dat called his brother a fool. He was chosen among others- and there is nothing u can do 2 change that fact. Respect Mr president and his office pls.


      Did Jonathan ever respected Obasanjo?who is more or less his respect a reciprocal?did he respect leader from d north?did he respect Nigerias when we all regected removal of oil-subsidy?did he ever share our pains.if u give a false answer to this,prosterity shall jurge you.Jonathan cannot spend more than 10 years.can he turns bayelsa to paradis,will all d youth get job,will d people buy a litre of oil for 20 naira?


    from our past leaders, I have not seen any one as good as GEJ. pls allow him to work.

  24. rufai

    D way dat it is only in nigeria pple insult d president d same way is only in nigeria dat d president & his kitchen cabinet maltreat d pple dat voted dem in. It is only in nigeria out of d world countries dat we av enof resources & over 70% of d population stl lvin in poverty……Let b wise my dear nigerians…… Wht d president & d cabinet ought 2 b afta is hw 2 solve d education issues in d country….All fed polytechnic(asup) av bn ☺♌ strike 4 closely 3months nw & no resolution nw joined all fed universities(asuu). Pls let face wht concern d future of dis country & let build a better future leader in d youth bcos as am concerned we dnt av leaders in d country as @ present wht we av is jst ruler….& d system we ar practicing is nt democracy but plutocracy(govt of d rich by d rich & 4 d rich). I rest ma case.

  25. teejude

    Dokun, I don’t blame u idiots like u also hav freedom 2 life. I thk d group dat met Jonathan from River reflects d founding fadas of PDP in every nooks n crony of d super rich state. D fundamental truth is dat PDP is now in unity than ever n will give a landslide victory in any pool henceforth. Kudos to d bulldozers for a perfect reunion.


    I dont agree with anyone that the president is been insulted because this is democratic setting where everyone is entitle to his/her opinion. What I dont support is threat & violent,but criticism is allowed.Just look @ those that called themselves elders.Are they not the people that looted Rivers State treasury in the past?Now because they are broke & hungry & Amaechi is not giving them public money, they now turn to GEJ to see if they can squeeze money out of him,I hope GEJ will be wise.

  27. Bill

    This is mediocrity at its height. The world is jeering at our leaders while they dance naked in the market square.

  28. nnaemeka

    The people who go wild insulting the president it is either they don’t have parents or they had bad relationship with their parents.It is only in Nigeria that such happens. I thought pm news used to moderate these write ups.

    1. Iyke

      Your father.. Waka there.. Your mama.. Waka there.. Your Siblings.. Waka there.. Your Guardians.. Waka there.. And you in particular,you need psychotic doctor bcos u ve a serious mental.. Olodo

  29. Adofwood Pius

    It is only in this country people insult the President without reservation. This is not a civilized way to disagree with the president or his policy. Insulting the priesident of the country is insulting the entire nation. He was democratically choosen by the majority to lead the country. His image represent the entiire country and the peolple including those insultin him. For any person or group of persons to have choose to insult the president on pages of Newspaper, is very unculture. a view can be express or disagree objectively. Pls let us be guided.

    1. Kaze A

      Please take note of where most of the insults are coming from and you will not be surprised. In Yorubaland, you can marry one wife or husband and go ahead to have children for other people. Some of them are very active at the bus stops and have no regards for anybody. Also if you place one of their own in a public position, he ensures all the inhabitants of their villages fill up any availabale positions. Things have changed, and they can not believe it. GEJ is the most humble, morally decent, accomodating, and forward-looking president this country had ever produced. Their ethnocentric insults only help us prepare for 2015 if Nigeria will be there for them to loot.

      1. adiza osilama


      2. Haysix

        KAZE,I can c u are politically oriented,just speak d trust cos any comment u make publicly shall speak against or 4 u in d day of be honest,we dont benefit anything from Pres.JON’s administ.

    2. adino

      hahahaha wat a maner is dat? Den tel d presidnt 2 rule wd pure democracy nt autocratic goverment.may God punish dia cacal ancor

    3. Azeez I.K.Champion

      Politics is mainly to guaranty the greatest happiness of d greatest numbers of people.Now if d pple must benefit,they must work had pre and post elections.When u have an opportunist in governance, d people have more work post election.Let us start preparing for 2015 just d same way the politicians have started preparing.If an unqualified person is elected,d masses suffer for 4yrs.

      Now,if GEJ fails to deliver d real democratic dividends,those years he has ruled are wasted.The masses bears d brunt of d irreparable loss.

    4. Ese


  30. Tayo

    Mr. Jonathan is a divisive president.

    1. Ese


  31. dokun

    Jonathan is a fool> Always romancing with the wrong people.. Odoli was a disaster in government in Rivers state. Amaechi is the only one non-indegines will support. Without Ameachi, PDP is DEAD in Rivers state..Bye Bye to JOnathan

    1. teejude

      Idiots like u Dokun are d nuisances causing crises in dis oil rich God’s own state. Ur activities in dis state should b properly checked. Who told u love Ameachi than his town pple of Ubima n Rivers at large. What a foolish, idiotic n nonsensical humane are u.

      1. Oxy

        You father,mother,uncle and Generations are fools.

    2. Kaze A

      Very stupid and idiotic posts from an outsider. The population of Akwa Ibomites alone is more than any outsider in RIver State, and you think they will vote for who? APC? Go to Osun state and preach that rubbish afterall Amaechi is finishing his 2nd term and will be of no relevance in 2015. We do not worship people here, and that is why we can not have a Tinubu.

      1. Oye

        Wrong words kaze. are u more sophisticated than d yoruba people that Tinubu leads. Where are u from? Can u produce a Tinubu in ur lifetime from ur race? Nonsense.

      2. Danda

        Apc does not need your vote. It is a pity you are still living in the past. Let me sound a note of warning to you, if you allow ethnicity to consume you come 2015 by not voting for APC then be sure that you are on your way to becoming a slave in this country.

      3. adiza osilama

        Kaze thanks. I like your post. You simply hit the nail on the head.

    3. miss jay

      Freedom of expression does not imply that we should not show respect to our president no matter how stupid we think he is. The way we address our elders especially those in authority shows the type of homes we come from. we should learn to talk to the president with caution and decorum. If jonatan is a fool then we are more foolish for we elected i mean “rigged him in”.

    4. sanusi maigona

      Dokun u are right without Ameachi goodluck his nothing in river state bcous Ameachi is the man

  32. Emmanuel Anyam

    That meeting was just like Esau eatin d pourage from Jacob,it will soon show

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