One Killed, Two Injured As Container Drops In Sango

One person was killed Friday afternoon while two others were seriously injured when a truck carrying a container lost control and crushed a hawker of bread in the traffic jam.

The accident, P.M.NEWS correspondent gathered, occurred at the old toll gate area of Sango in Ado Odo/ Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, southwest Nigeria.

The driver of the truck which was coming from Lagos could not control the vehicle when its brake failed and as he was trying to avoid some big pot holes on the road, the container fell off and killed the hawker on the spot.

The truck with registration number GGE 974 XC was still at the scene of the accident at the time of this report, thus causing serious traffic gridlock.

TRACE Zonal Commandant for Ota, Commander Adekunle Ajibade, said the dead victim has been removed and taken to Ifo General Hospital mortuary while the injured are being treated at the hospital.

According to Ajibade, “the accident as I see it, was caused when the brake of the truck failed. It could have been averted if the driver was not speeding, knowing full well that the road is very bad. I want to implore road users to always take things easy because life has no duplicate.”

The TRACE Zonal boss also informed that a similar incident occurred a few kilometres from the accident scene, saying that no person was killed in that incident.

“There was a similar incident around Temidire street but I can confirm to you that nobody was either injured or killed. But as I am talking to you, the gridlock in the area is very serious and our men are doing everything possible to ease the traffic,” he said.

“At Iyana Ilogbo also, due to the ongoing road construction around Iyana Owode road, vehicles are moving on one side and the area is also jampacked now. But our men are also there. I want to advise our people to be calm and be orderly on the road as every effort is being made to ensure that the traffic is free,”  Ajibade said.

—Abiodun Onafuye/Abeokuta


  1. Dat how inocent nigerian loss their lives on our bad road everyday,bcos peple n power refuse 2 fix them,instead their al jusln 4 2015. Wht our so cal leaders are askng 4 we soon happen cos there s limit 2 human endurance.

  2. Ode…………BRF is governor of Lagos State, the roads we are talking about here is in Ogun State, ……….mumu

  3. This happened in Ogun state on a federal road, we blame Fashola. This has nothing to do with him,

  4. My wife is pregnant with twins, blame Fashola.
    I am expecting triplets by July, blame Fashola.
    My cooking gas just finished, blame Fashola.
    I need a new toothbrush, blame Fashola.
    This soup is too salty, blame Fashola.
    Ewa Agonyi is very hard to get, blame Fashola.
    Fine babes are expensive to get, blame Fashola.
    Abuja is not working, blame Fashola.
    Kano sending all their wards down south, blame Fashola.
    Sokoto, Kaduna, Yobe, Borno, Niger, Republic of Niger, Gombe and all northern states sending their wards to Lagos because their governors are not doing enough or working, blame Fashola.
    Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Kwara, Delta, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Bayelsa, Rivers, Calabar and all southern states have sent their wards to Lagos because their governors are not doing enough or workong, blame Fashola.
    Shine your eye and put the blame where it ought to be.

  5. I don’t believe in break faillure; sorry to say this.The road
    safety agent should be blame for this accident, bcos they have
    not be doing their job.if i may ask ,when last did go out to checked on the vehicle plying our road or went to where the trailer usually park to check on any truck if their are road worthy or not.the only time they will go out is to collect money from drivers.this type incident will continue to occure until ourroad safety do their job properly

  6. Brf is only concern about arresting traffic offenders and placing heavy fine on them but he doesnt care about fixing the bad roads and checking roadworthy vehicles.some of the road he tax some years ago have gone worse because of substandard materials he use in the tarring.I wonder what he uses all the funds he extort for?

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