Lagos Sacks 174 LASTMA Officials

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The Lagos State Government has sacked 174 officers of the State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, for their alleged involvement in corruption, overzealousness and others.

The sack is said to be a move to weed out bad eggs and reposition the authority for better service delivery and traffic management.

P.M.NEWS authoritatively gathered that 34 LASTMA officers were sacked two months ago over cases of corruption, fraud, overzealousness, among others.

The affected officers had their pictures and names published in the in-house journal of the state government, Alausa Alert, while the public were warned not to do business with the affected officers as they had been relieved of their posts.

Also two months ago, LASTMA recommended 200 officers for dismissal and their names were forwarded to the Civil Service Commission to determine their fate after the affected officers had faced the Personnel Management Board, PMB, a disciplinary organ of the state government.

In the last one week, 140 LASTMA officers have received their letters of sack from the Civil Service Commission after they were found wanting in the prosecution of their jobs.

P.M.NEWS’ investigation revealed that most of the LASTMA personnel sacked were junior officers who had been enmeshed in fraudulent acts, indiscipline, dereliction of duty, extortion of money from motorists, among others.

The state government warned that it would not tolerate acts of indiscipline from LASTMA officers and would not hesitate to wield the big stick on those found wanting, just as it had done to the affected officers.

Head of Service, Adesegun Ogunlewe had said that any LASTMA officer found extorting money from motorists in the guise of the new road traffic law would be dismissed outright as prescribed by the law.

He warned that government would not condone acts of corruption among its officers as transparency and accountability were the keys of governance and public officers must not paint government bad to the  public.

General Manager, LASTMA, Babatunde Edu had been canvassing for improved service delivery by officers of the authority, saying that government would sack officers found to be corrupt in the discharge of their duties.

Urging the public to always report cases of corruption, overzealousness, indiscipline among LASTMA officers to the authority for appropriate disciplinary measures, Edu said once a report about a LASTMA officer was made to the authority, such officer would be investigated and if found guilty, the law would take its course.

Chairman, LASTMA, Young Arabamen also said that several officers of the authority had been dismissed in the past for involvement in corruption and indiscipline.

He warned LASTMA officers to stay away from graft and carry out their duties in a professional manner.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga


  1. 10/10

    Good ethical rehabitation but sack should not limited to LASTMA junior or senior officers alone but quickly extending untollerated act to all political office holder contractors and all corrupt iyaloja’s and babaloja’s and let everything be democractized

  2. 10/10

    Good ethical rehabitation but sack should not limited to LASTMA junior or senior officers alone but quickly extending untollerated act to all political office holder e.g councillor, state law makers, contractors and all corrupt iyaloja’s and babaloja’s and let everything be democractized

  3. Sunbare

    This is welcome by LASG, but some of them still need to be sacked before 2012 ends, let the authority come to EKo hotels round by Sanusi and Ajose close to Zenith lithining and see what they do. Most of them dont wear cloth on only plain tee shirts, they hide behind the ‘holticulture garden’ around Sterling bank. Also LASG should publise their names in the dailies, because I’m sure most of them will still be parading themselves as LASTMA officials. God bless Nigeria.

  4. Emelis Y

    Let rivers state govt follow the footsteps of Lagos cos Tima riv in port harcourt are worst than the devil itself kudos Lag

  5. Theo

    Their photographs should be published as DISCLAIMERS. This will also serve as a deterrent to other erring ones among its- LASTMA – folds.



  7. baba

    The Dirty Police Arubamen should also be sacked, because he uses the skill he acquired while in office as CP to tax these boys for a return. He should be investigated and sacked too.

  8. Koya

    Corruption! That odious word keeps poping up in every facet, of our national life. May God help us remove that hydra-headed demon.

  9. El Lukaz

    Bravo! Please keep up it up! The activities of these officials negatively affect the public perception of Governor Fashola’s administration. LASG must continue to distance itself from corruption in all ramifications. LASG on point !

  10. Desmond Ogbiko

    I think the best checkmating ever done in LASTMA was the stripping the junior officers of the power to arrest motorist. This was all they set out to carry out each day with the sole intent to extort money or get settled out of office. Now you find them carrying out their assigned role of helping to clear traffick and direct motorist since they can no longer unduely intimidate them.


    Lagos state, well done. i think that is one good thing LASG have done to cvurb the powers of those so called LASTMA officials. they were lords, terror who carried their duties as if they were Kings. Extortion of money was the order of the day for them. they fed fat on ailing motorists, beat up motorists, broke motor’s windscreen without caution. Its only that they are going to increase the numbers of armed robbers in Lagos state but the able commissioner of police is waiting for them. i hope they have learnt their lessons. Amaechi please follow suit–TIMARIV is another worst group.

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