Suicide bombing: MTN Shuts Kano, Kaduna Offices

MTN: announces closure of two northern Nigeria offices
Telecom network, MTN Nigeria has announced it is shutting its offices in Kano and Kaduna, hours after suspected Boko Haram insurgents attacked its installations and that of another provider, Airtel.

MTN, in a statement on its Twitter handle, said: “Please be informed that our Kano and Kaduna service centres will be closed on Monday 24, Thursday 27, and Friday 28 December 2012.”

The company added: “We are compelled to do so as a result of recent insurgent attacks on our facilities in the Kano area.”

A suicide bomber had, early Saturday, rammed a car rigged with explosives into an Airtel base station in Kano metropolis, destroying the facility and killing himself.

Moments later, another suicide bomber in a vehicle attempted to attack an MTN mast in another location in the Kano area, but was intercepted by security forces, forcing him to detonate a few distance to its target.

The JTF confirmed the two coordinated attacks, saying only the two suicide bombers died, but a mast attendant was injured in the Airtel attack.


  1. Truesage Idowu

    I know for sure a lot of idiots from the igbos still have obinna’s mentality. If the events that occurred prior to the civil war repeats itself the Yorubas will still stand where they stood.
    The igbos are nobody without the Yorubas. We only need to withdraw the Certificate of Occupancy given to all Igbos in the entire Southwest and all will be history. You are free to return to your brothers who shall kidnap you and rob you of all your labour.

  2. Obinna

    I hope nigerians are wise enough not to believe in boko haram shit it is all American and British plan to divide Nigeria since Britain handed over the affairs of nigeria to the northern elders after independence with the plan to come back and get the oil, now they have realized their mistake the northerns are muslims that hate American and Britain and they are no longer in power and the game is to divide the country by helping the Ibos to go like they did helped nigeria during Biarian war and for the Ibos to pay back with the oil. the Yarubas will be the one to loose big time here what they did to the Ibos will come back to them.

  3. Truesage Idowu

    All mobile telecoms companies in the north should increase their tariffs across board. They should introduce environmental and security tariff which should double charges on all voice calls and data.

  4. Kenny

    This is a good step in the right direction. The effort, also to be taken by Airtel, should only be reversed on condition that the lifes of their staff are guaranteed, which is never possible. Let’s beging to segregate these people from the developmental activities of Government because at the long run, they are saboteours.

  5. dan

    onyii, u ar uncivilised!

  6. Onyii

    Thank you mtn. Airtel should follow suit.shut them down forever, so that those bastard almajiris and their good for nothing gov. Kwankwaso d sadist wld be catapaulted to stone age, where they actually belong. Bunch of nonentities and dullards.

  7. Onyii

    Thank you mtn. Close them down forever so that those almajiris and their dull brain gov. Kwankwaso d saddist will be caterpaulted back to stone age, where they actually belong. bunch of nonentities and good for nothing humans

  8. Kini Bigdeal

    Useless government officials from the northern part of this country will soon affiliate the suicide bomb blast to 13% oil derivation.

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