Sexual Harassment: VC Warns Lecturers

•Prof. Oluyemisi Obilade, Vice-Chancellor, TASUED

Professor Oluyemisi Obilade, the Vice-Chancellor, Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, has warned lecturers and students against sexual harassment.

Obilade gave the warning on Wednesday in Ijebu-Ode.

The vice chancellor said the management of the university was passionate about the issue of sexual harassment and would evolve relevant regulations to tackle it.

“Sexual harassment is a no-go-area for both the students and lecturers of this noble institution.

“We will not tolerate such attitude.

“We will not in any way cooperate with the ‘harassers’ and we are going to make sure that we invoke all regulations in the university against sexual harassment,” she said.

Obilade said as part of measures to check the menace, a Centre for Human Rights and Gender Education has been established in the university.

She said any persons being harassed sexually should report through e-mail to the centre for the management to investigate and take a prompt action.

The vice chancellor further said: “This is part of the thing that we do. We know sexual harassment is not limited to our university alone.

“But we don’t want to pretend that it does not happen because where men and women interact, you will see some men who will not abide by the normal codes of decency and behaviour in the society.

“But when such cases are reported, management will not hesitate to take a very serious action against the offenders.

“We are also trying to look at the different types of sexual harassment, whether verbal, touching or by comments about somebody’s physical attributes.

“You know when the handshake is going beyond the elbow between a person in position of authority and a person at a lower position and it has sexual motive, that is sexual harassment.

“These are the different areas we are looking at.”

Obilade also said the university, being the only education-biased institution in the country, had become a reference point in terms of academic excellence.

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  • Sexual harassment in Nigeria Universities is a 'Non- Story' The university campus in Nigeria is like a big sexual camp, where sex has purchasing power as money. The term sexual harassment is a misnomer because in most cases it is a mutual agreement between female students and lecturers that sex is given in exchange for marks. Our students are just so lazy and corrupt that the girls beleive in sex with lecturers to graduate and the boys have to hussle and pay in cash for graduation. The lecturers are willing partners in this corrupt enclave and every body gets on merrily and happilly. My apologies to those hard working, honest and dedicated students and lecturers, i have lumped you all together in this enclave of madness, but unfortunately you are in the minority and the stain rubs off on you. Unfortunate but true!

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