KANO BOMB BLASTS: Death Toll Rises

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The death toll arising from a series of blasts targeting buses full of passengers in Nigeria’s second largest city of Kano, on Monday  has risen.

Kano State Police Command spokesman Magaji Majia confirmed this to AFP.

According to him, “from our tally, 22 people were killed in the suicide blast at the New Road motor park.

“Sixty-five others were injured. Two suicide bombers rammed their Volkwagen Golf car into a luxury bus loaded with passengers about to leave for the south. This led to an explosion that engulfed the bus and four other buses lined up waiting for passengers.”

President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Kano, Chief Tobias Michael Idika had told journalists that the casualty figure in the attack is about 60.

“I counted up to 60 dead bodies when I visited the scene of the incident and several people were seriously injured,” Idika said.

•Victims of Kano bomb blasts on the ground and in the van
•Victims of Kano bomb blasts on the ground and in the van

A rescue official and a security source confirmed to AFP that the death toll would certainly increase owing to the devastating impact of the blasts.

Two suicide bombers in a VW Golf car rammed into a Lagos-bound Gobison Luxury bus, resulting in heavy casualties.

Witnesses at the Luxury Bus  station said low-profile Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, planted inside four other buses exploded simultaneously.

On the whole, two buses owned by Gobison Transport, two buses marked Ezenwata Transport Limited and one other owned by Chimezie Transport Limited were affected in the attack. The spokesman of the Joint Military Task Force in Kano, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, had told P.M.NEWS on Monday that it was too early to confirm the number of casualties.

Several explosions were heard following the initial blast, sparking panic as bloodied bystanders including some with serious injuries fled the scene as soldiers arrived to cordon off the area.

Kano, the largest city in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north, has been repeatedly targeted by Islamist group Boko Haram, blamed for killing hundreds in the region since 2009.

“I saw three buses on fire. One of them was fully loaded with passengers waiting to leave the station at the time of the blasts. There are at least 20 dead,” said a rescue official who requested anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to journalists.

“The figure may rise,” he added. A senior security official in Kano, who also declined to be named, told AFP he believed the death toll was “massive”, describing the figure of 20 as an “understatement”, without giving a precise toll.

Fatima Abdullahi, 30, who had boarded a bus scheduled to head south, said she saw a car with two men inside ram into a nearby bus. “There was a huge explosion followed by another. The bus went up in flames,” she told AFP at a hospital in Kano where she was being treated for her injuries.

Mechanic Tunde Kazeem, who works at the station, said he saw “people rushing out of the motor park” after the blasts, “some of them with blood on their clothes”.

The security source also said it was likely that suicide bombers carried out the attack, however details were still emerging and the cause had not yet been definitively confirmed.

There was also no immediate claim of responsibility, but the seemingly coordinated attack was likely to be blamed on Boko Haram.

The targeted station primarily services passengers heading to the mostly Christian south of Nigeria.

It was attacked in January of last year in a blast which wounded several people and which was blamed on the radical Islamist group.

That bombing came days after the group’s deadliest ever attack, also in Kano, when at least 185 people were killed on January 20, 2012.

“Rescuers and security personnel are yet to determine the source of explosions…casualty figures not available at the moment, the seriously injured have been taken to hospital and bodies evacuated,” said a statement from the National Emergency Management Agency.

Boko Haram has previously targeted Christians, including through a series of suicide bombings at churches packed with worshippers on Sundays.

The group has also been blamed for killing officials, security personnel and other symbols of authority in an insurgency it says is aimed at establishing a Muslim state in northern Nigeria.

The group has also purportedly claimed the kidnapping of seven members of a French family, including four children, abducted last month near the Nigerian border in Cameroon.

In an audio recording obtained by AFP on Monday, Boko Haram demanded the release of its members it says are being held in Nigeria and Cameroon in exchange for the release of the hostages.

Boko Haram is believed to include a number of factions with various interests and shifting demands and experts say the group may have fostered ties with foreign extremists, including Al-Qaeda’s north Africa affiliate.

—Maduabuchi Nmeribeh/Kano with agency reports


  1. james

    wat a gr8 tragedi.! i sympathize wit ol those who r heavy-hrted particularly d ibos. our christian leaders , u pple should b awake nw of ur lng term slp. if u hv enslaved us, rememba GOD shal fight 4 us. RIP to d dead

    1. Gordon Sparks

      Let all the so called sponsors of bk, wherever, whoever they are, those that want to become presidents sit back and look at pictures of mutilated bodies, blood, and dead bodies and congratulate themselves. Your hearts are filled with evil. how can want to rule with such evil in your heart. how can you not feel anything at the sight of such agony, sorr0w, bodies scattered all around. how can you do this to your fellow human beings. You should know this, the whole north is cursed forever. the blood of innocents spilled will hunt you forever, your children’s children will never know peace. God will hunt your dreams forever. you may have your ill gotten wealth but you will never enjoy peace till you face the wrath of God who created the beings you are killing all in the name religion for your selfishness. you will never rule. God will visit all of you with strange sicknesses your money cannot cure. Mark my words. God will afflict you with diseases that will make you all beg for death but will not die. And to all you apologists of Bk who try to justify whatever actions calling for amnesty. God will visit his wrath upon you. Mark my words. To kano and rest of the north, nothing good will ever come out of these places. Poverty sicknesses, backwardness, diseases, plague shall forever be you portion. mark my words.

  2. shola

    only God knows why

  3. Isaac

    Obi Ako, nice one. The simple truth is that war looms in this country. Even if Jonathan is voted out in 2015 and a northerner succeeds him, will that mean the end of all these killings? The answer is absolutely NO. Cos if a northerner comes in by 2015, the militants in the Naija Delta will dust their weapons and come out of their hidings and trust me it wont be funny this time. Its a great shame that people like Asari Dokubo could come out and support the Sultan that Amnesty should be granted to killers. Sometimes I ask my self if the Muslim religion really call on the same God that we all know.

  4. wale

    Dis was terribu! Travelin inocent citizens sudenly openin their eyes in an unprepared eternity, whao! others were alarminly injured!

  5. john

    my borther i agree with you in totality. The ibos arethe most set of useless human beingsin the entire universe and the only thing they know to do is noice making. Nothing more. The latest now is that they are joining themselves with people from SS and callining themselves republic of SE & SS. Come 2015 when other tribes will be ready to vote this hopeless president out of office, the ibos will vote for the man as long as he can pay them. Their major problem is money (ego).

    1. Obi Ako

      John, i know ur name is not john, ur one of those malus in the north who dnt knw their left from right, i dont blame u for calling the ibos useless human beings, ur great grand fathers were cows and cattles, dnt ever pretend ur sympatizing with the ibos over their deaths, ur only laughing, we all know that, but just wait , we shall see who will laugh last in this whole saga. u said the ibos are noise makers, undermining ur worthless spellings bc ur born ilitrates. U are talking about Jonathan because he is not a northerner, if ur brodas were to be their, u wldnt have said anythng. We must vote Jonathern over and over again, u have lost the power and so shall it be. When u people join ur selves as big nineteen, northern elders forum, arewa forum etc, no body raised an eye brow, u believed after ur Buhari must have campaigned in the north without going anywhere, u believed he could win election, ur all dreaming, Dont wory, very soon the so called north that we (the ibos) want to help to become somthing will soon crumble, and when u dnt have any body to kill again, u will begin to kill ur selves and ur desert will be deserted very very soon.

  6. Judgement Day

    Those who are pointing accusing fingers at Buhari are themselves worst than the Boko Harams, and they too have the blood of the innocents on their neck cos Nigerians are so gullible that rather than facing the truth, we tend to cover up the weaknesses of others for tribal or religious reasons. Even if Buhari knows anything about the series of bombings in the country, is it not time Jonathan brought him to book? Come to think of it, do we even have a president and commander in chief in this country called Nigeria? Those i pity most are the Ibos, yes cos they have been the main target of the Boko Haram insurgent and I dont think there is any genocide greater than this, beside that of the civil war. The most annoying thing is the fact that the Ibo leaders are worst than the dummy president we have. When will the Ibos wake up to the challenges they are facing? When will they be bold enough to me man?

  7. Ayour Pee

    Nigerians are insane. People like Onyii are even more insane than others What is Buhari’s fault if we have a dummy President who cannot bring him or any perpetrator to book?

  8. Onyii

    Muslim beasts. Religion for lunatics and imbeciles. Buhari and his co-fanatics are scumbags and bastards. Let the muslims go to hell.

    1. Ola

      i just wonder why some people has their head in their bum. Here is a security issue, people are talking of religion. Who is safe from this BH people, even their own leaders (both political & religious) are targets. if we all come out and condemn this criminal act and urge (support) the govt to tackle menace, the better for all of us. Just imagine,who suffers most in this scenario. I here made a passionate appeal to all Nigerians, irrespective of religious view to see this BH menace as a common challenge.
      God bless Nigeria.

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