Nations Cup Final: Eagles Will Win, Says T.B. Joshua

The General Overseer of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, says Nigeria’s Super Eagles would defeat Burkina Faso in Sunday’s final of the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

T.B. Joshua, who warned Eagles’ coach, Stephen Keshi to avoid conceding a late minute goal in their AFCON Group C opener against the Burkinabe, told P.M.NEWS that Nigeria’s case in the Nations Cup final this year is like the biblical Jacob who wrestled with God, saying that “on Sunday we’ll tell God unless He gives us our heart’s desire we’ll not let Him go.

“The cloud is darker over Nigeria’s Super Eagles, but with God we’ll scale through. If it were not to be the final, anything could have happened. The first match we played with Burkina Faso, it was just by the grace of God that it ended in a draw.

“On Sunday, our opponents will play defensively because they will be looking out for penalty shootout at the end of the game. They will also play through three of their strikers upfront; one of them very tall and huge player and two others.

“What I’m seeing I don’t want to say it because it would be too frightening, but I want to assure that we’ll scale through the challenge on Sunday.”

Super Eagles train ahead of the AFCON final match against Burkina Faso on Sunday.-PHOTO...-AFP. Inset is Prophet T.B. Joshua
Super Eagles train ahead of the AFCON final match against Burkina Faso on Sunday.-PHOTO…-AFP. Inset is Prophet T.B. Joshua

The prophet who established a football club, My People FC to groom young players, however, warned the Eagles not to allow Burkina Faso to score first in the final, saying that “if this happened the Burkinabe would fall back to defend the goal, which will be very dangerous for our team. I still repeat that no matter the situation, we’ll scale through.

“The Burkina Faso that we played in the group stage will not be the same team we’ll play on Sunday, even though some of their players are out of the squad due to injuries. They are still a team. But I hope for celebration.”

Joshua said as the giant of Africa, Nigeria last won the Nations Cup 13 years ago, which was too long ago for a great football nation like Nigeria.

“I think God should give us this cup to make the youths of this country happy. Winning this cup at this time of religious intolerance and violence will calm down the youths. I want to appeal to all Nigerians to pray for Eagles’ victory. I would have told you the scoreline but I would rather delay it till Sunday morning in order not psychologically distract the players and their coaches and not to demoralise the losing team.”

Prophet Joshua concluded that he would not want Keshi and his team to come to his church to celebrate their victory after the match because he is not the only one praying for the Eagles to win.

“My voice may be the one louder among the men of God in the country but this doesn’t mean that the team should come to my church to celebrate. I would rather prefer that they celebrate their victory with all Nigerians,” he said.

—Taiwo Adelu & Adebobola Alawode


  1. Nats

    I pray for the lost souls may God almighty in his glory have mercy on all of you those who wrote and cursed a servant of God… I urge you to ask for forgiviness… And to those who tried defending the prophet elijah of our time senior prophet TBJoshua… Pls pray for those ignorant peeps to have insight of wisdom to see the truth.. Bless you all
    Congratulations to our super eagles for their victory

  2. Einstein

    For those so calld christians who fink dey can ride their tongues at will, take a lif frm wat a muslem; Ahmed had just said. Shame!

  3. Ayo Sola

    Paul, which one concerns OBJ in this matter? Pls let’s respect our elders

  4. Giftson

    Paul u nd ur co-worker ar jst stupid

  5. Arewa

    Pee and co.u pple better shut ur mouth,if don’t av anytin 2 say,rather than puting caurse upon ur head.we al believe that God that create nigeria thesame with that of burkina faso.the bible says in mathew 7.7 ask and it shal be give 2 u .am nt suprise bc u pple ar novice and has kess thought abt what refer 2 as prophet..,who is the righteous men on earth …no one expect God.i pray that God wil 4give u pple on the caurse u have put upon ur head…..p.Tbj God is ur reward,..,.’.

  6. Felicia Wazi

    A prophet is not honor in his town or nations, dat is it. He’s use 2de criticism.

  7. ogi

    d problem is dat,most pipu givn comment are oposit of d religion n dere ar anti-christ,dey specialise in crises dey killd Victor Moses parent now dey wan kill TB for wat e knw go apun, bcos na TB cof go kill dem dos wu open is mouth to curse man of God dat sikness go entr tru.d God of TBJ will c eagles tru,one love naija.

  8. Light

    God knows all, is this prophecy or prediction? Pls make it clear. Wat ever will be will be.

  9. Tanisha

    On the issue of football, God has shown it all to TB Joshua. The record is there – see it for yourself!

    TBJ also prophesied Zambia’s amazing victory over Ivory Coast in AFCON 2010

    He prophesied the AFCON 2010 qualifying match between Nigeria and Guinea

    He prophesied the opening match of FIFA 2010 between South Africa and Mexico

    TB prophesied the FIFA 2010 final match between Spain and The Netherlands

    In 2011, he prophesied the FIFA U20 World Cup Quarter Final match between Nigeria and France

    TBJ even prophesied the AFCON 2008 qualifying match between Nigeria and Ghana!!

    TB prophesied the FIFA 2010 final match between Spain and The Netherlands

    In 2011, he prophesied the FIFA U20 World Cup Quarter Final match between Nigeria and France

    TBJ even prophesied the AFCON 2008 qualifying match between Nigeria and Ghana!!

    On the issue of football, God has shown it all to TB Joshua. The record is there – see it for yourself!

  10. Stainless

    Every shld b careful n mind his or her own biz nobody came to dis world wt his or her frnds so Pals b carefull ok? Judge not so u may not b judge dats my commentt n advise t everyone n comme t tink of it I hrd smone saying dat paul wll nt see d gates of heaven pls DJ scratch becareful wt ur words u a not God n u a nt holier daan paul b ur self n amaofo be careful wt ur word.d worst is dat peeps dnt knw wat dey say bfr dey vomit trash u guyss dntt knw dat dis out mouth is sharper dan knife be careful ooooo hm END TIME we willl KNOW nd JUDGEMENT shall COME

  11. Felix.

    I know some one greater than the greatest is behind the rising of the sun, the moon that shine, the abundant oxygen, water to mention a few, it is him whom i fear. May God bless us all.

  12. Oluomo

    I swear u people dat are using bad statement against my man of god u will not see d end of dis year… By the special grace of god u will die like a rat ..stupid people insulting man of god name and u will not see great thing in ur life. useless people ….thank u dady

  13. Isaac

    I am in no position to defend the prophet, bt I think Nigerians n d world at large should be grateful to God for TB Joshua. And for those who dont have the insight to know when to shut their mouths, I pray that you dont buy a problem that your head cannot carry with your mouths. For the fact that TB Joshua said Nigerians will win I know they will win. I am yet to hear a prophecy he made that has not come to be. God Bless The Super Eagles.

  14. dj scratch

    people like u paul wil neva see heavens gate..let God and only him jugde who is ryt.

  15. Digal

    Bless u kenneth anco!.AS 4 D CONTRARY, ALL of u who talked evil against d man let me giv u a brotherly advice.”NOT MANY OF UR KIND HAD HAD, AR HAVING, AND WL HAV D PREVILEGE 2 SAY ‘SORY LORD’ “.AND IGNORANCE REMEMBER IS NOT AN XCUS, AND WL NOT B AN EXCUSE ON D DAY GUYS, SO WISEUP!

  16. Ogbeni Naija

    @Paul foolish man,nothing good can never come out of you because you have been cursed.

  17. Isbe

    God bless naija with T.B Joshua,God will also give naija victory.AMEN

  18. john 12 6 68

    T b j, God will continue to bless you…i have never been to your church before but what you have done for me is more than all places i have visited for help and deliverace and all the so called pastors i have giving money to….God bless you again man of God and by his grace you most make heaven..

  19. ibeh donald

    may God punish any body dat critisizes TB Joshua amen!.he has prophesized well 4 dis nation.we must thank him.go on prophet!!

  20. Ebere

    May God continue to bless TB Joshua for all the good things he is doing in Nigeria and beyond.How can people be so callous in castigating the man of God.Any very soon some of this unbelievers will be carried to Synagogue when they meet the wrought when the anger of God visit them,you will see them confessing that they spoke evil about man of God.May God forgive us.

  21. Neeran

    I don’t see predictions as voodoo especially when coming from a man of God. I crave everyone indulgence to say this…”even if God appear to us a human being, some people won’t still believe him” . All I have to say is that be you a Moslem, Christian or whatever…lets all pray for Eagles not to only win the trophy but it should be successful to hold the responsibility of being a champion again. A brighter Eagles . God bless TBJ, God bless Keshi God bless everyone that contribute to that sucess

    1. timothy

      the Lord almighty that do it at that time of Zambian we do it Again
      for us in the name of jesus christ .amen

  22. Jay

    @chinex. look at this riff raff. you are just one of the many mugus that can not think but others think for them.

  23. dr storm

    Nothing is gonna happen to you if u insult TBJ its just not necessary…..being Christlike means acting like Christ….hence being Christians. Christ neva judged anyone… don’t be too quick to judge. Frankly, we shouldn’t even care what “prophesy” is made…its a sport! Enjoy it! The best team will win on sunday…let’s hope its naija..up eagles!!!!

  24. chinex

    jay I think u are a fool a big one at dat in fact u are a fool y are u askin henry to shrt up he mouth ? Pls we shuld think b4 we talk o .make person no take he hand put curses upon he head o , the person we are talkin abt here is a man of man . T.b jousha carry on .

  25. chinex

    paul, bright, aree, naubiko, amaoffa, ferdyokwn, u guys are talkin non sence am sure u guys dnt even understand the meanin of prophet .a prophet is a man who see 2moro ok . U should nt judge so dat u too will nt be judged , u hv called him names abi ? Just start askin for forgvness frm God almight.remember he sad he nt the one to gv dem victory but God almighty . T.b jousha carry on

  26. Jay

    @Henry. Shut up your mouth if you dont have anything good to say. ordinary power supply, nigeria is yet to find an answer after 52 years. Fools are talking about one dirty human being calling himself a pastor. This is the same person that run a crusade on power generating set. Foolish nigerians!!!!!

    1. Umoh

      Jay, i like to observe two things on your post; first, the Editor of the News did not mention 13 years as a quoted statement from TBJ. Therefore, the mistake is likely to come from the Editor and not TBJ. Secondly, it is unfair to link TBJ with the Nation’s Power failure situation because he is neither the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria nor the Minister of Power. Pls leave him alone and let him do what he is doing, if he’s real or not, time will tell, lest we offend whom he represents. Thank you.

  27. jay

    nigeria won the cup in 1994. that is more than 13 yrs. TBJ pls wake up.

  28. Ayour Pee

    @ Mongos and Alao … If we are referring to the same living God, He is not a partial God. He is the creator of heaven and earth, ultimately the creator of Nigeria and Burkinafaso. We dont need any prophet to tell us that he convinced God to favour us against the same people He created.

    The day Nigerian prophets learn how to give what is cezar to cezar and do away with politics and things like this, they will start qualifying for those men of God the bible said we should respect …. of course, many are born mugus!!!

  29. Henry

    may i use this medium to seriously advice the commentators to please avoid a generational curses upon themselves by their unguided comment against the man of is not compulsory you must comment neither do they pay you for it.the people that gang up against Moses were swallowed up by earth quake ,42 children mocked prophet Elisa they were all eaten up by bears ,King David was mocked by his wife,till date she remain the only barren woman recorded in the scripture. May freedom of speech not land you in eternal curse of the prophet.what has the man of God said that attract negative comment please think,prophecy is always two sides,it blesses some and bring curses on some the choice is yours.My mouth will not kill me.

  30. purple

    Some individuals are just pathetic, this time d man just prophesied something good for our nation, where it been long we celebrated something good.. Now some illiterates like ayour pee, paul amongst odas r dere saying non-sense.. I pray your guys all wrath in hell beyond the devil’s threshold of pain for insulting a man of God…

  31. ferdyokwu

    OK, we hear you, TBJ. Let’s face the things of heaven and down play the world! I cannot see the divine purpose of this “prophecy.” How does it exalt God ?

    1. Datti

      Excellent! This is the best comment I’ve read. Yes, Eagles may win, and I want them to win, but it it happens the way we want, it does not mean it comes from TBJ. Its the handiwork of God and to Him will be all the honor and glory. He shares His glory with no man. Remember that in Acts 16:16-18, the demons gave the slave girl the power to see tomorrow but can not make tomorrow happen. Christians read your bibles!

  32. Kenneth

    Mr paul an co im not a pastor Joshua member but bible say ye shal not judge but de problem here is dat i dont knw weder u ever c a bible in ur life bcos de person dat ever c a bible wil not talk in dis way . I understand de man of God talk he is not de one dat wil giv de eagle victory but he talk wat he saw as a prophet but de victory com from God almighty.

  33. amaoffa


    1. Francis festus

      Please am not TBJ faithfull n I don’t believe in modern day prophesy, but for calling all christian names is uncalled for. M nt here to defend TBJ Bt if u are convacant with the Nigeria media you will notice that the man av predict outcome of many matches correctly even our first match against Burkina Faso, he even told Keshi to avoid conceding late goal. Bt like I said m nt his fan n I belief that this is nt from d tru God. But next time don’t be a fanatic.

  34. ernie

    He didnt just prophesy, he gave statistics, lets just wait and see

  35. mongos

    MR paul and co If you have ever open the Holy Bible all you life, u know that you have already lay cause on your self, because the Bible say we should not speak evil against his anointed , be wise my dear and pray for God forgiveness

  36. pelumi

    I am so surprise at the pride of the children of the devil always attaching men of God at any given chances they have. Even the super eagles recognises his prayer and they always call him for prophetic instruction before any match as said by the midfielder. Infact I read inthe news papers that the super eagles claim to have done every thing he told them before the match with ivory coast and we won. Pastor TB joshua we love u and we love the super eagles and we love nigeria.

  37. naubiko

    Another so-called 419 talking rubbish.. When will Nigerians wake up.The charity he’s doing is just 1/10 of the money given to him by mugu’s and nothing more . If people stop listening to his trash and focus and hard-work. So if we don’t win he’ll tell us our defence was not good. This man should then take Keshi’s job if he’s confident.

    1. mongos

      MR paul and co If you have ever open the Holy Bible all you life, u know that you have already lay cause on your self, because the Bible say we should not speak evil against his anointed , be wise my dear and pray for God forgiveness

  38. aree lola

    Where was TB Joshua when Nigeria was in group stage? He kept quiet at that time but now that we are in final, he just open his mouth to any radius and start seeing Nigeria winning. Who among the man of God saw anything at the beggining when Nigeria play draw in the first two game. Just tell him to shut up his month. He should remember Revrend King on his way to hell fire now. He too should repent and stop parading himself as true prophet. He is just an anti-christ in Nigeria. Time will tell in nearest future God will expose all the fake pastor that full Nigeria.

    1. loveree

      well i wish is anti christ but i have never seen the traces of anti christ in him but humbleness, what faith call for in book of james and his Good deed. same generation like you call Jesus demons in his days. so who else you can not call satan?

  39. Ola Ahmed

    @ Paul……. Though am not a christian but for God sake Pastor TB Joshua deserve some respect, lets leave righteousness to God to Judge, Please kindly check what your bible says in Matthew 5:22 about calling a fellow human being a fool….. My God forgive us all.

  40. Bright Avalong

    This man keep making unfulfilled prophesy, T. B. Joshua, you better shut up your mouth, you are not a man of God in anyway as long as common sense is concern, but a business man. Nigeria winning this match is by God’s grace not by any juju prophesy.

  41. adeyemi alao

    Why do some people hav a rabid, satan-inspired hatred for this amiable, God-fearing PRACTICAL man of God? He attributed Nigeria’s impending victory to God – not to himself – yet some people are commenting out of context? When in 2011 he warned dat Nigeria wd not qualify for d last edition of AFCON, he was called names. Now dat he prophesied dat Eagles wd win but shd guard against complacency, he is being crucified again! Na wah o!! In any case, he has a right to comment and to be joyful first as a Nigerian and, secondly bcos Ogenyi Onanzi, Super Eagles’ midfielder, graduated from his football academy – My People FC. I’m very proud to be associated wt d prophet and to hav a personal relationship wt him.

  42. az

    its a pity some people do not respect man of God,for Gods sake,AYO PEE and PAUL, u guys should mind the way you talk to this man…Although am not a xtian but still belief what this man prophesis,he is better than many other pastors in this country. i also belief super eagles will carry the day and their is nothing u people can do about it…..pastor More grace to your elbow…up super eagles,up nigeria……..UP MANCHESTER UNITED.

  43. omotayo

    Mr. Paul i dont think you have sence, I am not a xtian but i still like Pastor Joshua for charitable he always do to the less priveledge and moreso, he always pray for Nigeria intime of sport. more greece to your elbow GOOD PASTOR

  44. Ayour Pee

    If Nigeria wins the cup, it’s by God’s grace and by our destiny. It’s not by any voodoo prophet’s power. We have entered competitions before and failed to win. TB Joshua was alive then and if he has any power to influence, we would have been winning all competitions. I hope members of the team will not mis-place their gratitude to God Almighty …. just in case of next time!

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