Nigeria needs $3.2billion to pay PHCN workers

Nigeria’s Federal government needs about N500 billion, more than $3billion to pay the full entitlements of electricity workers, to be affected by privatization.

File photo of Workers protest at PHCN headquarters: Govet need $3.2billion to pay severance package
General Secretary of the National Union of Electricity Employees, Joe Ajaero, made this known Saturday during an interactive session with newsmen in Lagos.

Ajaero said that of the amount, N400 billion would required for workers’ gratuity, while N100 billion would be used to pay pension arrears.

He said that it was not the Ministry of Power that should announce what the Federal Government would disburse as severance package to PHCN workers.

The general secretary said that the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) was in a better position to announce the cost of settlement.

He said it was regrettable that in industrial relation practice, implementing an agreement was always a major problem, after all issues had been resolved.

He expressed the hope that in 2013, the entitlement of the workers would be paid to enable Nigerians enjoy the expected 5000 mega watts of electricity.

“We are expecting about 5000 mega watts of electricity from the Nigeria Integrated Power Project (NIPP) by next year. We believe this will boost electricity supply to consumers,’’ he said.

The union’s scribe noted that the NIPP project, which had gulped about N37 billion, should have been inaugurated before the end of 2012.

He said that if the project was inaugurated in 2013, it would coincide with the effort of the private investors, to improve electricity supply.

He, however, warned those giving various interpretations to the agreement signed between the government and the union, to desist from doing so, to enable the workers to get their severance package.


  1. lexi!

    Am disturbed whenever pple say police and phcn staff ar corrupt!D fact is u can hardly see any institution in dis country dat is not corrupt even dere is corruption in aso rock dats y all funds meant for police officers welfare and funds for d development of phcn is diverted at will by our leaders.if somebody has family in police force will u ask such officers to face criminals with obsolete equipment or ask ur family who is a phcn staff not to collect what is due to him?

  2. hutson

    i really wish to use this medium to say this publicly that what is going on in Kogi Specialist hospital lokoja. is unheard of, that doctors now extort money from patients who come there seeking medical attention. you can’t see one particular doctor until you are with your #5000k for consultation.worst still is that the fact the medical director of this hospital is aware of this and has not done anything about it.that doctor didn’t come there for the welfare of the patient, he is there for extortion. i have encountered him. he surprised me that day.i returned home because i didn’t have the money to give him.since i have never witnessed such before i took time to log this complaint before the medical director. surprisingly he is still keeping this doctor in that hospital to continue his criminal act. this is unfair. please government of Kogi state should look into this issue.if the hospital can not get another doctor ready to care for the welfare of patients, then they should close down urology department in kogi specialist hospital.

  3. hutson

    they are not the only corrupt people in Nigeria. it is heart saddening that this has also enter into the health sector- kogi specialist hospital lokoja is a case in point. some doctors there demand for #5000 personal consultation. the medical director of that hospital is aware of this and he is not doing anything about it. where are we going in this country? these are doctors on government payroll asking again to come to their private hospitals.

  4. Iyabode

    Abracadabra special. These PHCN people are the most corrupt entity of government. They are worse than Police and Agberos put together.
    I only hope after collecting this money they won’t come up with another excuse to protest and hinder progress of this great Nation.

    1. comr mujahid

      Phcn workers have never been an obstacle to the progress and development of our dear country as alleged by ” Iyabode” professor Barth Nnaji once describe Phcn workers as “miracle workers who are able to squeeze water out of stone”
      Haba! I am disgusted to learn that upon all our union leaders patience in abiding by the principle of collective bargaining, some praise singers like you are there to make this damaging statement!
      Our union position is very simple give us our money (benefit) and go ahead…. else we shall continue to follow the lay down rules and press our demand home.
      our ultimate goal shall remain to maintain our genuine loyalty to our union and fight for our legitimate benefit … no matter the treat and intimidation ………… no shaking.
      on the corruption allegation you lavel agaist us, ill simply refer you to Elumelu committee findings.
      please let me ask! What parameters have you use to arrive at this conclusion? does it means that, what ever you heard people alleging can be taking without testing the eligibility and reliability of the statement?
      wise men talk because they have something to say………………………………….

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