The Women of Destiny Group of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, on Saturday conducted free breast and cervical screening for 500 women.

A representative of the group, Mrs Oluwatoyin Soneye, said that the screening was held to assist women who could not afford the cost of checkup for common diseases.

Soneye said in Lagos that many women lacked the money and time to go for checkup due to their busy schedule.

“We are conducting this exercise to assist women undertake screening for common ailment like breast and cervical cancer, cholesterol level, and so on.

“Today we are conducting breast examination, cervical screening; blood pressure and sugar level.

“As you can see, a seminar is also holding on stress management, treatment of infertility, child spacing, weight management and dealing with menopause. The programme is not only for church members but as many people as turned up.”

Soneye encouraged women, especially those who were sedentary workers, to find time to go for regular checkups, at least once a year.

She also urged women who are above 35 years to ensure that they go for breast examination and men above 40 to go for prostate cancer screening.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Franka Porbeni, a 56-year old retiree, lauded the organisers of the programme for the service.

Porbeni said that the exercise afforded her and her daughter the opportunity of knowing their health status free of charge.

Another beneficiary, Mrs Feyi Oyerinde, a caterer, said that the programme afforded women who could not afford checkup the opportunity to know their status.

About 1500 women were present for the seminar after the screening.