Obaro Ibru Is New Acting M.D Aero Contractors

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Mr. Obaro Ibru is the new acting Managing Director of Aero Contractors, following the resignation of the Managing Director of the airline, Captain Akin George.

Aero Contractors is the second biggest airline in the country.

The airline said in a statement that George resigned following the restructuring exercise initiated by the AMCON.

“This is the beginning of a restructuring exercise that will make the airline slimmer and stronger with the aim of making it more competitive. Capt. George has served Aero for 24 years in various capacities,” Aero said.

Chairman of the board, Mr. Funsho Kupolokun was quoted in the statement as saying: “The board accepts the resignation of Capt. George and appreciate the services he has rendered to this airline over the last two decades. We wish him the best in his future endeavour”.

The airline said that Ibru, the Acting Managing Director, comes with extensive experience in banking and aviation industry ranging from Aviation Project Management, Consumer Banking Product Development, Strategy,ICC Internal Control and Compliance, and Business Process Engineering.

Since AMCON took over the airline few months ago over bad debts, a new management was expected.

The 51-year old Aero Contractors airline is one of the four major commercial airlines in Nigeria and the oldest.

Two others, Dana Air and Air Nigeria are not in operation.

While Air Nigeria has suspended operations for a year on account of bankruptcy, Dana Air has not resumed operation since the 3 June plane crash.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had announced that all credits to Aero should be halted because of its $200 million loan.

“We can confirm that Aero’s debt has been taken over by AMCON. Currently Aero is going through a restructuring exercise under AMCON, pending final approval by AMCON board which is expected very soon,” said Mr. Omoke Enyi, Aero Contractors Chief Financial Officer.

Aero, the preferred airline by multinational oil companies, is Nigeria’s oldest private airline. With the technical support offered by the Canadian Helicopters Corporation (CHC), the world’s largest commercial helicopter operator, Aero has played a key role in the oil and gas operation in Nigeria.

On its website, Aero, which is based in Lagos, says it operates a “combined fleet of around 20 helicopters and 15 fixed wing aircraft ranging from 50 seat Dash 8 to 144 seat Boeing 737-400/500, employing about 1,300 personnel.”

Aero Contractors of Nigeria was formed in 1959 as wholly owned by Schreiner Airways B.V of the Netherlands. It became a company with initial 40 percent Nigerian holding in 1973 and subsequently 60 percent in 1976.

In January 2004 Schreiner Airways was bought by Canadian Helicopter Corporation(CHC) which acquired 40 percent holding of Aero Contractors while 60 percent majority share remained within the Ibru group.

—Simon Ateba & Aviation correspondent

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  1. JI

    Ceceilia’s mafioso work. By fire by force, the Ibru dynasty is being taken over by the wives.

    Bianca’s wonder will is a case on hand in the take over bid around town, where the only person who got something reasonable was an unknown quantity in the family. Not even the guys that where managing the family businesses while the man was alive.

    Bianca made sure that all Ojukwu’s other children only got something in the village.

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