Government, NTDC tango over Lagos hotels

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A statement credited to the head of service in Lagos state, Segun Ogunlewe and Aduke Gomez, a special assistant to Governor Raji Fashola, threatening to clamp down on hotels in the state that fails to register with the state government, has ignited a reaction from a federal agency, that claims to have the control.

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), has instead urged hoteliers in Lagos to remain calm.

According to a statement signed by Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director General NTDC in Abuja on Friday, the NTDC said it would not join issues with the state government as the matter of registration of hotels was pending before the Supreme Court.

It noted that the state officials threatening the hoteliers did not understand the imperative of the legal implication in spite of several letters written to the government on the matter.

It pointed out that the NTDC had tremendous respect for the law and that the Supreme Court had the final say.

It said that the case in question was Suit No. SC/340/2010 titled Attorney General of the Federation Vs Attorney General of Lagos State filed on behalf of the Federal Government by B. Ayorinde and Co.


  1. BitterTruth

    The Federal govt has for long allowed Lagos state to operate as a sovereign entity,hence they seem not be bound by the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution. the governor has been known to have constantly refused to comply with several laws of the Nation as it concerns the Water ways, Land Use Act, Consumption/Value added Taxes etc and this is very sad indeed. The sustainable of a strong and credible opposition does not mean that a state Governor who is not of the same political ideology with that at the Federal level, must not go on acting with impunity. Much as I love Governor Fashola given his seriousness and commitment in the pursuit of issues of governance, I will like him to know that he should not join Tinubu in the dirty politics of hatred and devissiveness for anything that has to do with the Federal govt(Jonathan administration).The patience and humility of Mr.President must never be misconstrued for weakness. The registration of Hotels in Nigeria is an exclusive preserve of the NTDC as provided for in the constitution.

    1. Ben

      It is not necessary to be emotional over this issue. The supreme court will interpret the constitution and determine if the issue of registration of hotels is on the concurrent list or is the exclusive preserve of the federal government. The most reasonable thing for Jonathan’s administration to do, if it feels that it is being maltreated by Fashola, is to go to court to seek redress. Indulging in self pity helps no one.

  2. Lord Mayor

    No be small thing

  3. olododo

    perhaps fashola is a graduate of law but not a graduate of law school.

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