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Controversies trailing the demise of Afro pop singer, Oluwabimpe Susan Filani, popularly known as Goldie Harvey, are as shocking as her death

With the autopsy report signed by Dr. O.O Oyewole of the Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and dated 19 February, there is no longer controversy over what killed singer and reality television star, Oluwabimpe Susan Filani, famously known as Goldie Harvey. The autopsy affirmed the singer died of hypertension.

On 14 February, the Nigerian entertainment scene was thrown into turmoil as news made the rounds that Goldie had died just hours after she arrived from Los Angeles, United States where she had gone to experience the 55th edition of the Grammy Awards. Goldie was so full of life and was, indeed, booked for some Valentine’s Day shows that night.

She was said to have complained of severe headache at her Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos residence and was rushed to a private hospital on Victoria Island by her friend, Channel O presenter, Denrele Edun. On arrival, doctors pronounced her dead.

A message on her Facebook page and Twitterhandle, @OluwaGoldie, few hours later confirmed the sad news: “It is with heavy heart that I have to inform you all that Goldie passed on this night shortly after arriving Lagos from LA. May her soul rest in the eternal peace of the Lord – Amin!”

Goldie... Gone too soon
Goldie… Gone too soon

Keke Ogungbe, President, Kennis Music, also released a statement describing the death of his prized artiste as shocking and untimely. “We consider this a gloomy moment for us and the entire Nigerian music industry in view of the circumstance Goldie passed away. There is the abundance of talent she exhibited in her short but eventful music career and the various opportunities her trip to the United States of America would have availed her. We deeply sympathise with her family and fans all over the world,” Ogungbe stated.

The cause of her death wasn’t immediately clear, but the initial suspicion was pulmonary embolism, (a situation where blood clots occur in the legs after sitting down for too long, especially after a long flight).  Pneumonia was also mentioned. This prompted the autopsy carried out at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja where her remains were deposited.

Whenever an entertainer passes on, a surge in popularity is usually experienced. Goldie’s case was not different. TheNEWS checks revealed that her followers on twitter shot up, just as her Facebook page recorded more ‘‘likes’’. ‘‘The frequency of downloads and searches done on Goldie since the announcement of her death showed clearly that Goldie became more popular in death than she was in the Big Brother House,” said Ahaoma Kanu, an entertainment journalist. The 31-year old Goldie represented Nigeria last year at the popular TV reality show, Big Brother Africa.

While alive, the Kennis Music artiste was dogged by one controversy or the other. She was either hunted for her choice of costumes, musical videos or her demonstrable opulence from a source that could not be verified.

There were questions over her relationship with fellow Big Brother Stargame housemate, Kenyan-born Prezzo. The buzz was all over that the two would get married soon. However, it was after her death that people got to know that the singer had been living a lie. Two individuals are at the centre of the drama being played out after her death: Andrew and Ifeoma Harvey.

Few days after Goldie’s death, Andrew, an Engineer based in Malaysia, came out to mourn the departed singer whom he claimed was legally married to him. He told the world he and the late singer got married in December 2005 at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry and later at the Chapel of Light Church, Alausa, Lagos at a private ceremony attended by close friends and members of both family. The Briton put some emotional messages about Goldie on his Facebook page. “To all my friends, I just want to let you know that my closest and best friend (Susan Goldie Harvey) just passed on tonight…To my bestest friend Susan Goldie Harvey, I will miss you so much!! Am sure the lord has you in his arms tonight!,” he wrote.

The following day, Andrew uploaded more than 50 intimate pictures titled “A few pictures of my time with Susan Goldie Harvey before her untimely passing.”

Days later, a woman named Ifeoma Harvey surfaced with the claim that Goldie actually stole Andrew from her. Ifeoma claimed via Facebook that unknown to her, Goldie, her one time best friend, had been secretly dating her hubby (Andrew) and waited for a favourable moment to elope with him to Nigeria. “She never knew that one day death would come calling. She rendered that man useless, took all his money and right now Andrew Harvey is lying in the hospital in Malaysia,” Ifeoma said.

Andrew has however denied having another wife apart from Goldie.

Creative and boundary-pushing, Goldie worked so hard to etch her name in the sands of time. Many people dismissed her from the beginning as having no talent. But she trudged on.

Among her unfulfilled dreams was the reality show she was planning to roll out in March with her buddy, Denrele Edun. Tagged ‘Tru Friendship’, the pilot episode has been shot, but her death has put a stop to that.

She emerged on the Nigerian music scene about six years ago and was signed to Kennis Music in 2010. She released her debut album, Gold, in October of that year. It was followed by a couple of provocative and tantalising videos. She won Best Female Video at the 2010 SoundCity Music Video Awards and Best Use of Costume for ‘Jawo Jawo’ at the Nigerian Music Video Awards. Goldie released three singles on the bounce late last year from her forthcoming ‘African Invasion’ album. The singles: “Skibo”, “Miliki” and “ Got To Have It,” are presently enjoying good rotation on radio and TV stations across the continent.

Bold, confrontational and seemingly sexually-liberated, Goldie was born on 23 October 1983. She hailed from Ikole in Ekiti State.

—Funsho Arogundade


  1. Woman

    Goldie we love n miss u, but GOD love you most R.I.P DEAR

  2. Teeteelayour

    R.I.P Goldie….

  3. helen osigo

    Dis is a really shockin news I could not believe it when I heard it then. I tought they were lying so I decided 2 confirm my self. This earth is a useless place talents are just bein wasted. Any way let all hope she is in a betta place.r.I.p goldie

  4. U Ebekel

    Hey! God almighty why did you allowed Mr.death 2 lead away our luvly &valued daugther out on this earth.Goldie may ur body & soul infact everything in u both ur talent R.I.P & may u be @ the right hand side of GOD in je…..s……u…..s name i pray…….cheer Amen! Nigerians.

  5. Genevieve

    I was truly shocked when I read about the death of popular nigerian artist Goldie,
    hope she prayed before she died

  6. Pope

    Hmmmmm! All been said and done, Goldie’s death should not have generated any commotion or fierce argument, people must always find something to say as the cause of death, so i dont really blame the journalist that have the “unfounded news”. But did Goldie eventually remember her relationship with God as it was at the early stage of her life! I think should just be a very good lesson for rest of us for now.

  7. blackvoice

    its one of the responsibilities of Music management to watch over their artists, so therefore! kenni Music should please watch over all these teenagers, its not easy to manage a situation whereby out of nothing you suddenly turns out to be rich and famous, now you have people running after you, shouting your name, if you don’t have somebody watching over you, you will definitely misbehave , if my lovely goldie was still looking for a job, or she was working in a one of the eateries, she will not have enough money to buy drugs. merciful God, have mercy on her, and give her eternal life, Goldie RIP

  8. Shakerboy

    Well,i gat ntin much to say,Goldies death has choosen to take place like dis bcos any single death of any livin organism must av what it is said to be ,but we all aways pray 4long life,finally am sorry goldie bcos it pains u more dan hw it could pain anyone and may d lord God see u true in jesus name amen. Shakerboy07082383464

  9. bibi

    @ Ij u are very stupid na mumu dey worry u God punish u were u dey 4 dat comment na u go dey 4 devil hand goat

  10. Gidi-Guy

    I’m just here to observe the comments from people. I dnt want to jump into any conclusion. But one thing is sure, even if we stick to the belief that goldie wasnt on drug. Deep down in you…somewhere somehow. You’ll still think it twice.

    I love you goldie! REST IN PEACE

  11. habiba

    This is a message to Goldie’s family and friends:

    Please make my day and sue these idiots. Goldie was a wonderful soul. She does not deserve this rubbish. A woman who never drank or smoked in 3 months is now being accused of being a drug addict by some idiot just because he has access to a media house. People get sued in other countries even for twitter posts. Teach these guys a lesson, please.

  12. joy

    Autopsy!!! Pple say, I jst want U̶̲̥̅̊ all 2 knw dat dey will neva tell d true abt her death not in dis country. N it s suppose 2 b told so every1 will learn frm dis…I had a dream on monday nite dat LADY GAGA of USA Died n I told my frnd on wednesday abt d dream only 2 wake up friday mornn n bin told dat GOLDIE(nigera lady gaga) s dead. Can U̶̲̥̅̊ imagine. My frnd was even callin ε̲̣̣̣̥ Josephine d dreamer but I wasn’t happy cos d dream was so real n it came 2 pass. If I had told her(Goldie) will she blive ε̲̣̣̣̥. RIP GOLDIE

  13. abb

    Pls dont conclude on rumour, may her soul rest in peace n may. Sad story….

  14. Godwin.Japheth

    There’s something I want you people commenting to understand, it was confirm Goldie was death, but the most important things is, has she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior, if not tht will be too bad for her, but If she do confess Jesus there’s nothing to cry about. Her soul can only rest in peace accepting Jesus. No Jesus no life.

  15. cheye monee

    What I think should be done is the autopsy, to know the cause of her death. I pray her soul shall rest at the blossom of the GOD ALMIGHTY. My regards 2 her family and her fans

  16. terry

    This PM News should be Sued by Goldie’s family,some human right Organizations need to take dis Up. This is total Gibberish,ow can ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ jst write rubbish to tarnish d dead’$ image without verifyin ur facts! Terrible Journalism! ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ r A̶̲̥̅̊ disappointment to dis country!

  17. habiba

    PM News, you guys are wicked. How dare you try to dent a dead person’s image? Is it because she’s no longer here to speak for herself? I’m really upset about this. I wish someone would sue you one of these days. Stupid gossip-mongers.

  18. Areafather

    She must av die of blood clot,,,,

  19. chi eli

    pm news how dear you lie on the dead! May God forgive you! Goldie even in death i wil still love u cos you were nice on earth. May God receive her soul! Amen..

  20. chi eli

    pm news how dear you lie on the dead! May God forgive you! Goldie even in death i wil still love cos you were nice on earth. May God receive her soul! Amen.

  21. chi eli

    how dear you judge the dead? May her soul rest in perfect peace!

  22. Joy

    So why would say something so untrue about the late drugs really drugs did you see her take drugs . Have some respect don’t publish fake stories .

  23. juestice efe idemudia

    Goldie death so so touched my heart that i even shared tears immediately i had of her sudden death. Goldie may ur soul rest in the bossom of the Lord Amen.

  24. Adeniji Wale

    This report is baseless….
    Who are sources…..?
    When did they lay the allegations…?
    Wouldn’t a drug addict show signs at least once in 3 months….?
    Isn’t this story published for paper sales…?

    These and more questions that needs to be answerd by Bayo. Adetu…….

    Goldie…. RIPP…

  25. Ifey Stretch

    Hmmm…even if this report is not true,i discovered that 90 percent of artists,world wide are into sad!

  26. Ranni

    Come to think of it, its true dat when she was in BBA she didn’t smoke nor drink. It could be her boy friend prezzo dat initiated her after d show bcos dat guy looks like someone dat takes dope to me, d way goldie love dat guy she can do anything to satisfy him.

  27. Herdeyswagger

    I luv goldie harvey even in death .rip goldie. And 4 d pple or d reporter who wrote nonsense about my favourite female artiste God will judge u according to d works of ur hands

  28. jazzy Bait

    PM News, where is the place for investigative journalism?. Your style of reporting is not desirable.

    There are signs that follow drug users. Goldie surely was a musician.and not an actress capable of masking withdrawal syndrome for 90 days in the big brother house.

    I am offended by this display of disrepect to her family and her memory.

    Do the right thing PM News.

    Goldie may your Gentle Soul Rest in Peace. Amen

  29. Olorun Esan


  30. mama

    What shall it profit a man 2 gain d world and losses his soul? It well.



    1. Prince t

      The jury is still out ob baba suwe. But u can accuse them of framing up Gov’s wife. That she was arrested for money launderin

  32. Bunmi

    How can people be so unprofessional. Where are this facts coming from? Why not wait for the hospitals to run a full autopsy before we jump to this senseless conclusion. Do we have any respect for the dead in this country.

    This lady just came back from america. An american flight at least Delta lands by 3pm in the evening, before she gets past security checks and all that it will be going to like 5pm then she takes a drive in lagos Valentine traffic from MMA2 to park view in Ikoyi. So lets give or take she gets there in another 1 – 2 hrs. Are you saying she went to do the drugs immediately she got home. Does this make sense PM News Editor. Do you guys reason and calculate before publishing stories … Im not sure at all u do.

  33. Akokat

    Wel daz it rip bt u knw drugs kills bt y?

  34. Debbie

    Pls don’t damage d name of d dead,ds is very painful,I am not happy with ds unprofessional rumourm before U say anything,verify it.may her soul rest in peace

  35. Debbie

    Pls don’t rubbish d memory of d dead,cut it off,I am nt happy hearing unprofessional stories.may her soul rest in peace

  36. JI

    In Nigeria, people must not talk bad about the dead, yeah?


    All you so-called celebrities continue to swim in drugs and you pay for it someday.

    We didn’t grow up with cocaine and the stuff, but Nigerians have taken to the fake life of the developed world and no one can advise anyone anymore!

    Which peace she go rest? in the bossom of her father – the devil?

    1. nenye

      This shows how ignorant you are. you just read up some news and you are judging already. Thank God that God is not man.

    2. folabi

      You are a stupid man. Period

  37. Julie p

    I feel so bad about what happened too Goldie. Especially now that she’s in her prime and everything seems too be working out for her,career and relationship wise. Haba Goldie but why did u choose feb 14th of all days too live those who love u dearly,family,friends and super fans???

  38. Reptyle

    Bayo Adetu and PM News!!!! This is a very unprofessional and criminal report. How can you go to town with this kind of speculative and unverified report which can do absolute damage to the young lady’s image???? How can you go to press with this weighty allegation quoting “sources” especially knowing that the girl is not alive to clear her name. How do you people sleep at night?

    Goldie lived 3 months of her life in the Bigbrother Africa house on live TV with every inch been covered and shown across the whole of Africa 24 hours non-stop. Not once within that house with all its pressures did she taste any alcoholic beverage or smoke even a cigarette!!!! Not even once!!!! Now if she was a druggie as you claim in this hash of a report, would she survive 3 months without showing the tell tale signs of withdrawal syndrome????

    Please for the fear of God, take down this report at least until the hospital, the coroner or the police issue an official statement on the cause(s) of her death.

  39. Andrew

    she died because if pulmonary embolisis

    1. dockie

      not pulmonary–cerebral embolus, probably from a dvt, might even have been a ruptured aneurysm.

      Lovely girl, so sad

  40. Jaji Fika

    I luv goldie so much, but am disappointed. How can she do that? She is one of the hottest Nigerian female artist. Rest in peace Goldie!

  41. arbotriker

    am out of words,cause it sound xo quickly and shocking…a reason to learn from her death…God forgive her and accept her soul.

  42. george

    We all gonna miss u, may ur soul RIP Goldie

  43. sam

    How dare you…rubbish my friends’s memory like that…Bimpe don’t even smoke nor drink…idiot journalist…nonsense unprofessional papers

    1. Laredo

      Sam, smoking and drinking are different from doing drugs and are not related to one another. While some people who smoke and/or drink also do drugs, not all people who smoke or drink do drugs and it is possible for someone not to drink or smoke but still do drugs.

      Whatever the case, may her soul rest in peace.

  44. IYKE

    It is a pity that she has to go this way. What does it profit one to get high and get closer to her grave. When Brenda Fasie died of drug related causes, i thought that many artists would have learn some lessons from her death.
    Whatever it is that killed her, may God have mercy and receive her soul. Let those still living learn their lesson.
    Her death shocked me. Even though i did not like her representation in BBA, i felt sad at her death.
    May her soul rest in peace!

    1. Daniel

      When God Almighty gives us talents we are expected to use such for the glory of His name. Any use outside of this is not secured and may result in untimely death. What a pity !

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