Nigeria: 13 Christians killed in Kano

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The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has urged the authorities to probe the gruesome killing of 13 factory workers identified as Christians at Sheka, Sharada Phase 111 in Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano, by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members.

Although CAN has started its own probe of the killings, it wants the police to unravel what really happened.

Reports said terrorists stormed the residence of the factory workers at the weekend and killed all the men except, sparing the women and children..

“The occupants of that compound are mostly factory workers, and they are Christians. The gun men who came in taxi asked if they were not observing the evening Muslim prayers; and when they confirmed their victims were Christians, they started killing them sparing only the female and children.

“After the attack, I counted at least, 13 dead bodies murdered in gruesome manner. Security agencies later came and evacuated them, while the very few of them who survived the attack fled the area and vowed never to return,” said a resident of the area.

Bishop Ransom Bello, CAN chairman in Kano has been in a very bad mood, not only because of the killings but what he described as the non-challant attitude of Kano state government over the incident.

Bello who is also the General Overseer of Calvary Life Assembly said he has handed over the matter to CAN’s national leadership, adding that with what is happening, it has become obvious that Christians are no longer safe in Kano.

“Reports of the attack reaching us disclosed that on that fateful Saturday at about 7 p.m, Muslim faithful were conducting their prayer close to the affected compound occupied by Christian families, when two taxi cabs stopped in front of the compound and the occupants, who all concealed their arms dashed into the complex and demanded to know why the residents were not part of the 7 p.m. Muslim prayer.

“They responded by telling the visitors they were Christians and so could not be part of the Muslim gathering. At that point, they separated the men from their wives and children and shot them dead on the spot after ordering the women and children into their homes. The 13th victim, who hid in a dark alley in the compound, surrendered himself, following threats by the gunmen to visit the same fate on the women and children if any man was found shielded,” Bello recounted.

“We are pained over the silence of the relevant authorities in the state, including the government on such a high profile murder. Even though we believe it is the handiwork of extremists, who do not see the reason why the Muslim North should accommodate Christians. We are really worried that nobody from the government has deemed it right to console the family of those that were killed,” Bello lamented.

He added that, “government should show more concern, like it has always done when Muslims are affected; I have not seen that in the case of Christians—that 13 Christians were killed in one straight attack and nothing is heard from the government reflects selective justice because we are aware of compensation paid to Muslim families in situations of this nature.”

Kano state Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura confirmed the incident, saying that a special investigative team has already been dispatched to fish out the killers of the 13 men.

Daura who described the incident as unfortunate, embarrassing and barbaric, urged Kano residents to cooperate with security agencies by giving useful information on crime, terrorist activities and strange movement within their areas.


  1. Joseph

    Seems odd to me that they can kill people for not observing the prayer when they themselves are not at prayer. I also noticed this in saudi arabia – the muttawa religious police would beat people with sticks for not being in the mosque or for working during prayer time. Yet they were not in the mosque and were doing their “work”. Very hypocritical.

  2. Prof.Helen McCaffrey

    The world ignores these human catastrophes, including the State Dept. of the U.S but God sees all clearly and remembers. God bless their families and community.We stand with you.

    1. Arabi Bello

      Look at the irony now Pot calling kettle black, prof. what of the mass killing of muslims in Iraq, AfghanIstan, in Libya and Pakistan by America and its western allies ? Are the muslim not human beings too? What of christian conspiracy resulting in the gruesome killings of muslims in plateau state and zangon kataf mayhem in kaduna state what of JTF killing of innocent muslims in Borno and Yobe states in the name of fighting Bako Haram insurgents do you think muslims are not aware that the membership of the so-called task force is predominantly christian? A deliberate design to massacre muslims.

  3. Pearlygatesahead

    They will be with Yashua when it is all over. This is a sad story the one people group which wants the best for “everyone” is persecuted and murdered/martyred. You will see this kind of treatement everywhere there are muslims their hands are bloody and cannot but murder people. Innocent women and children at coffee stands and markets etc. Christians have been murdered for 2000 years by all manner of evil people it has only caused The Lord and His people to gain in number the bravery with which these people stand and face certain death cannot be denied. The cowardice of muslims that come in and attack “jihad” against women and children is well noted and should be cast down with all force. They say they are at war but they attack unarmed people and people that want to be friends they shame both God and His messiah saying God wants to murder people. Do you thin k if God wanted to murder people He would have a problem removing even the very memory of their lives on this planet? Boko Haram is just another terrorist/murder organization that is gaining recruits in africa.

  4. Geraldo

    We pray that God bless their families with peace, provision and strength. Their blood is seed for the spread of the Gospel of peace. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the eternal life. “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is The Lord” Christians of Nigeria be strong and courageous for the only one true God is your protector.

  5. robeiae

    This story deserves more attention; all of this stuff about Boko Haram does. It’s a shame the press in the US doesn’t seem to care.

    I’m doing my part, fwiw:

  6. bobby90247

    I “Pray” to God, everyday, for ALL Christians, worldwide…especially, those in Nigeria!!!

    The Christians there don’t need this!!!

    1. Alice C. Linsley

      Thank you for praying for the Christians of Kano and Jos. They are God’s true martyrs. Christ smiles upon them and their shed blood is precious in the sight of the Lord.

  7. Ferrell Aepps

    religion of derelicts + feeble-minded sub-humans = another day in the muddah land

  8. globaby

    It seems is only Christians they base if you look at it is only christians fail the victim so the war is muslim vs christian and they said boko haram they using boko haram to cover themselves as a terrorist, muslims re the cause of every killing in nigeria . WHO IS BOKO HARAM is my question answer ME

  9. Segun Tokede

    Too bad. With all the wicked exploits of the Islamic terrorists, one wonders how can anybody suggest the idea of amnesty to these agents of evil. Nigeria is in great danger unless truth and justice are allowed to prevail.

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