Adeboye: Let Christians turn to God

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Tuesday urged Christians to turn to God and forsake their sinful ways.

Adeboye said at the `2012 Lets Go A-Fishing’, a soul-winning project of the church, that the faithful should embrace righteousness so as to attract God’s favour.

The programme, with the theme: `Highly Favoured’ was organised by the RCCG, National Headquarters at the Centre for Management Development, Shangisha, Lagos.

He said that any nation with the fear of God and filled with righteousness, would earn Gods’ favour.

“When God decides to favour you, it does not matter where you are, the favour of God will surely locate you. Once the favour of God locates you, it changes your destiny, you will get to the top and the blessing will flow to others.

“When God decides to favour you, you are empowered, it turns you into anointing and it brings you in contact with greatness. When God decided to favour David, He gave him power,’’ Adeboye said.

The cleric urged the congregation to live a holy life


  1. joseph

    Well spoken, pastor and his supporters but the fact remains that until now, the so called Nigerian pastors preachings has always been around prosperity and fear of the enemies.
    Oyedepo, Adeboye and many other big time pastors today has fleet of exotic cars, plane well fortified houses while many Nigerians die from treatable deasses while they and their family run to the best hospital in the world for common cold but decieves their members into using olive oil to cure just about any sickness including raising the dead.
    The white missionaries built schools, hospitals which was within the reach of our parents and fore parents but today the churches have the most expensive schools built with the tithes and offerings of the poorest of the poor who always belive in micarcle of prosperity promised them by the churches.
    It shall only be well with Nigeria when these big pastors return to preaching God, love and forsake material wealth, stop the politicians from paying blood money to them because they all know the sources of such money.

  2. Oluwaseye IGE

    If you are not part of RCCG or being a part of the congregation without getting the fact, it is always better to keep mute before running into sin.

    Pastor E. A. Adeboye, if you recall, was once a lecturer in University of Lagos. He gave his life to Christ (1973) when he was still a lecturer and aiming to be the youngest Vice-Chancellor in Nigeria university. He gave all he had then to less privileges & the turning around of the church and later rented a single room at Mushin where he lived with his immediate family for several years. He learnt how to humble himself and God took control.

    Though, the RCCG was founded in 1952 by Pa. Akindayomi. He joined RCCG 21 years after. He was the youngest amongst deputies and senior pastors of the Church. But was ordained General Overseer by the almighty God in 1980s after the death of the founder. It was not his making; God designed it that way. He was supposed not to become the GO. There were many pioneer founders of the RCCG; but our GOD who search the heart not looking into the appearance; made him His choice. Read 1 Samuel 16:1-end.

    If you have any member of RCCG around you, request for the Open Heaven of 2012; go through Saturday 19th, May 2012 titled (HIGHEST PROMOTION POSSIBLE).

    Concerning this report, there is nothing wrong from what Pastor E. A. Adeboye has said. He preaches the gospel as he has been mandated to do so. Even if we all give our lives to Christ but yet to preach the gospel, our race to Heaven is still not complete. We must preach the gospel to the world. We cannot receive the favour of the LORD if we do not serve and obey Him. Job 36:11. Read also Deuteronomy 28:1-13.

    However, do not Judge anyone. Matthew 7:1. We are all working towards making Eternity.

    May the LORD forgive us.

    Oluwaseye IGE
    Baba Ibeji – the miracle twins

  3. sunbare

    Our responsibility is to always pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Daddy G.O. is doing his part and God bless him for it. @Naubiko; you dont know Pastor E.A.Adeboye sir, everything he has belong to the church, go and verify this sir. I’m not his PA, but somehow, I think I could respond to some issues. Elijah was around in the days of ‘the worse king’ in Isreal,2 Chronicle 20:20 summarise it all! God bless Nigeria and Nigerians and our true Church leaders.

  4. eugyno

    If only the xtians become righteous,what of the moslems especially those in the North supporting boko haram with their non-condemnation of the atrocities of boko haram against xtians.

    Move from insults to results:make money from home at

  5. naubiko

    That will start with you sir giving up the worldly things and telling our leaders the gospel truth.
    Eschew corruption and politics in the church….

  6. God's Son

    Hello man of God, it’s true, that you are allways praying for us and the nation for blessing, but what we need now is for all Nigeria to come together and pray for lur nation Nigeria. We are living in a country with no peace, no rest and we living with fear.

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