Crude Oil Theft: Oshiomhole Destroys 11 Oil Tankers

Adams Oshiomhole: all is not well in Nigeria

To send a strong warning to pipeline vandals and to discourage crude oil thefts and illegal oil bunkering in the state, Governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State yesterday ordered the destruction of 11 oil tankers seized by men of the Operation Thunder Storm of the Nigerian Army in various parts of the state.

Governor Oshiomhole who appealed to the people to be vigilant, expressed displeasure at the rate at which vandals steal crude oil and other petroleum products from the pipelines regardless of the risks involved.

“It is a shame that we still have criminal elements in our midst who inspite of the fact that it has claimed so many lives, involve in pipeline vandalism,” he said.

He commended the security agencies for apprehending people involved in pipeline vandalism and theft of crude oil and petroleum products.

He appealed to the public to contribute by complementing the efforts of the security agents and ensure that government properties are protected.

According to him, the arrest of the criminals and the trucks being used to commit the heinous crimes will serve as a deterrent to other criminals.

“This is to make the point that anybody who wants to use their vehicles for criminal activities should know that when they are apprehended they will be destroyed,” he added.

Also present at the destruction of the seized oil tankers was the Commander of 4th Brigade, Brigadier-General Abel Umahi.

—Jethro Ibileke/Benin


  1. Edo

    I commend the governor’s efforts in bringing sanity to the state and dealing with all these pipeline vandals and crude oil thieves. But in other civilized societies, those tankers would have been forfeited to the government and government thereafter auction or sell them to the public at a very cheap rates. By doing this, government would have been able to recoup some of the revenue lost to the crude oil thieves.

  2. taiwo

    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should come and learn the manner of tackling corruption from the people’s comrade instead of this window dressing approach he is using. Gov. Adams more grease to your elbows at least if Edo state could be purged of all these criminals, they will limit their activity to Bayelsa state where their chairman is the president of Nigeria

  3. J.T.I

    This idiot called Paul is so stupid that he grossly lack sense of judgement. Idiots and embeciles behave this way so I do not blame this idiot. Henceforth his name is changed from Paul to idiot. May God punish this idot and all the members of his households.

  4. Seun


  5. Femoo

    I wonder why your name is Paul because everything about you contradict that name. You never see anything good in efforts being made to make things right.

  6. obi. c

    Action speaks louder than voice. Keep the action going if it is true

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