Oyegun warns on killing Nigeria’s oil industry bill


Former Governor of Nigeria’s Edo state, Chief John Odigie Oyegun has warned that Nigeria’s unity is threatened by the alleged vow by Governors and National Assembly members of Northern Nigeria extraction to kill the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) now before the National Assembly for consideration.

Besides, the pioneer governor warned that the country may not survive the imminent crisis that may result from such action being orchestrated by politicians from the northern part of the country, noting that there were already enough security challenges facing the country especially from the North.

Chief Oyegun who was reacting to the alleged decision by the Northern Governors’ Forum and Senators and House of Representatives members from the North to kill the PIB on the ground that its provisions were anti-North, warned them to avoid doing anything that would turn any part of the Southern part of the country into crisis as the country may not survive such crisis.

“In any case, this nation has enough challenges facing it and they should not create a situation where what they are doing may become the last straw on the back of the already overburden camel.

“It is clear that there is need for a special attention to be given to the oil producing communities and for them to be given an interest in the survival of the oil industry. Proposals in those lines have been long overdue and they should not interpret them an anti-North situation.

“What the PIB is trying to do is to preserve the industry for them and the whole country including the various governors from the North,” he said.