Christian Leader Seeks Action Against Corruption

The President, Centre for Righteous Living (CRL), Reverend Solomon Adebolagun has appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to be more active in the fight against corruption.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS after a meeting with Christian leaders and government representatives across the country, Adebolagun declared: “The president has failed the nation. He has refused to act in situations where he was expected to stand strong. An instance is the budgetting of N4 billion for the construction of First Ladies’ Mission House in Abuja when majority of Nigerians are dying of hunger.

“The government should speak out against corruption in the land. So far, the President has not dismissed anybody in government found guilty of corruption. Many corrupt public officials are still in their offices despite criticisms and well publicised allegations against them.”

Adegbolagun called on political and religious leaders in the country to start grooming honest and patriotic disciples to succeed them.

“The time has come to groom those who will succeed them. In other professions, you can’t practice if you are not trained. In the church today, there is need for leadership training in all walks of life,” he added.

He also called on President Jonathan to work seriously on youth empowerment, as the rate at which Nigerian youths are coming out of schools without jobs, is dangerous for the nation.

He reasoned that a s politics has been seen as a career of some people to manage the affairs of others, the business should not be placed in the hands of opportunists but committed and serious minded people, he charged the Church to be at the fore front as the vanguard of such leadership training.

According to him, the current level of politicians doesn’t have the required training because the Church has not been able to train leaders who can face the challenge of governance.

“If you look at other professions except you trained you cannot practice. In Nigerian politics anybody just comes and he becomes the leader without a full preparation for the challenges of leadership. If anybody wants to succeed in government he needs to have the thorough knowledge and teachings about governance and what leadership entails. Even in the scripture leaders were prepared and trained. That was how Daniel got into governance, but in the Church today there is no leadership training, there is no Sunday school for leaders, and we need to have them. We need to do the same in Nigeria if this country should survive.”

—Mercy Momoh

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