It will be a mixed grill of glory for the 16 finalists and despair for the last three boys to be evicted, as the biggest soccer reality TV show in Africa, the Glo Soccer Academy reaches the crucial stages.

Tears may flow in the house; emotions will give way to reality as the final moment will stir the boys in the face.  They will be caught between a trip to Manchester United Soccer School, N1million prize tag for 15 boys, N5 million for the Most Valuable Player and scholarships for all the finalists or a wave of bye-bye with gloomy faces to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that may slip by.

The feeling and reaction of both the players and their coaches on the last eviction date will be captured in Episode 12 of Glo Soccer Academy, which will be aired this weekend in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic on prime TV stations such as NTA, AIT, GTV, TV3, ORTB.

Before the eviction melo-drama, the team played against a Lagos Junior League top team, Nats Boys, who held them to a goalless draw. This was, however an improvement on their first encounter when the academy was taking off.

The episode will also showcase the visit to the Academy by ex-International and former Super Eagles captain, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha, who made a surprise appearance at the Academy. While at the academy, Okocha advised the boys to be “dedicated and determined” in their football career.

He added that the sky is the limit for them as they prepare to embark on a promising career in football. He urged them to work hard to make the final 16, adding that hard work and discipline will propel them to the peak of their career.

Globacom in a press statement on Wednesday, advised viewers in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic to stay tuned to their television sets this weekend as episode 12 of the Glo reality show will be beamed to their living rooms to share in the drama, anxiety, intrigues and emotions at the Academy as the young boys struggle to emerge as the part of the last 16 who will win the ultimate prizes.

The company further stated that fans in Nigeria should tune to NTA Network on Saturday at 1.30pm-2.30pm, with a 30-minute highlight next Wednesday between 5.30pm and 6.00pm to view activities at the Academy. The show will also be on AIT network on Saturday from 5.00pm-6.00pm, with the highlight on Sunday from 3.30pm-4pm.

“Viewers in Ghana will enjoy the programme on GTV on Sunday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm with the highlight on Wednesday at 4.00pm-4.30pm. The programme is also available on TV3 on Saturday between 10.30am and 11.30am, while the highlight comes up on Friday between 5.30pm and 6.00pm”, Glo said in a statement.

Similarly, lovers of youth football in Benin Republic have the opportunity to watch the Glo Soccer Academy on ORTB on Sunday from 5pm to 6pm with the highlight on Wednesday at 11am to 11.30am.

“The 12th episode of Glo reality show promises to be entertaining and breathtaking”, Glo assured