Kollington Slams K1

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Nigeria’s fuji music scene, notorious for its petty rivalries and feuds, has served its latest menu of disenchantment. The names involved have always managed to appear in such feuds. General Kollington Ayinla, whose on and off dispute with the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was a staple in the 80s, is on one side. King Wasiu Ayinde, a.k.a K1 De Ultimate, also an old hand on the rivalry turf, is on the other.

Kollington Ayinla
K1 De Ultimate

Kollington, in a recent interview with City People, tore into his younger colleague. The source of his ire is K1’s recent claim that he is the Oga Fuji (leader of all fuji musicians).

“Who made him leader? He can only become leader if Sikiru is no longer alive (of course, he is dead) and I am no longer around. That is if the other elders accept because there are still fuji musicians who are older than he is…

“Suddenly, he has now opened his mouth to say he is oga of all of us. Does he want to kill me or am I not older than him? How can you be Oga fuji over me when I am still alive and in music?” asked Kollington in the anger-laden interview.  The Kwara-born singer delved into history (not particularly prettily), asking where K1 was when he and Barrister were running the game in fuji music. Where was Wasiu when Barrister and I were reigning in fuji music? He was a parker (a band boy) with Barrister.”

K1’s response? “People should mind their own business and stop using Wasiu’s name to get undue recognition. K1 is doing his own thing and playing good music. If musicians either young or old want to sell their albums, they should not use the name of Wasiu to sell the album. Anyway, we are not surprised. Barrister is dead, so there is nobody Kollington will rival except Wasiu,” said Percy Ademokun, KI’s manager.


  1. manny

    In the realms of Yoruba Culture,it is always rewarding to be courteous to your elders irrespective of your status in life.
    S.Aka respected Yusuf Olatunji as his senior despite the bitter rivalry between the duo.Omowura was prolific and equally successful but would never disrespect Haruna Ishola.Ebenezer Obey and KSA will always regard IK Dairo ,Adeolu Akinsanya,Dele Ojo,e.t.c. as their seniors.
    A yi fagba fagba, ni ko je ka ye ogun.

  2. Yemi Fagbamila

    I pity Talazo so much for him to be so daft to have allowed this humdrum of enjoyment to enter his head,this life last only for a short period !
    I know him to be a good thinker,he should not allow this his baboon look alike manager to drive him to oblivion.What is life ! Where is Ayinde Barrister,what about I k Dairo talk more of Haruna Ishola or Ayinla Omowura,they’ve all made that journey of no return. So if good things of life come to you today,tread softly,because we’re master to what we’re doing now but what will happen to us tomorrow we know not.
    Talazo,should not be bamboozled by all these leeches,he should overtly and covertly apologize to Kollington.Egbe isu ko ni iyan !

  3. Omooba Adeyemi

    Percy Ademokun should be courteuos and respect elders, he should not mislead Wasiu Ayinde by encouraging him not to respect those who he met in the trade, if fortune smile on him more than his elders that does’nt mean that he should disrespect them. Ademokun should not knock Wasiu head with other elders in Fuji Music, he should wait for his time. Wasiu himself should know that those coming behinde him are more than those in his front and they are watching the way he is treating those before him and they will surely pay him back in his own coins.

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