Governor Chime Arrives Nigeria

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After over 130 days (4 months) of hide-and-seek concerning the health status and whereabouts of Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, southeast Nigeria, the governor who is believed to be sick, is back in the country.

He arrived Abuja this morning as confirmed by the state Commissioner for Information Chuks Ugwoke who further said he is expected in Enugu state later today and that preparations were on in the state to receive him.

Ugwoke, who made the confirmation through a telephone interview this morning on a Lagos-based television station, however, insisted that the governor went on vacation against the popular belief that he was treating cancer.

Governor Chime of Enugu State, arrives Nigeria this morning
Governor Chime of Enugu State, arrives Nigeria this morning

The commissioner who made efforts to convince Nigerians during the interview, further defended the governor’s disappearance from the country, saying the Nigerian constitution did not specify the number of days a governor could spend on vacation.

“There’s no reason to hide why he was away, he went on leave, he was on vacation and the constitution does not state what time the governor must spend.

“You can use your vacation to do some other things. During his vacation, he had the advantage and opportunity to do some other things he deemed necessary,” the commissioner stressed.

He said the governor’s sudden appearance in the country had put paid to the falsehood being spread by the opposition in the state.

Ugwoke also denied that the state was paralysed because of the absence of Governor Chime.  According to him, the governor had handed over to his deputy, Sunday Onyebuchi, who had been acting in that capacity awarding contracts and keeping the state running.

He said the state Executive Council held six meetings since the governor’s absence against the popular belief that the acting governor was not in charge.

“People are entitled to their views concerning how the health status of the governor was handled.

“The good news is that the governor is back and we should refuse to go back to yesterday.

“He is in Nigeria. He landed in Abuja and we are expecting him in Enugu,” he said.

The Vice President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Issa Aremu, who was in the studio when the commissioner announced the governor’s arrival, took out time to slam the state government for shielding the health status of the governor, who was believed to be treating cancer of the thyroid in a London hospital.

According to Aremu, no President of America goes on vacation outside America, “but here, in our cetenary, we are still battling to know where our governor is and you can see the commissioner trying to impress us here.”

He said many Nigerian leaders are travelling abroad while their counterparts in other countries are busy with development.

He described Nigeria as a miserable country.

“In 100 years, what have we learnt from even the colonialists who came here to turn Nigeria around?

“They built the railway from Lagos to Kano and years after, we are still trying to revive the moribund rail system,” he lamented.

—Eromosele Ebhomele


  1. Oduma

    Whether sick or not, let him just start where he stoped.

  2. chigoe

    Well I blv he Travelled for 2 Reasons! 1st: To attend to his failing Health 2nd: secure his LOOTs….. Stack them away from EFFC n other Eagle Eyes….

  3. linda ayomide

    if he is, what then are u, hell fire himself

  4. Ayour Pee

    Wonders shall never end! “… insisted that the governor went on vacation against the popular belief that he was treating cancer”

    A governor is so so idle that he can afford to proceed on a 4 months leave??? What is exactly wrong in telling the people that he was sick and needed treatment? Well, i dont really blame him. the majority of those he suppose to be governing are here in Lagos passing insults on Fashola everyday while their domain is being ripped off … ride on them Gov!!!

    1. linda ayomide

      how is it your business? joblessness lon worri ee

  5. JI

    Thank God he came back. If he likes he should go for another vacation, but we always knew about him collapsing in some public functions. Hugo Chavez dey tell everybody how he dey sick, but Patience say she go for rest, later she come say she wan do thanksgiving before Yakowa die.

    Person when go enjoy dey call everybody come do thanksgiving?

    If nor be say people don begin dey ask dat question, mama for do am. Shame to Nigeria leaders – bad people!.

    Anyway, all liers go to hell

  6. albert o

    sir you are well come ,i know what you are going through it is not easy to you but i pray that it will be ok with you in duo time , as nigeria dont have a good hosiptial to treat cancers, what can you do? you have to go abrod for it .here in brazil you you can treat the cancer as easy as .nigeria still have a lond way to go, we are here in brazil enjoing good government 24hrs eletricity and other things,sir plesae look into my local goverment ezeage LGA were nothing are moveing.


    We Nigerians are not fools, stop all these lies

  8. naubiko

    Welcome back sir… Now it’s high time you started doing it was you’re paid to do or leave office selfish pig…

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