Man, 34, Charged With Raping 3-Yr Old

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A 34-year old man, Kehinde Paul Layode, has been arraigned before a family court in Ikeja for allegedly defiling a three-year old girl (name withheld).

The incident, which happened at 3/5, John Crescent, Igando, Lagos,wouthwest Nigeria, was reported at the Igando Police Station.

The accused, if found guilty, risks spending a minimum of five years in jail under the Criminal Laws of Lagos State.

According to the girl’s mother (name withheld) who spoke with P.M.NEWS correspondents, Kehinde was one of her neighbours and she left her daughter in his custody to get drugs for the girl when the man allegedly took advantage of her.

•Kehinde Layode, the suspected rapist.
•Kehinde Layode, the suspected rapist.

“I was going to make my hair in the salon when I discovered that my daughter’s temperature was high and I told Kehinde’s wife to help me take care of her. But she asked me to leave her with her husband since she also wanted to make her hair and that we should go to the salon together.”

“It wasn’t up to ten minutes after I went to get the drugs for her that I returned to the house and asked Kenny (Kehinde) to open the door but he didn’t. Instead, he told me that the girl was sleeping, that I shouldn’t bother myself about her. Then I asked him to at least open the door for me to see my girl and he said that he was in the bathroom.”

The girl’s mother said she was shocked when the door was eventually opened and she discovered that the girl had been defiled.

“I insisted that he opened the door. At this point, my daughter was lying down on the bed but was not sleeping. I asked him why he told a lie but he did not respond. I only observed that my girl was looking rather disturbed.

“When I opened her pant out of suspicion to check her, I saw sperm in between her thighs. I got really mad at him and asked him what happened but he went really wild and told me that he did not do anything. ‘How could I have raped her?’ he asked me and when neighbours came around, they were also as surprised as I was,” she narrated.

The doctor’s report confirmed that the girl was defiled following the tests carried out on her.

It was also alleged that the accused had pleaded with the family to settle out of court but the girl’s family insisted that they wanted justice to prevail.

When the matter was initially taken to the magistrate’s court, he pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the sum of N250, 000 with a surety and the matter was adjourned till Friday, 22 February, 2013.

However, the matter was tranferred to the family court. The court did not sit on 22 February and the matter was adjourned till 8 April, 2013.

—Ayodeji Dedeigbo & Damilare Okunola


  1. tunde

    haba,the police or press should give us the true picture.sperm was seen,what about blood and broken hymen?

  2. paul

    The evil that men do lives after them, and the good is often interred with their bones!”

  3. livingston

    To start with the mother of that girl is a very stupid and a careless mother for that matter, she knew that her daughter temperature has raised, but yet she prefered to go and do her useless hair instead looking for medical care for her daughter and she also felt too big or ashamed to carry her daughter along with her since she was not feeling find, so she should blame herself. And for the devil that defiled that girl, the same thing will be done to his daughter. I wish i am a judge, i will order for his manhood to be cut-off, end of case.

  4. yemi

    paul u’re gud teaser with a big mouth bt i cant b neutral on this matter over time i am enraged when supposed adults who should be a mirror to the young at heart take advantge by raping minors you may hate or revere me yorubas seem most akin to this practise in its largest number in comparison to other tribes and if u ask me:one of the major reasons they do this is bcause they encourage polygy which transcend to successive generation with ageneral acceptance they hold in mind and so their men enjoy the luxury of warming there beds evry nite with differrt womenin(wife and mistress) which they become addicted to a life of pleasure with little work ……jst be correct is all there is

  5. don't be zuprice

    huuuuuuuunm this is ridiculous ….34 _ to 3 …..@dontquicktojouvde u are not at the Seen of the incident …i am very sure paul did it ….bcs the doctor cofirm it…sperm and his finger was detected s in the Ba.y private part ….y kenny paul….to my suprice i saw this guy yesterday buying pm news…i wanted to hit him but he explains to me it was a setup…but i dont belief him

    1. DontBeQuickToJudge

      @don’t be zuprice… Guy… you sef use your brain. This is a bloody set up. I know the couple very well and from what I have heard so far, Paul’s testimony has been constant as opposed to that coming from the accusing party! They took the baby to a Doctor and after they refused to go and eventually when the did, they did so in secret. Besides, they refused to go for a second/independent opinion.
      So how in the world does this not smell like a setup?.

      When the truth comes out and these fraudsters are revealed, I also will not reign in my abuse-laden tongue as you “pious” commenters have been so far!

  6. DontBeQuickToJudge

    I dont think people should be hasty in casigating people like this. The write up reads “suspected”. I am seriously inclined to believe there is a set up somewhere…. I have recently been hearing of cases where people have been using schemes like this to get money out of people and when they dont budge, they’ll take it to court and involve the media due to the fact that the set up was tight and they appear to have a solid case on paper.

    I’ll love to hear the guy’s story and possibly see how this case pans out.

  7. Omo be wise

    I know that the rapist must have been cajoled by an igbo man to do it. I know that in the course of police investigation the true identity of the igbo man will be revealed. The cursed race called igbo


    PAUL! PAUL!! PAUL!!!

  9. Naija samaritan

    I dey laugh oooooooo …….Married man for that matter? They suppose to hang him till the last breath….

  10. King

    we have a saying in my village, don´t leave your wife or daughter with a Yoruba man oh, hmmm he will fck her and cleans his mouth like nothing ever happened..Kehinde has proofed my village saying right

  11. paul

    Yorubas do it all the time even when mad dog OBJ fuck her son’s wife he still remain the Olowo of Egba land.

    Land of DEMONDS

    1. Anonymous

      Paul, you are an illiterate, and a myopic-minded one at that. Work on brushing yourself up before you even talk to the Yorubas!

  12. whitequills

    He is a shame to himself, his poor wife, his entire family and friends and ultimately a disappointment to his Creator. The rampant case of pedophila should be researched by our psychologists and the cause and probable solution proferred else how can we now begin to fear leaving a T-H-R-E-E- YE-A-R OLD in the care of adult for goodness sake. Lord help us.

  13. Omachoko Joseph

    This is ridiculous, what has come over this old amala and kpomo eater to do such a thing to an innocent girl? This man must be insane and must face the full wrath of the law.

  14. JOE

    Paul you are an animal like any other of your canibals tribe.must you generalised the yoruba people because of one mans did?Afterall this type of raping is peculiar to your tribe especialy when it comes to father raping daughter.

  15. Nur

    You’re a BIG FOOL PAUL

  16. paul

    When I say YORUBAS are all cowards and bastards people blame me. Three years old girl how does her thins look like, three years does such a girl has virgina that will entice a man if not cursed like every other YORUBA people.

    I hate them

    1. Ricky

      Paul, You must be a fool.. why yoruba? we have rapists in all tribes animal.

  17. boyce

    Paul, why?

  18. Killkennylayode

    He should be killed bcos he is paedophile.

  19. Papi Dee

    Family court?.

  20. Papi Dee

    Family court?.

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