America’s Secret Files: The Untold Biafran story

TheNEWS’ World Exclusive

Forty three years after the Civil War, the Americans have released their dossiers—21,000 pages of diplomatic dispatches by agents of the United States government.

We’ve combed through them all to reveal the Biafra story, the way never done before.

ojukwu during Biafra war
ojukwu during Biafra war

Read about the accounts of prominent individuals like Chief Richard Akinjide, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu himself, General Olusegun Obasanjo and others on the war.

Read Zik’s story on why Ojukwu hated him; why Akinjide said Ojukwu suffered from megalomania; the reasons Ojukwu gave for killing Victor Banjo and others.

Read about the role of a Catholic reverend father, Kevin Doheny, Ojukwu’s intelligence director.

Read why former head of state, then Lt. Col. Murtala Mohammed, wrote a letter to General Yakubu Gowon, saying:

“One wonders at times: why fight to keep Nigeria as one country if two and half million people in a state of the country cannot live together happily…?”

Details in TheNEWS, beginning from Monday 18 February 2013


  1. Ovuas-omas a.k.a skippolala

    It was a serious issue during d era of our fore-fathers, they debated lyk these b4 they eventually went for war. That same young bloood in them back then is floowin in us now. Beware of war young nigerians!!!

  2. Amaechi

    Republic of Biafra will become reality soon. Infact to secure visa to Biafra will be harder than US visa because Ibos will move all their markets in Lagos to the East, Alaba, Ladipo, Lawanson and others.


    let me tell you ppl dat whe need bafra now

  4. john

    For sure,Biafra is a dream come true.

  5. basil

    well what i know is God is not sleeping we need this country to divided because East pat of Nigeria are tired of being together let American give us Biafra i said it am not prod of Being a Nigeria because when u travel out of country with Nigeria passport u are a suspect coming from a bad country let God help us to come out from this bad country called Nigeria

  6. abu

    i reject it biafra i no is never poor but i ask, what is in there mind why bringing this document by now? we goten A new party that will change eveything 4 good mega party zamfra govonor is coming out 4 change

  7. nwa Biafra

    we are hated by all others let us go pls. Biafra is the solution for the poor

  8. I. Soronnadi

    Its in the Holy Book that a foolish man said unto himself,” now that the harvest is made and my barn is full , my soul, relax, eat and drink and be merry, but the Lord said to him you fool, tonight I will take your life away from you”. “When you think its peace and safety, a sudden destruction”. “Destiny dey delay, e no dey change” No matter how much you try to smother the truth, it must come to light. Those of you who keep crying one Nigeria, one Nigeria, what have you gained as one entity? Nothing to show for it but sorrows, tears and blood. Why waste time of the Most High? Are you proud to be identified as a Nigerian? If so, then you are brainless and thats the more reason why people should go their seperate ways. If you are Yoruba, go to the East and if you stay there and do not feel as if you are a foreigner in your own country and the other way round, then I and all those calling for divission are so damn wrong. Talkless of the rotten system that can never be fixed unless it is “to your tents o’Isreal”.

  9. KLM

    We don’t information that will give us problem.AMerica keep the information to your self after many years why now.We should be carefull with the america account.BEWARNED!!

  10. lex

    @Paul if you do get to read those documents, you will find out that it was short sighted people like you who caused the civil war back in the sixties.

  11. paul

    Who cares mallams bye bye

  12. zaqy

    those calling for divided nig n those that tink its divided already, how do u tink nig. wil b divided? is it on geogrphical boundries? where wil d midle belt fall? who confirm that d easth n west want to b togethr if its religion then how about d muslims native in d south and xtians native in d north?

  13. sharif

    My brother , we should stop being decieved by Americans.should anything happen e, we lose our freedom wealth investments etc.The Arab countries should serve as examples to the wise.

  14. Amaefule

    Before 2015, Biafra will go. Mark it.

  15. lex

    Why don’t we all stop being like the white man says we are, let us go read this from the link I gave above, this is it again and from the US declassified archives…Maybe people like “Gasky Truth” will finally know the truth they so much want to know….Lemme give you a tip…Nooo go read for yourselves

  16. stan

    This country has long been divided but just waiting for the event day. Religiously, we are not one, and no matter how we try, we will never achieve that cos significant efforts has been made by past and present administration to achieve peaceful co-existence amongst our religious beliefs but the situation keeps deteriorating especially in the northern part of Nigeria.
    We never use to have Boko Haram, but now, its here and its has a religious under-tone, the reason why most of its casualties are none muslems and innocent nigerian.
    Biafra has been a dream that is destined to come through at whatever price.
    We eagerly await the release of this document, and whatever the content is,,it will not affect the actualisation of the Republic of Bifra some day soon.
    To all anti Biafrans, get use to it cos Biafra has been there even before some of us were born. Its about time we go our seperate ways, solve our problems and realise our potentials.

  17. Gasky Truth

    Did exclude Awolowo’s Hitler like genocide and stealing of Biafran properties and moneyu.

  18. lex

    y’all need not wait just go to and read….its a long read though…if you have the patience you can also google nigeria civil war us archives and you will see the declassified docs…..really interesting read…maybe now we can truelly have some peace in Naija.

  19. M1

    With this, the real truth will come out and we will all see why there was absolutely no need for a biafra in the first place

  20. Yerima Zamfara

    That was how ebenezer Babatope and his ilks who had not read Prof Achebe’s book stsarted running their mouth in defence of Pa Awo on an issue he never denied even.

    Publish am make we hear.

  21. Chika Gift Agoha.

    It’ time for change. This is God’s work.

  22. bishop

    we are tired of lies and we are not ready to listen any more so Let the truth be told they should pay for what they did to our grandfather & our fathers.

  23. Dabobes

    we r better as one my brothers, we can not go to war against one another pple!

  24. ugo

    Every biafran needs to know the adultrated truth

  25. Chuks

    is there anything really good about NIGERIA?.Its better everyone goes his separate ways.Nigeria has collapsed Finally…

  26. sunne dee

    true talk, Naija beware

  27. jabo

    Guys you are not far from the truth. We should ignore this so called 7-Book of Moses.

  28. tony udom

    Let the truth be told. That is the guarantee against future acts. Infact we need more accounts to take care of every aspect of the war.

  29. Akeem Adebimpe

    @ Ola Ammed I share your thought


    I hope the release of this vital information and document years after civil war is not meant to sow hatred and discord among different personalities and region of this country, of what good will this do to us as a country……. America predicted the collapse of country called Nigeria and they are working overtly and covertly to make it come to pass… CAUTION ! CAUTION !! CAUTION !!!

    1. Jimmy J.

      Ola and Akeem, I had thought blames were freely aired against Prof. Chinua Achebe, so now it is no longer Achebe but the Americans. The truth shall surely be coming out in-bits-and-pieces.

      Don’t panic yet!

      1. Datti

        I can’t wait for the series. This is coming from a third party – may have their own biases but I believe one would be able to shift the lies from the truth. Achebe lies would be buried for good!

    2. paul

      Are you afriad to go your own way mallams

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