Nigeria launches Lagos-Kano train service

The Federal Government on Friday in Lagos inaugurated the Nigeria Railway Corporation’s Lagos-Kano intercity passenger train services and haulage of petroleum products.

The Minister of Transport, Senator Idris Umar, said at the event that the government was still committed to revamping the transport sector, particularly railway services, because of its importance to Nigeria’s economic development.

The revitalised Lagos-Kano intercity train services will

A Nigerian train: Lagos-Kano rail link debuts
complement the existing Lagos- Ilorin and Minna-Kano intercity train services.

Umar said: “This segment holds the key to the development of the economy of the nation from the commercial port city of Lagos to the commercial hub of northern Nigeria in Kano.

“ This is vital to the start-off of the transformation of the Nigerian economy.

Umar said that the Federal Government had also awarded contracts for feasibility studies to open up other railway routes.

He explained that the government was also rehabilitating the Eastern Railway Line from Port Harcourt –Maiduguri with spur lines from Kuru-Kafanchan –Kaduna and Kuru-Jos.

The Minister also said that government was repairing the Zaria-Gusau-Kauran Namoda Rail Line.

He added that the government was modernising the Project Phase I, Addendum 1, Abuja-Kaduna (Idu) Standard Gauge Rail Line (187km)

The minister further said that the government was repairing the existing 254km and completing the remaining 22km Standard Gauge Rail Line of the Central Rail Line from Ajaokuta-Warri with station buildings.

The Managing Director of the NRC, Mr Adeseyi Sijuwade, said that Lagos-Kano Route covered a stretch of 1,126km.

Sijuade said that the rehabilitation was much awaited, and hoped that train services on the route would improve Nigeria’s economy.

He said that NRC transported 450,000 litres of diesel on Friday from Lagos to Offa, through the route, to mark its inauguration.

“Today, we celebrate a successful completion of track and signalling rehabilitation of the Western Rail Line and the re-commencement of passenger and freight rail services on the Lagos-Kano corridor,’’ he said.

He hoped that the re-commencement of train services on the route would provide employment opportunities and enhance trade and commerce, as well as reduce accidents on the roads.

He urged the Federal Government to adequately fund the corporation for the maintenance and operation of the newly rehabilitated rail lines to ensure that the NRC did not relapse into dilapidation. (NAN)


  1. Tj

    Nigerians. . . we never ask for much and always quick to forgive. Maybe that is the bane of our problems.

    Early this week China announced the commencement of high speed service between Beijing and Guangzhou, cities about 2300 kilometers apart. Two trains started almost simultaneously in opposite direction with the journeys that were to take about eight hours each way. All this done with as little fanfare as possible with the gaze set on the next project to conquer. What makes it special is that it is done by a government that disallows criticism from his people yet fiercely patriotic and proud of its achievements.

    As a people our hopes had been dashed many times that we now display a collective sense of hopelessness. Rather than build new system to augment the existing ones, our government spend outrageously on the old and dilapidated. Yet we cannot help but, shower them with praises. After all, what can we do if they do nothing after the allocations? All we can do is appreciate our half full cup.

    It is time we start making our “thank you” as short as possible while refocusing their (government) sights “on the ball”. The rail line that was resuscitated was built by the colonial masters. It is time for the government of the day to build its own legacy. By now we should have had a grid of rail lines e.g. 4 north-south and 4 east-west lines spread across the land to move both people and goods. Likewise we ought to have had road network that opens up our heartlands and hinterlands from multiple directions. Instead we have single death trap for road from Lagos to Benin called Benin-Ore Road and; we wonder why armed robbers lay siege on the road.

    To those in government, whatever you do today determines your legacy. Yorubas scream Awo because he gave something to remember him by, while Igbos will not forget Azikiwe or Ojukwu for what they did for their people’s advancement. Likewise the Hausas will not forget Sardauna of Sokoto for his services to his people and; as Nigerians none of us will forget Abacha for his contribution or lack thereof to our collective advancements.

    As a wise person once demanded, he said when he dies three things be given to him.

    1. The smartest of physicians carry his corpse – Why?
    To show that nothing or no one will intercede when the time comes.

    2. That his wealth be displayed on the route to his internment – Why?
    To show that all is vanity when you are alive and especially after you are dead. And;

    3. That is hand be displayed to show its emptiness – why?
    To let all know that he has taken nothing to the grave

    We should all remember that we know not
    WHEN we will go; HOW we will go and WHERE the going will commence hence the need to leave a worthy legacy.

  2. Sunbare

    This is good only if it is fast and reliable, God bless Nigeria!

  3. Nitendra Bhandari

    Good luck Nigeria we have seen the empty track when i was working in Lagos will be grat to see same busy track agains

  4. amico

    Goodluck 2015 for sure. believe or not, nobody will force you to vote him when all d projects are done

  5. Taiwo

    It is time for Nigerians to think positive of this country.Nigeria was not born this bad and definately it will not die like this.


    I hope it will go a long way,if they dont wreck it as the tradition,because nothing works for long in Nigeria


    privatize the rail sector u should be ashamed of urself as a minister and govt for all this 14th century trains

  8. OMO EKO

    The govt should be congratulated for rehabilitating the railways. To protect the passengers, security men should be put on each train and the lines must be inspected regularly as we dont want another Lalupon tragedy of the ’50s


    Goodluck need not lobby anybody for 2nd term. He should fix the rail, airports, complete east west road as well as conclude power sector privatization. Then someone should tell me which of nigerian leaders had delivered such feat, not even IBB who ruled for whopping 9 years.

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