In Pictures: Ansaru, Nigeria’s new terror group

An image of the Ansaru group taken from a video

First, it was Boko Haram’s terrorism. As if that is not a nightmare too much for accursed Nigeria already, another terror group has emerged. Its abbreviated name is Ansaru. And its full name just like Boko Haram’s Jamā’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lādda’awatih wal-Jihad is a mouthful: Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladis Sudan.

Photographs here from a video released by the group on Xmas eve, shows unidentified armed members of the group posing in an undisclosed place in November 2012.

The group on December 23, 2012 claimed the recent kidnapping of a French citizen in northern Nigeria, citing France’s push for military intervention in Mali as a justification.

Ansaru “announces to the world, especially the French government, that it was responsible for the abduction of engineer Francis Colump, 63, working for the French company Vergnet,” said a statement emailed to journalists.

Late last Wednesday some 30 gunmen stormed Vergnet’s residence in Katsina state, where the alternative energy firm has a wind power project.

Another pose of the group:

Another view of the Ansaru terror group

.What should our country do about this new group? Establish another JTF to smash them? Declare full emergency in Katsina state? Let’s share your thoughts for a troubled nation.

All the photos courtesy of AFP.


  1. The Don

    Let STATE OF EMERGENCY be Declared in all the States where Boko Haram is Prevalent,I Bet You The Governors will Sit Up and Co-Operate with the Federal Government to bring all these Senseless Killings to an End.

  2. john ufot

    Unfortunately we have a lame duck government headed by Goodluck Jonathan, a man foisted once again on the nation by the hypocrite and self-serving old soldier Gen. olusegun Obasanjo. Since the government of Jonathan like that of his predecessor Yar’Adua is buried in corruption, it is safe to say that the Goodluck has no balls to take on the security challenges confronting this nation. If he dares he would be implicating himself because they have all soiled their hands with lucre. I hope the north would continue on their destructive path, they are already backward on all fronts, a few more destruction would complete the story. Then we shall start defining the course of Nigeria as a secular and a nation of diverse ethnic nationalities. For now, let more islamic terrorist group emerge to speedy up this process.

  3. Ola

    The Game is absolutely over for Nigeria…. The Solution is simply D I V I SI O N. A lot of present, past and ambitious leaders are just evil. No of direction than to LOOT MONEY… That is why everything is happening to us and our current president dare not challenge them because he knows that he will be a time bomb.
    I believe the Nigerian youth of this present generation are getting ready to show the world a big time shocker that our great country Nigeria has to be divided, no more war, killings of innocent souls and let their be freedom of speech, religion and whatever choice of interest.

  4. Emeka

    We shouldnt be surprised another group has come up, because they have seen how the govt has treated boko haram with kids gloves, they even offered to pay them off (disguised as amnesty). The result is that other groups, not just in the north now, will see terrorism as a veritable means of making their voices heard, and then we will hv chaos in this country. The ineptitude and incompetence of dis govt may cos us our unity. The only solution is a massive crackdown on all terrorists wherever they are and tightening of the northern borders. The govt must deal ruthlessly with terrorists to deter others.

  5. skid

    Its a simple solution that goes in two ways; 1. Go all out to crush them all, damning all political and religious outcry and permutations thereby preserving the unity of this nation or 2., keep meddling and protecting some political caucus and permutations and allow them grow thereby eventually plunging d country into final chaos.

  6. anon

    So every body with any grievance against our corrupt society should be executed? If we kill every dissenter in Nigeria, then how are we different from those we classify as terrorists? How do you achieve peace by applying violence even against those who initiated it? What is wrong in addressing the structural underlying factors that breed all forms of alienation and violence by estranged groups? Are we not experimenting with this approach in the niger-delta?

  7. Aldine

    The most dangerous road block to the development of Nigeria is i know, ignorance, discrimination, sentiments, ethnic sentiments, religious sentiments, incompetent leaders, unemployment, exaggeration of the teachings we perceive from the clerics both Muslims and Christians and what have you. What is happening in Nigeria is unfortunate because we tend to forget what binds us, i read many articles about what has been happening across the globe. Obviously, i am not pointing fingers because judgement day is fast approaching, we have to turn to Allah in order to see this through. Though my advice for Nigeria and the Government is to speed execution of the perpetrators of such act or any act in public and indict any family whose member of the family is caught in any act.

  8. Godswill

    The reason why bokoharam have succeeded this much is that there are hundreds of Pseudo-terrorist islamic organisations masqurading as ‘true muslims’ across Nigeria. The fact is that a true muslim must be a supporter of this cause or he/she will be classified as an infidel because ‘god’ is too weak to defend himself

  9. Ezerue G Ezenwa

    While we re all running away from thruth , during Osama bin laden early stage almost the whole muslems supported him , until Great Leader in the person of Bush jnr declare total war on him and all his supporters including Alfghastan who has being braging during Cliton , coming on CNN programmes to blame America policy on this on that , The fact remains the fact all devoted Muslims are potential terrorists , When you look at the back ground those big names in this terrorism business, from Osama to nig no One Multalabu , they we all reffered to be good muslems at their tender ages ,
    So this global fratergnity is the problem , 99% most trouble nations world wide are muslem countries , have u heard of terrorism in the whole southern American Nations or most of southern Africa Nations , all these rubbish is very much with the Arabs and west / East African Nations even some Europeans countries that allowed them to live with them .

  10. Edo Man

    What is happening in Northern Nigeria today is very very unfortunate.The Northern Muslim took delight in pretesting against the Movie produced in the US they Claim was Anti Islamic.Which is more Anti Islamic- Movie or the Killings of Innocent People?The peoples of Northern Nigeria has lost the bearing.If now the Northern leaders cannot come out to speak against the Killing we can conveniently say the game is over for Nigeria????

  11. elharun

    Boko Haram,Al Qaeda nd others r real and do exist.What is at issue is how US Govt and its allies find partners and associates in them.Is an understatement to mention how Osama bn Laden was financed nd trained to fight socialist USSR.US uses same AlQaeda that killed Gaddafi and disordered Libya last year.Is same AlQaeda US and other Friends of Syria are giving them arms,finace and logistics to kill Assad nd disordered Syria in same manner did to Libya.The terrorists in Mali,whatever that means are associates of same groups in Libya nd Syria.At issue was the presence of US troops in Bamako as early as 2002 immediately after 9/11.They signed agreement with Mali,Chad,Mauritania and Niger to receive training on counterterrorism.nd transborder tracking of terrorists.By 2005 the training was expanded to include 11 more west african countries including Nigeria.$500million was approved for this by US congress.This training has being on ever,so one wonders how this terrorists emerged nd took over northern mali in the full presence of west african/US counterterror soldiers.As ECOWAS is mobilised into Mali,all efforts by US nd french govts to connect BH to Malian terrorists is already perfected.With Katsina as newest frontier of BH haram operations nd the mandate by UN for EU backed ECOWAS operations in mali,the scenery suggest likely attacks on northern nigeria as well if the linkages established r to go hy.If this attacks happen,can war in west africa bring peace to the region,with nigeria connected at 2 fronts :niger rep from the north nd niger delta from the south?If NATo /US troops hv failed to bring peace,stability nd fight terror in Afganistan nd Iraq,can they do so in west africa through ECOWAS?If there is no ulterior motive to recolonise africa nd take over its resources,why is Diplomacy not profoundly utalised, more so the rebels r all out for negotiation.What is planned in mali may not b unconnected to disintegration of nigeria predicted by US over 7 years ago.

  12. Jack

    @ Maxwell, ur observation was on point. I am of the view that the reporter is totally bereft of journalistic creativity and stupidly trying to impress his masters with his infantile and poorly presented reportage.

  13. oliver majek

    Merry Xtmas Bola, if that is their demand, then govt shd go on round table and discuss it, to save people life. Tx

  14. Iornenge T

    let the government take the bull by the horns this time around. They should not be allowed to grow out of hand, the security agencies should be sent to eliminate anybody that wants to distabilize our beloved nation

  15. Bola

    Let the Country be Divided let them go they way. We are not the same people, No the matter of religion alone, Culture, ways of reasoning and acting. let Nigeria Divide so that we can all have peace before Nigeria will become another Afghanistan or Iraq



    1. Edo

      Truth is very bitter for hypocrites like you.

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