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Today I have decided to dedicate this article to my readers out there who read everything I write and encourage me with their comments. God bless you all and please keep reading and sending your observations, advice, concerns and comments. I learn from you all everyday and it has been an amazing journey.

Thank you so much and please get ready for more because I am about to start a series of very sensitive topics and most of them may be very controversial as usual. People do not like the truth but unfortunately I cannot help but speak the truth as I know it to be.

Here are comments from readers about  previous editions. Enjoy!

Public Office Holders Must Be Stopped

From Getting Medical Treatment Abroad

Until a law is passed in this country whereby it would be illegal for officials of the Presidency, Nigeria National Assembly, House of Representatives, state and local governments, senior state and federal civil servants etc, and their families, to seek  medical treatment abroad because of a mere headache, we’ll continue to have this macabre gangnam dance with death!

May Ogaga’s gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord’s bosom; and to those who contributed in one way or the other to Ogaga’s untimely death because of  your demonic love for money, what goes around will definitely come around – Law of Karma!!  —Fredrick Adesanoye


Good Job And Keep It Coming

Very beautiful write up, though I didn’t expect anything less from a talented person like you. As for your previous article that caused the backlash, I want you to rub it off and act like it never happened. You see, it is not you they have problems with, it is the “truth”. Remember the saying “truth is always bitter”.

The article to me was not bad, and if you have been a Christian long enough, you will have questions such as you asked. Don’t let Nay Sayers, or people who can’t handle the truth derail you from your purpose. Even if your blog touches one heart or changes one person, you have fulfilled the purpose for which you are called. I just stumbled across this blog and I am glad I did because I want to associate myself with Nigerians that are able to show the wealth of intelligence that resides in the Nigerian.

I am tired of seeing negativity and classless article about nothing but gossip! I have always respected you, regardless of what they’ve said about you, because like you, we all have a story to tell and except you are living that person’s life, you have no right to judge. Good job and keep it coming because I am enjoying every bit of it. God bless you and your family.  —Yemisi Ogbodo


I’ll Join You In The Vanguard Against

Child Molestation, Gender Inequality

This is heartwarming to hear. As I will always say to you, I celebrate you and I lift you up!! Both of you are about to spearhead a new era in Nigeria and God is on your side. My mood also went polar as I read of how inhuman man has become. No wonder God said, and I quote “The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it.” I will join in and stand as a vanguard against child molestation, gender inequality, abuses on women and children, etc.

Over here in the Philippines, women are not given their full rights. They are even mostly seen as sex objects. I am standing against it firmly over here in the best way I can. We are one and we must act like it. —Akoh Oche


Thumbs Up

It is said that only trees that bear fruits attract stones.Thumbs up (and perhaps big toes too) for the excellent work you do! Thanks for being you! Cheers Ma’am!                                       —Bayor


Every People Get The Leadership They Deserve

Reading about this makes my blood boil…that some individuals could be so heartless to say such a thing,  that it’s government’s responsibility! Somebody once quoted that every people get the leadership they deserve. I hate that quote but people that think this way almost make me want to believe in that quote.


You  Can’t Be Blessed Richly If You’re

Not Going To Be A Blessing

Just a few days ago, I blogged about how people were going to troop to a particular show and blow a million naira on securing sitting positions. Nobody makes noise about these things but they will make noise if pastors acquire jets to assist their ministry work.

It’s annoying how people find it easy to talk, yet they won’t stand up to do anything. That’s why many of them never succeed past their salary struggle. You can’t be blessed richly if you’re not going to be a blessing.

God bless you, Lamboginny and others for what you are doing.

By the way, I love your song ‘Love me quick.’ I’ll be doing an entry on it soon on my blog.   —Afronuts


Public Figures And Celebrities Should

Also Take A Cue From Your Works

People shouldn’t get out of bed to work daily since we all have a right to life and it is the government’s responsibility…That shouldn’t happen.

That aside, I’m really impressed with the lady that came despite her ill health. It just goes to show that we all have something in us to give that others need.

I think the world has become a selfish place where we all want to do things that benefit us, that’s why people would rather pay for shows than donate to people in need.

God bless and reward you, your team and everyone that donated abundantly. Public figures and celebrities should also take a cue from your works                                                     —Miss Onakz


Keep The Good Work Going Stella

Hmmmm……keep the good work going Stella. People are so hard to please. Managing people indeed is a great task. Some people are just purely negative. They don’t see anything good in the country. I really pity those with negative perspective, despite odds and negativity abroad, even in US, they still say God bless America.

Some Nigerians never see anything positive about the country, no matter how small. A minister of God came to Nigeria and during one of the courses on leadership, the host talked about Nigeria’s problems, especially in the education sector. But immediately the man came on stage  to speak, he said he would rather suggest that the host put more effort on the 10 per cent of students  that passed their WAEC/NECO, while work is being done to improve the standard of education,.

Wow! That is being positive, I share such mentality. So Madam Stella, it hurts when people don’t see what you see or share your positive mindset, let them be, let’s hope they will one day see the light at the end of the dark tunnel and dream big to be responsible to the society. We lack community service in Nigeria and Africa generally. It’s not part of us but it would be something nice if we can apply that to our society. Thank you.        —Temitope Adebisi


  1. joshua

    chinedu wetin dey worry you
    we all have a past and please dont believe everything you read in the papers about stella or any celebrity

  2. Chinedu

    Stella, I read a random article online where you talked about Lola Alao and her stand on dating married men. You as an individual do not have any moral stand condemn or chastise her for stupid utterance on that issue. You stole someone else’s husband too. Your level of hypocrisy is out of this world. When did you start dating that God – forsaking idiot? You are guilty of the same offence, so keep your arrogant, aged beauty, and derailed opinion to yourself. She was wrong, but let women of virtue question, chastize and correct that way ward,low life prostitue. NOT YOU! Old Mama Youngy!

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