Hijab: Muslim Students Protest Discrimination

Muslim students in Lagos State public secondary schools today protested at the State House, Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, over alleged victimisation of female muslim students who wear hijab to school.

The students, numbering over 200 carried placards and sang “Allah is the greatest,” and demanded from the government to stop victimisation of female Muslim students who wear hijab to school.

The protesters said a JSS 1 students of Kadara Junior Grammar School, Ebute Meta, Aisha Alabi was subjected to inhuman treatment by the Principal, Mrs E.C. Ukpaka for using hijab in school.

They also alleged that an SS3 student, Barira Tajudeen of Mafoluku Senior Grammar School was suspended from school for using hijab by the Principal, Elizabeth Omidele, an act, they said might affect her West African School Certificate Examination.

In a statement issued to the press, the Muslim students demanded that Ukpaka and Omidele should be sacked with immediate effect for promoting actions capable of instigating religious crisis in Lagos and that the suspended student should be recalled immediately.

The students also demanded that hijab should be endorsed as part of the school uniform for Muslim students in all schools in  Lagos State just as beret is endorsed.

They also want the commissioner for education to be called to order for failing to prevent maltreatment of Muslim female student.

“It seems there is a consensus among school principals to deliberately disrupt the relative peace in the state by launching assault on innocent Muslim students upholding the moral conduct of their faith through the use of hijab.

“Ironically, these principals have no problems with other female students wearing mini-skirt and mini-gowns as school uniform. They see no crime in that as long as it is not hijab,” the statement said.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga


  1. ejimofor

    A revrd,did u say u ar rev truly? and u hv children let see wat GOD wil doin For those maltreaten a young innocent daughter of a person@???????

  2. ebun

    innocent,wat of virginity doin in dis issue,floging a tweve years old girllike dat,did he want to kill her??????????

  3. suro mama

    @truth wat is truth in ur name i dont knw,bt we all vote for a democracy nation,nd y ar u people deprivin us frm our right,everybody is free to dress the way dey ar comftable pls,if u like walk naked is ur choice.

  4. Ar rahma

    @odiomad or wat did ucal urself,is dere any rules govern usin cane unecesarily?nw listen n b sincere had it being is ur sister dat ws flog even if twenty strokes nt even forty plus aw wil u feel

  5. KATO


  6. kaykay

    there is nothing wrong with hijab. what is wrong in this case, is the fact that it does not comply with the dress code of those schools. Any muslim student who is not happy with the dress code in her school, should change to an Islamic school. Otherwise, someday in the future, some guys will come to school in herbalist uniform, claiming idol worshipping is their father’s religion. it is a recipe for chaos. let everyone abide by the dress code of their schools. some churches too are very conservative, and do not allow their women to wear short dresses, or leave certain parts of their bodies open. churches such as deeper life, apostolic faith etc. yet, their daughters have to comply with school dress codes. so let our muslim sisters not make any trouble. Islamic schools are there. school rules are school rules, and should not be bent.

  7. sigman

    this people are tryin to tear the world apart.1st western education is a sin,the few ones attending wants to turn it into an islamic college.hijab or hijack shld nt be allwd simple

  8. Abey

    In almost all public schools, Assemblies are conducted using christian hyms and prayers Monday to Thursday leaving only the Friday for the Muslims. This is so even where the principal of the school is a Muslim and never will you see him attempt to change the tradition but anywhere a christian is a principal, especially if she is a member of one of these deceitful new generation churches, the sight of any Muslim or anything Muslim is a disgust to them. One is still facing the music in Ogun state for her over-zealousness in conducting a virginity test for female students without their parents’ consent. When shall we stop being sentimental when we deal with ourselves? Does Hijab create insecurity to lives and properties in the schools? Does it affect any other student negatively in any way? Most of the principals especially religious fanatics among them certainly need to be ‘educated’.

  9. Yemi Fagbamila

    Ugh ! Most of our folks are not sincere in their day to day lives,please can someone tell me what is wrong in wearing hijab or practise one’s belief,here in Canada singh policemen are allowed to wear their religion turban while in uniform and muslim ladies are also wearing their hijab in Canadian police uniform,yet no simple-minded talks !
    What is the matter with these Nigeria folks,we like to prattle on non-issues,instead of us correcting what is wrong,some people tend to talk and pass comments as if they were on psychotic medication,young girls are showing off their cleavages,old and young are walking the street in semi-nudity,you people see nothing bad in that….I don’t know if any of you could allow his/her mum to come out naked,a sane person will abhors that.Now a child dressed in way that is in conformity with the both secular and spiritual and some uncivilized barbarians are crying wolf because of their hatred for Islam.We should stop all kind of hypocritical attitudes.I rest my comment with Bibilical saying about HIJAB;Read 1 Corinthians 11 verse 5-6.Period !

  10. Nigerian American

    When it comes to public issues is good we put our differences aside from discussion. Hmm!!! Hijab. Today in America the government allows freedom to it fullest, allowing women work on the street naked without caring about sick minds in sick rapist that goes after those ladies. Lets promote and encourage act of moral in our community. I practice Islam and proud to be a Muslim, I currently study in the US and work as well and I’ve seen a big different in policy and politic of Nigeria and America as an advance world. We’ve got a lot of situations that we discriminate in Nigeria especially when it comes to identity. In this century we still demand age, religion, state of origin and so on to be on our CV (resume). Back to the case at hand, the institution in question is a federal institution and not a private or missionary school. Christian, Muslims and atheist if exist should be given an opportunity to practice their religion without restriction, why? because we’re all stake holders. Though, their should be a control and that’s when the management comes in such as principal etc. Anyways, I wouldn’t blame the principal for sending the student home if she is indeed go by rules and regulations, yet this is the issues that needs to be discussed to prevent crisis in our community.

    God bless Nigeria and Africa at Large.

  11. Movic

    Is just as if those students are nw the one to teach their teachers what to do, because they have now know more better than their teacher.
    We should not allow those girls to cause any problem in the state.

  12. Donmax

    Boko Haram-istic minded fools.If you wanna wear masks to school,pls go to ansar-udeen school.Period.

  13. Banji-F

    School is not church or mosque. School is for education not religion. Every school should have a dress code that does not depict any religious sentiment.
    If you want to wear religious dress go to school that is being run solely for that purpose.In my days we wore shirt and knicker for boys ; shirt and skirt for girls and the dresses must be uniform. Trouble makers should restrict it to the household.

  14. Banji-F

    School is not church or mosque. School is for education not religion. Every school should have a dress code that does not depict any religious sentiment.
    If you want to wear religious dress go to school that is being run solely for that purpose. (I my days we shirt and knicker for boys ; shirt and skirt for girls and the dresses must be uniform. Trouble makers should restrict it to the household.

  15. Iyonu

    Muslim here,muslim there! Why are u haters of peace? Let peace rain! Are those girls d only muslim students in Lagos? If you can’t cope with the rules of that school get yourself out. If this is why you are protesting, please don’t disturb our peace.

  16. truth

    dress code should be really adhere to u pple are looking for what is not lost yet,i beg park well. if youth wear mini in the public so how do you compare that to veil and hijab to publics schools and have you forgotten most of these schools are missionary schools? or dont you think this is the begining of break down of law and order in public school where ure free to wear hijhab and am free to wear only undies…………..hum
    prob loooming

  17. Ogbeni NAIJA

    The students are been used by some evil religious elements to cause problem in SW.Is circular schools now turning to ARABIC,QURANIC AND ISLAMIC school? If they want to wear their whatever,they should go to Quranic school.More over if am running a private school, and i dont want hijab,that is it.,May be in a public schools they can allow them to wear their bed bugs infested hijab,but I bet you ONE DAY A BOKO HARAM WILL WEAR HIJAB AND CARRY OUT HAVOC IN SUCH SCHOOLS. SO WHY ALL THIS NOISE.

  18. Slolo7

    @Sunkanmi. Are you out of your mind? By the way, where are you from and what gave you the audacity to insult an Oba in Yorubaland. Am presuming that you are a Yoruba man (or boy) and if that is the case, I believe you should know better. Yorubas do not refer to an Oba as a MORON. Give me a break please

  19. odionwere

    infact all the moslem are Boko haram, if any one found wearing hajib or hajab as was called shld be eliminated frm the society chikena. how can a secondary stundent dictate for teachers if i shld have my way i could have import machine gun to gun down any body that wear hajab to school

  20. Alabi

    In my own humble opinion, i think what the Muslim Students are doing is constitutional. There is a Freedom of Expression in Nigeria. Come to think of it, although capital punishment may be allowed in secondary school, it has to be apportioned without sentiment and religious bias. what the Principal has done is more than wrong…What we would have been saying by now had it being the girl fainted or died in the process?

  21. Auto

    The fire has started in lagos state oooooooooooooooooo

  22. OMO EKO

    Anyone wanting to wear hijab to school should tell her parents to send her to a moslem school. Lagos is a secular state. You see fashola,tinubu and others feeling at home both in the mosque and church. Mischief makers should go back to their states of origin. We dont need any religious zealot in the state. Fashola should nip this in the bud pronto. Lagos has different culture and traditions from the rest of the country. Lagos Yoruba is even different from the one spoken in the rest of the south west.

  23. Sunkanmi Bello

    This Oba or what does he call himself is a moron. He just like the stupid principal needs psyhiatric attention. Public school is funded with public money and nobody has any right to introduce any anti-religious dress code. The problem is that this society has been taken to be a christian society and there is a lot of anti-islamic resentment. That is even responsible for why some public shool teachers will be beating muslim pupils for not having Song of Praise (S.O.P)book that we used during our days


    I wonder why some people reason from their anus,some Student are wearing mini skirt in public yet no body complain, as if they doing the right thing, but students who decides to be wearing Hijab with morally upright Uniform are being suspended. Where are we going, why is everything seems to turning upside down ?

    1. Prince t

      What is ur defination of mini skirt. How short is mini skirt. Do u believe lagos school will allow mini skirt. U dat dont tink thro anus, tell us. Do u live in lagos or u tink we dont have morals. They should stop dis boko hharam protest and get on with education. Public schools should not be allowed to introduce religion. The fanatics behave like victims and no matter how many pple they bomb. They are still d victims

      1. Tuth

        Thanks to all that have spoken, we have to know that the system we are using in the school was brought to us by the christian missionaries not by the government. the Muslims did go against. Pls tell me, which Nigeria tribe use beret as dressing culture? The sch. uniform we wear is Christians sch. dressing not any Nigerian tribe dress. You said the sch. is not Mosque or church, when u remove God’s teachings from ur learning process then you wil b thinking like satan. Pls every Nigerians should ask Jonathan who are the Boko harams, the north pple or Henry Awka & his allied that claimed the 50th Independent’s day bombing whom our so call Presido Jonathan said they are not the one, infact shame on him. This shows that the Niger Deltans are the Boko Harams. Ok if it is the northerners let them present to us on air a Muslim Boko haram members, they always tel us they killed 10 today, 12 tomorrow who are these pple they are killing, from which town in the north are they from, lets trace their family root. Niger Delta President of blood.

      2. A'Hafeez

        everybody should learn how to understand issues so that they no what to say prince t does not understand any thing on moral dressing what does hijab wearing has to do with boko haram, using hijab is even better for everybody even for christian . it protect the dignity of female . dont forget the mother of prophet JESUS(peace be upon Him) was always on Hijab. please let us leave a life of dignity.

    2. The Prof

      Moral what? The Koranic school they wear hijab, were the teachers not sleeping with little girls, imagine an islamic teacher impregnating one of the under age girls in the Koranic school, and no protest, now talking about moral.

      1. abdul

        i wonder wat ur pope did dat led hm 2 resign,u r nt evn ashamd ov talkn in public tryn 2 criticize yl ur leaders r blonders

  25. Innocent Maduka Okoro

    That Lagos is been governed by Muslims does not make it a Muslim state so these young ones should go and abide by the authorities of the school.The people they are running to if they are sincere and want to say the,in there own time do students where Hijab to school even when there generation maintained high discipline in pursuing there education.These ones making this noise,amongst the female can anyone come out bodly and say she is a VIRGIN or the mail counterpart.Wearing Hijab is not holiness but way of religion.The students should know that the number of Christians in Lagos is greater the the Muslims and should desist from what will bring or cause religious comflict in Lagos.The state is not Oshun state where there is more of Muslims.

    1. Alabi

      Maduka or what do u call your name! Your comment is totally out of context and content of discourse. U need to go and learn how to respond to public issue of this nature. Why can’t u keep mute when you know that u cannot make a constructive comment… I advise you to eschew bias.

  26. The Prof

    These non-peaceful people are starting again, always feeling marginalized. I want to see how Fashola will handle this.

  27. oba

    This is a government public school with dress code since d dress code require every student to put on berret so be it.
    we have so many muslim schools in the country we shld not miss religion with academics, if d school authority said no u can easily leave the schl and go to other muslim school

  28. Rev.MA Gbamire

    This news must be critically investigated before Lagosians should make comment. Is what the Muslim students are protesting about, is it true? or they are been incited by some one else to cause tension in the relatively peaceful atmosphere in the state? I sincerely believe that the use of Hijab is a good thing if others are wearing berets. Or is there any dress code in Lagos public schools? If the wearing of Hijab should be included as one of the dress code in the public schools, that should be done with cooperation with Lagos state ministry of education.I therefore suggest that investigation be made and correction should be carry out. You cannot just dismiss a principal that has put in her wealth of experience like that. There should be consultation and cooperation among stake holders.

    1. Akin(UK)

      Or is there any dress code in Lagos public schools? What a question!!! There is none, abi? Come in your bikini then.

      Are these pupils just coming into the school for the first time?

  29. Tunji

    Well it is clear that we are not pure at heart but always sentimental about public issues, the people wearing Hijab are not doing it because they are pure and also peolpe beating them or suspending them are going too far. but God knows everybody’s intention. you that you are hiding under religion to create violence.

  30. Jim bobby

    Every institution/organisation/community/environment must have a dressing code. For God’s sake this is a secondary school with a dressing code. You can see indecent dressings in the university where wearing hijab too is not sanctioned. Please let’s give peace a chance. We might be brewing some trouble again in Lagos State if not properly handled. God bless us all.

  31. whitequills

    It appears some people are bent on drawing us back. If student can wear mini and micro miniskirts to school and we watch helplessly who do we have to bother peace over some people who appear to be moral rightists. Notwithstanding, outright sack might be taking things too far but erring officers definitely deserve some sanctions.

    1. Prince T

      do u think public beheading might be in order. why not deal with the immoral governor marriage and underage girl how did u people define mini or micro. the people trying to prevent religion in public school are the one pulling us back. thanks for your mail @whitebrain

  32. Alhaji Muhammadu Zakariyyau

    Kudos the MSSN Lagos Area Unit for this feat, Ma shalahu

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