Kate Henshaw in new romance?

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Kate Henshaw and her new man?
Kate Henshaw and her new man?
Kate Henshaw and her mystery-man
Kate Henshaw and her mystery-man

Nollywood icon, Kate Henshaw appears to have put behind her memories of her 2011 separation from her former husband, British born Roderick James Nuttal.

The 42 year old mother of one daughter, Ella, stepped out recently at the Ikeja Mall with a new man, setting tongues wagging whether she has begun a new romance.

Photos by Sync Studios.


  1. sedoranky

    jide ow sure u re?

  2. Jide

    Na wa ooo! this man again? His name is Uzoma Onwuchekwa. He is a professional womanizer specializing in other people’s wives. This man has destroyed a few marriages including that of an American returnee involved with the movie industry. He and Kate have been having a secret affair for long and he may even be responsible for the failure of Kate’s marriage. The man abandoned his own wife and children for no just cause. He is known to have slept with almost all the married women in his last place of employment at Oregun.

  3. vin

    nobody is a perfect being in this world, y don’t u guys mind ur got dam business and concentrate on ur own life mistake, kate just be heavenly conscious in what ever u do, I wish u well

  4. Edo

    Kate, why bald headed man? They are too stubborn oo!. You have been warned.

  5. Sunny

    Kate my sister, God is in control. I wish you the best

  6. treasure

    Why cant people mind their fucking business for once! I wonder what this world is turning into,i pity that wretched paparazzi that’s looking for who to make money with…

  7. Odunze A . C

    Why will anyone be bothered of peoples normal private life. That was just social integration, en nothing more.

  8. Mary

    My dear sister i wish u d best.

  9. Happiness ben

    i wish her the best, is good she forget her past face the future. Know condition permenent.

  10. francisca obiwulu

    huuh dats good kate,i cherish ur courage 2 move on wit life.my regards 2 little ella.

  11. Edward Ayegba

    Life goes on!

  12. queenmusagaladima

    i wish her all the best in her new relationship

  13. kaysean

    Amebo… Who ask you? You ppl should learn to mind your business.

  14. SON

    if u like marry thousands of men na re body u dey esoand

  15. pat

    let her pray well and study her bible well

  16. joshua ajibade

    God bless kate. u hv made d right choice to move on. make sure u hold him close.pls if u need more advice call me, 08168615628

  17. Rotimi Adeniran

    No matter what happens in life either good or bad we must not allow it to track us down. Life needs to continue, for Kate’s new move, i wish her well but will want her to avoid all avoidable causes of marriage disorders. It shall be WELL and Congrats!

  18. wale oyin w.o

    d experiences we go through, serve as lessons for us in d future because . Experience is comb which nature gives us when we are baid.


    She is right to take a willing choice as to who she wants to stay or live with .

  20. BABA 70

    Wot comes easy won’t last n wot ‘ll last won’t come easy. D new man ‘ll ve his own share of her. Celebrities! Thr relatnshp don’t last.

  21. Rommel

    Kate who? never heard of her before,

  22. ak4real

    Ride on sis. if it is the will of God for your life.

  23. tomi

    Just make he bear responsible for carin of you and ella because that’s the problem will arise from,I mean with we ur fans

  24. Eyong Bassey

    mmh. It’s non of my bus

  25. nike

    Haba PM news, This could even be a relative of hers. There is nothing to show that he could be a partner.

  26. isaac

    do not blame the poor girl.one can not really judge exactly what happened,they are the real players.

  27. Katchy

    Well, nobody cares the next man she has jumped to…….doggy !

  28. karina

    do not judge, pray it shouldn’t happen to you.

  29. stephen I

    It’s 9ic she 4get he ugly past and focus d future,i wish her de best.

  30. Ray J

    Y must it b kate?i pray 4 Gods’ direction.

  31. omonla

    42yrs? the photographer that was jobless enough is what I call a MAMARAZI!

  32. nija son

    i wish her all the best.

  33. gbenga akanji

    no problem about that. wishing her d best

  34. nerry Osuka-Raymonds

    should i be bothered….?

  35. Bro Kareem Azeez

    Life must continues. The downfall of a man should not be the of his life. I salute your courage. Tomorrow will be better.

  36. Okey precious

    Na de-ir life. Let dem do what z bst 4 dem.

  37. babaalago

    And some of dem ladies go dey brag say dem no wan marry…u think say e easy to be single or single mother?

  38. Efosa I.S

    Well, no one can say, God knows the reason for all things

  39. wale

    Who cares whom she sleeps with.

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