Woman In Trouble Over Dead Boyfriend; Thugs Hired To Beat The Man Killed Him

A 22-year old woman, Mrs. Tawa Rawan, has landed in big trouble. That was after she sent thugs to beat up her secret lover, Akeem Ganiyu, 25, at their Bariga area, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, over a disagreement.

The suspect, Mrs. Tawa Rawan

The thugs misfired and instead of beating up Ganiyu, as directed by Rawan, they ended up killing him after inflicting several machete cuts on his body. She was arrested by the police for her alleged involvement in the murder.

The police also arrested her accomplices, identified as Joshua Damilola, 27, Akintude Sodiq, 25 and 17-year old Ismaila Riliwan. The fourth accomplice, Abiodun Adeleke, is on the run.

The incident happened at the victim’s house at 91, Arobadele Street, Bariga Lagos.

Narrating the incident, Rawan, mother of two kids, said she had a quarrel with the deceased and he slapped her and took away the money she made from bread sales.

The suspected thugs

According to her, she contacted those men to help her recover her money and to avenge the assault on her and not to kill Ganiyu. She said she was still shocked that he was killed in the process.

On her relationship with the late Ganiyu, she said he was her lover and that she is from Oyo State and married to another man with kids.

P.M.NEWS gathered that while she was still with her husband, she was also dating other men, including Ganiyu secretly.

On the day of the incident, she said that the late Ganiyu assaulted her and since she could not overpower him, she went and brought the suspects who eventually murdered him.

According to her, she actually sent those men to harrass and beat Ganiyu up and not to kill him.

“I did not ask them to kill him, only to harass and beat him. I later learnt that they killed him with a machete,” she said.

One of the suspects, Damilola, told P.M.NEWS that they did not intend to kill him, but used the machete after he attacked them with bottle.

“We went to ask him his problem with Rawan. Instead of anwering us, he snatched a broken bottle and stabbed me,” he stated.

He said he went to the bread factory and brought a machete and inflicted injury that resulted in Ganiyu’s death.

He also described Rawan as one of his customers at the bakery.

“I am at a loss on what to do and I don’t know how I am going to get out of this,” he cried at the station.

Another suspect, Sodiq, confessed that Rawan was also her lover but that he did not take part in the fighting.

When P.M.NEWS visited the victim’s residence in Bariga, the late Ganiyu’s sister expressed shock over the death of his brother and said that she had left everything in the hands of God.

A witness told P.M.NEWS that the late Ganiyu sustained several injuries on his body following the machete attack on him, adding that he died because he lost too much blood.

The body has been deposited at the Gbagada General Hospital for autopsy.

At the SCID, where the matter was transferred, P.M.NEWS gathered that the matter was being investigated by the same officer who investigated a murder case against a Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in Lagos.

Police sources also told P.M.NEWS that the suspects would soon be charged to court for conspiracy and murder.

Ganiyu’s sister, Nafisat Ismail, who sells bread at his 91, Arobadade residence, demanded for the release of her brother’s corpse so that he could be given a decent burial like a true Muslim.

She said their aged parents who are farmers in Iseyin, Oyo State, southwest Nigeria, were in support of her decision because as a Muslim, Akeem’s burial should not be unnecessarily delayed.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe & Dedeigbo Ayodeji


  1. ugo

    My question is what is 17 years old boy doing with this kind of pple. At his age?

  2. AKILE 1

    @paul short up okay, u 8 yoruba simply bcos of dis issue, u make a big mistake forgeting that u always contribute to previous comment on pnnews when me an u knew that they always give us news abt eastern trouble just has d hausas too even in yoruba land, so wht am saying is that u should leave tribe out of dis issue an contribute to d issue as usuall, very simply!

  3. gentle

    Yorubas are infidel.

  4. kukunmba

    you may not be able to pin the lady for any crime as she only told the thugs to recover her money and avenge for the slap and they then killed him.so where is her offence?definitely not murder! even the killers have already raised a serious defence of self defence.you may also not be able to convict them of murder.so what happens you may ask? nothing! but they will suffer many months/years of incarceration before trial.dem go hearam!

    1. Jingarih Toto Isah

      @Kukunmba, what is the degree of avenge was she talking about when she send them ‘…to recover her money and avenge for the slap’. Vengeance is not always proportionate to what one avenges. He slapped her, so she killed him for slapping her. She asked them to avenge her slap but did not instruct them that ‘if he stab you with broken bottle, run away’, so when he stabbed them, they matcheted him to death. These thugs would never have had any dealing with the late Ganiyu, if she had not involved them. She will definitely pay hugely for this. Life sentence or death penalty! May God forgive them!

  5. Ogbeni Naija

    She did not ask them to kill him,but only to harrass him ,Now you will face it. As for those children of vagobond women am ot surprise because they ar ethe people giving the Yorubas bad name because of their bad up bringing they are surpose to be born throw way they should be killed for killing a fellow person.

  6. Arafat

    This is pure murder. The lady and her thugs should face the music

  7. Bummy

    Readers, please don’t get it twisted. the statement said “like a true muslim” , not “a true muslim.”

  8. koss

    This is a big lesson for both adultrers and adultress………. SHAME TO BOTH !!!!!!!!!!

    1. adekunle fash

      realy agreed with u, dis stupid illiterate fellowships

  9. koss

    This is a big lesson for adultrers and adultress………. SHAME TO BOTH !!!!!!!!!!

  10. TUNDE

    “Like a true muslim”. A true muslim should not live his life like Ganiyu. May Allah forgive him

  11. Adejumo S.

    Humans will never cease to amuse me. Imagine the family of the deceased clamouring for the quick release of the body so that he could be quickly buried as “A TRUE MUSLIM”. How could A TRUE MUSLIM be sleeping with another man’s wife?

  12. obi. c

    Nemesis. Lesson to men and women that remain unfaithful to thier spouses.

    1. Julie

      I agree. Remain faithful or I’ll cut your dick off, feed it to you and then kill you after you’ve eaten your dick.

      It’s a good thing women don’t get serious jail time, we need to teach these scumbag men a lesson!

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