Nigerian Suicide bomber hits Airtel Kano office

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A Nigerian suicide bomber blew himself up Saturday when he rammed his car into the office gate of Airtel, one of Nigeria’s major mobile phone companies in the northern city of Kano, police said.

It was a twin bombing operation, but the second suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the office of the nation’s biggest mobile operator, MTN. He didn’t make his target.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks in northern Nigeria’s largest city, and no reports of any civilian deaths. But the strikes carried the imprimatur of the Boko Haram sect.

Airtel office hit by suicide bomber
“There has been a bomb blast at Airtel office. From what we hear, it was a suicide attack. The bomber rammed his car into the gate and blew himself up. The building is on fire,” said a policeman who requested anonymity.

There was no report of casualties from the attack, which took place around 0730 GMT.

An army spokesman in Kano, Lieutenant Iweha Ikedichi, also confirmed that the bomber blew himself up in the attack,

One Airtel worker, Bayo Osho, said that he was injured in the leg in the explosion that took place during the attack.

“A car rammed into the gate and forced his way into the premises. The car hit me on the leg and flung me into a corner before it exploded. I was dragged out and taken to the hospital by soldiers outside the gate,” he told AFP at the nearby Nassarawa Specialist hospital in Kano where he was taken.

Security agents have cordoned off Malam Kato Square, scene of the blast, while firefighters battled to put off the inferno caused by the blast.

Security agents cordoned off the scene while firefighters battled to put out the fire.

Officials from Airtel, one of the three biggest mobile phone service providers in Nigeria, were unavailable for comment.

A second suspected bomber was blown up when his car exploded outside the gate of an office of MTN, the country’s largest mobile network. “He was blown up when his car exploded outside the gate,” Ikedichi said.

No other casualties were recorded in the attack, he added.

Kano was the scene of Boko Haram’s deadliest attack yet in January, when at least 185 people were killed in coordinated bombings and shootings.

Officials of Airtel, one of the three biggest mobile phone service providers in the country, were unavailable for comments.

The attack today may signal the enactment of the fears of western nations about increasing terrorist activities in Nigeria, despite Nigerian official assurances that ‘they were on top of the situation’.

File photo: a suicide bomb attack in Nigeria

The terrorist group in northern Nigeria, the Boko Haram has stepped up its attacks in the last six months, as government forces cracked down on its members, especially in Nigeria’s North east and Kano.

This year, deaths resulting from the activities of the group, have exceeded previous years, since the group began its violent campaign against the Nigerian state in 2009, after the killing of its leader, Muhammed Yusuf extra-judicially by the police.


  1. Manasseh

    People of God, lets wake up and cry to Almighty God for absolute control of this acts and see what God will do if ‘NOT’ human being can’t be able to do nothing.Lets Prophesied about the Deadly act and it will come to “PASS”. As children of Isreal did.

  2. DonStan

    Please call a spade a spade, what do you mean by (A suspected Nigerian suicide bomber). why not say a suspected PMnews Suicide bomber.
    Everybody knows that it is the act of Boko Haram, so if you want to write a report, you do it the way people will understand what is going on.
    I am a true Nigerian, those who are blowing themselves up are Boko Haram members with their own agenda, so dont refer to them as Nigerians because it gives bad name. so of them are Tuareg rebel fighter, some came from Niger to fight. so they are not truly Nigeria. Please take correction.

    1. pmnews

      Thanks for the observation. We have made amends.

  3. Onyii

    Wish these dead brained humans from up north can hav their own country and stop infesting southerners with their wicked n deadly spirits

  4. Truesage Idowu

    After Boko-aram top officers in the military and government managed to assasinate Azazi, Yakowa and four others in a chopper crash, they have now sent their boys to create havoc and untold suffering to ordinary Nigerians trying to make ends meet.
    The northern Islamist is a pest and when the oil revenue is taken away from them I belief in six month all northern states would crumble to their knees. The southern part must provide succour to northern Christians and assist them with money, arms and ammunitions and grant their children and women refuge as citizens in the southern part until this war against terror is won.
    The people of Niger-delta should establish an Oil Institution that will drive out the northern polluted NNPC that have given Niger-delta’s oil to pigs and dogs.

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