In picture: Obasanjo In Aso Rock to pray with Jonathan

May be the criticisms will end now: the big man of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo was in Abuja today to worship at the Aso Rock Villa Chapel with President Goodluck Jonathan. And during the service, Obasanjo held the mic and prayed, for Nigeria and for Jonathan.

Obasanjo prays for Jonathan and the nation at the Aso Rock chapel today
Obasanjo prays for Jonathan and the nation at the Aso Rock chapel today


  1. wule

    Let bh give chance president jonathan has a good plan, and his preamble shows, but those who distabilizes dd polity is doing this for selfish aim that is leading to their very distruction.

  2. People voice

    We should mind what we say obj is a father if obj is still in power do you think this heartles boko haram can still be disturbing? Who think if they kill themselves and others they will open their eyes in paradise with some virgins which is not true, Obj is a born ruler it pains me that i can not see him eye ball to eye i will praise him in his presence i will vote for him again if it possible he his a man with action a country like Nigeria don’t need a soft type like Gudluk i pray to GOD to give another action leader like OBJ amen.

  3. Kunle Aderogba

    Though our leaders av failed us, but let us also think; avn’t we failed our generation? Honestly we av bec non of us has ever thought of praying for the country rather we start putting up a lot of evil coments, causing our leaders as if we never av parents.
    Pls people shld be watchful of their coments and put a litle cutsy on our remarks.

  4. victoyink

    obj is a courageous leader who has done a great feat for the nation, decisive and no-nonsense taker. i admire his ever outstanding courage, person who knows where he is going right from where he is starting, ever reading with a counter measure for lapses or fight back, a fiery Annoying and unlookable or sightable Lion who does not send ur father or mother but only cares for where and what he want, Fearless and determine optimist with undented vision. count cost and always ready to bear the cost.
    no man can do beyond his best, he did his best. very diplomatic and articulate.
    OBJ shld have bn d very best person to cause a revolution,sanctity and changes in Nigeria but did not see in that direction.

  5. ajose Otto

    For me baba as done a lot for this country so we shuf apreciate is effort,if he was to be in position of today…to hell with boko harram baba wud av cleared all of dem….for me wana be like baba obj I luv u.

  6. Arogunyo samson


  7. Igba

    We do make mistakes and not intentionally, as humans, despite that, OBJ is certainly among the few best leaders we had and still have, and we should appreciate that!. May God bless Nigeria and our present president to continue his efforts for a better Nigeria.

  8. Wake

    All abuses are made possible by the same man,OBJ. If not for him,all this rubbish that is coming frm this children of nobody will not be seen or heard any where. In honesty, what has GEJ done to merit the office he is occupying?
    Is it the historical hike in the fuel which has never in the history of naija be that astronomically increased up to 100%?
    Do you want to talk of the increase in the power tariff? Is it the money voted for his food? Do you want to tell the world that ex kidnappers are the big biz in our FCT? Getting the best contracts? Tell the world how many Yorubas that really benefited from obj? Tell the world about open university that obj introduced. What have we really gained frm our presidio? Is the 1st lady that is also a PS in her state from FCT collecting all the allowances for the job not done?
    If we are to think deeply,obj not the best in our society,but the best president we ever had that has really impacted lives.
    How much did he save that ya radua and good luck wasted? Obj has his shortfall but but not the way we usually describe him,really don’t like him but admire his courage. He was in charge as president,nobody can toss him around. Most of all those who fell out with him are greedy Nigerians who are so selfish. Let’s change our mind towards obj. he is not the best we have in the nation,but the best ever ruled.



  10. michael alade

    Nigeria was born sick, and is still sick, hopefully, it shall not die of the sickness, why should a church or mosque be in Aso Rock, it is meant to be the sit of administration, not a place of worship. if anyone wants to pray, let them visit a church, mosque or a shrine.


      Haba why so much hatred for OBJ, this great man has done so much for this country, it is unfortunate, some of us will never see anything good in OBJ, whether you people like OBJ or not , he still remain my hero, if OBJ were to be in power today, situation in the country would have been better.


  11. STEW

    obju is our man. like him or hate him,you cxan not achieve what he has.

  12. afolabi

    Guys stop criticizing obj is one person nigeria should appreciate. abi you people no get papa. honor your father and mother so that your days mabeeeeeee. na una sabeeeee.

  13. tunde ajai

    so the master of manipulator is with is apostle atlast OBJ and GEJ are cohort in the brotherhood of syphoning our resources


    OBASANJO is evil and anybody who dance with him will definately cry at the end of the music, J O N A T H A N be warned,
    dust and clean your glasses to see farther than your nose.

    1. trustedcitizen

      you are mis-informed…

  15. olukunle kuye

    OBJ also ate hot pounded yam with Audu Ogbe, the rest was history.

  16. Olododo Ogbagi

    The last time OBJ sang praises with Chuba Okadigbo was to sing his nunc dimitis, doxology or dismissal from the Senate Presidency. Jonathan, better watch as you pray, and mind who lays hands on or pray with you. History easily repeats itself. This prayer warrior like Samuel might have found a David somewhere.

    1. Truth

      Watch your comment

  17. mko abiola

    obj is a cancer to nigerian system. and GEJ ve discovered d cure. what is left now 4him is to drag buhari to the mud and triger war b/w the two as a cameleon. can dos young brain laugh at dat old toitoise brain. very soon he will go and eat pounded yam at buhari table? until we condemm dirty politic .our future generation will sufer. imagine such generation without love in dis sophisticated world. by dat time criket and temite will be enjoying obj body. while d seed of hatred and discord will be floating. y not resist such timid act now while dey are alive

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