4 Detained Over Missing Rifle

Four policemen attached to the Ikot Nakanda Police Station in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State have been detained over a missing rifle.

The authorities ordered their detention on Sunday after one of them failed to return his rifle to the armoury after a night duty.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the four policemen reported for night duty on Saturday evening and each of them signed for a rifle but one of them was alleged to have slept off while on duty and “somebody took away his rifle and when he woke up the next morning there was confusion because he knows what that implies.”

The four policemen reported the missing rifle to the Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Luis Samba, who got angry at the negligence of the policemen. “He ordered their detention until they produce the rifle,” a source at the station revealed.

When P.M.NEWS visited the police station on Tuesday, Mr Samba was said to be away to Calabar but another source disclosed that the missing rifle has not been recovered. “How can four people sleep so deep that a thief would sneak in and remove a rifle without one of them, at least, waking up?” the source asked.

The source who said he suspected foul play added that the matter was being investigated at the divisional level and thereafter, “we shall notify the headquarters in Calabar if there is no headway.”

Meanwhile, the police have arrested a number of ‘area boys’ within the local government in the hope of gathering information that would lead to the recovery of the gun. “The implication of such a weapon in the hands of hoodlums can only be imagined,” the source said

DSP John Umoh, the Police Public Relations Officer for the Cross River State Command, said he was not aware of the incident.

—Emma Una/Calabar

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  1. peculiar

    4 Police men sleeping on duty at the same time? Well, that says it all. Security agency protecting Nigerians at work. God help us. Amen

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