2015 Presidential Race: Nigerians’ll Decide Jonathan’s Fate

Human rights lawyers, Bamidele Aturu, Balarabe Musa and others have said Nigerians will decide the fate of President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria if he should go ahead to contest the 2015 presidential election.

•President Goodluck Jonathan
•President Goodluck Jonathan

They were reacting to plans by the president to vie for the 2015 election amidst growing disenchantment with his administration.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS, Aturu said since the president is a Nigerian, he has the constitutional right to seek re-election in 2015.

He said the fate of Jonathan lies with the masses to reject him from emerging as president in 2015 if he should decide to run.

“He is qualified to contest the election. Nigerians have the right to reject him from winning due to non-performance in office,” he said.

According to former Governor of Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, said if the president is constitutionally qualified to vie for another term, he had the right to contest, but that the people have to reject him from emerging victorious.

“Let the court say otherwise, those who don’t want him to win can only refuse to vote for him. That is the only legitimate way to stop him. This controversy of whether he should contest or not should stop. He cannot be president again if we don’t vote for him,” he said.

National President, Campaign for Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin noted that the president had the right to vie for the 2015 presidency as he is constitutionally qualified.

“Nigerians should brace up and ensure that those who deliver the dividends of democracy and fight corruption should get their votes. Those perpetrating the N4 billion First Ladies Mission House should be voted out of power,” she stated.

Publicity Secretary, Action Congress of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, Joe Igbokwe lamented that Jonathan has nothing to offer this nation as he has no programme and vision.

“He is qualified, but he does not have the capacity to run the affairs of this country. He is a good man, but he does not have the clout of a president. We need a strong president. We need somebody that is dynamic and strong,” he said.

National President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alhaji Shettima Yerima stated that it would not be proper for Jonathan to be sworn in as president for the third term, saying that he believes the president is not qualified to vie for another term in office.

“He has been sworn in twice. There are lots of problems and the situation is abnormal. I do not think he is qualified, but the PDP will try to force him into power and it will bring calamity to the nation.

“I will advise him not to contest. People will certainly reject him at the polls if he should contest. A lot of us who had sympathy for him in 2011 have changed our minds against him,” he stated.

Comrade Debo Adeniran, founder, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL,  also said the president had the right to contest the 2015 election, adding that the people also had the right to prevent him from winning by casting their votes for a progressive party.

“The president has claimed he spent one tenure so far, but we will orchestrate campaign against him to ensure that he does not win the 2015 election,” he added.



    @Mffed, u are the original fool…do u think it’s easy to rule?
    @Thompson, u that can’t rule ur house calling Jonathan corrupt and insensitive, do u know the meaning of those words?
    Uneasy they say lies the head that wear the crown.
    Can u show us what evidence u have to suggest Jonathan is corrupt?
    Foolish people!
    Who amognst those past leaders is better than Jonathan?
    Do u think that it will take just 4 years to fix what has been destroyed for 50 years?
    Nigerians are ingrate.
    All this people calling themselves human rice, human beans cannot even rule there community not to talk of a nation of 170M with divers tongue and language.
    May Allah have mercy on u.

  2. Mffed Nigerian

    Jonathan is a complete fool

  3. Thompson

    It is clear that the GEJ is not only corrupt and insensitive but also shameless!what a tragedy.God help Nigeria!

  4. Sanusi A.Yaradua

    Of course we shall show him that the people for whom he(GEJ) increased us price,electricity tariffs,allowed to be killed like rats,be looted are not animals. Even if he is thinking of using army and police or pastors and Imams or government power he is very,very,very wrong. This time votes must be counted or Boko Haram is just a child at play.

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