Oshiomhole: How APC can succeed

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Nigeria’s mid-western state of Edo has said that the new mega party, All Progressives Congress (APC) would be a huge success if leaders of the party sacrifice their personal aspirations in the interest of the nation.

Governor Oshiomhole said this Thursday, when former Presidential candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party and former Governor of Kano State, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau led a high-powered delegation of the ANPP on a visit to him in Government House in Benin.

“All of us as leaders and followers should recognise for a merger to be fruitful a level of sacrifices will be required and everyone will be required to moderate his aspiration and people must be ready to submit their personal interest to bigger national interest.

“I have no doubt that all those involved in the process recognize that these are the irreducible minimum and we are all determined to make those sacrifices. At the end of the day, it is all about Nigeria, not about individuals or party its about giving our people an alternative base to choose from. That the electorate have the power to reward or sanction and those who wish to be in power have to listen to the yearning of the electorate,” Oshiomhole said.

While praising the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Oshiomhole said “it is healthy, having recognized that we all accept there is no better alternative than democracy and the best evidence that democracy works is when people are able to choose from one political party or the other so that they can compare and contrast.”

He noted that in matured democracies all over the world where governance has changed from one political party to another, one will find that they have two major political parties and they may also have a third fringe party which chooses to go into alliance as in the case of a parliamentary system.

Earlier in his remark, leader of the delegation, Mallam Shekarau said one of the major assignments of the National Rebuilding and Inter-Party Committee of the ANPP is to reach out to other political parties of like minds to enrich the democratic process and give Nigerians an alternative choice.

He noted that the formation of the Alliance for Progressive Congress APC by four frontline progressive parties is a major breakthrough in the country and he assured that the ANPP is committed to providing the people an alternative platform in the country.

“ANPP is committed to this new change and this new progressive development to provide Nigerians with an alternative platform to ensure that the aspirations of Nigerians for good governance at the centre is realised,” Mallam Shekarau said.


  1. John Imoniri

    I am a concerned Edo indigene and supporter of our comrade governor. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mr. Dan Akerejah, the AD governorship aspirant contested against Lucky Igbinedion. Is he in Nigeria or America? Our people need such people and we never hear about him.


    .Buharı( ace coup plotter and tormentor-ın-chief of d UPN and Awo) and Tom IKımı(abacha’s area boy dıplomacy advocate and kıller of june 12) …

    1. Richard

      Mr. Mumu Wale Olabode, what about Obasanjo, anenih and other PDP thieves?? Now is the time for change, weda you like it or not the PDP thieves will rot in jail after 2015 election…. Remember how your father Mr. Olabode stole from the NPA, now Jonathan have appointed another thief called Anenih as NPA chairman to go and steal more money from the country’s treasury for the 2015 election… Mr. Wale or whatever your name is, if you like the present state of this country then you must be a thief too.


        Hello Richard, you’ve spoken well. any individual supporting PDP in this country must be a thief like every member of PDP. God will deliver us from PDP of this country and APC is the answer to our problems by the grace of God APC will unseat PDP in Nigeria.

  3. Ola - Olododo

    God almighty will deliver Rivers State from the wickedness of the present hypocrite PDP Governor of the state, Rotimi Amaechi. God will do it just as we prayed to H im to deliver my home state – Ogun State from the then PDP Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (a.k.a OGD- Olosa, Gbajue Daniel).

    Amaechi tricked all to give him second tenure by starting good works mainly road rehabilitation in his first term. On securing the ticket, he now revealed his real self – hypocrite, wicked, arrogant, inconsiderate. He destroyed houses in the name of trying to give people good road and abandoned to works. Amaechi’s performance is better assessed on the outskirts of Portharcourt, e.g Ogogboro Road, Iwofe Road, Eleoparawon Road. The roads are in shambles. These roads, though narrow were motorable until Amaechi’s governorship. I used to love him and prayed for his second tenure success. Am from Ogun State but I live in Portharcourt, so I know the story of PDP in Ogun State before the present ACN’s Governor Amosun. Away with PDP in Rivers State. Away with Bad leaders!!

  4. Amico

    We are watching all for good.

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