Melaye the dad of my child, insists Bisi Ibidapo Obe

bisi ibidapo-obe and her baby
In African tradition, before the invention of DNA, the belief was that a woman always knows the rightful father of her child.

And so despite denials, despite controversy, ace actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe, has insisted that the father of her child is Dino Melaye, the former Nigeria’s House of Representatives member from Kogi state.

According to TheSun online, Bisi unveiled the identity of her baby’s father when she formally made his name public. In a christening ceremony at her Magodo residence, in Lagos, Friday, which had family members and close friends in attendance, Bisi’s baby was named Precious Oluwajomiloju Abikeade Melaye.

The ceremony, which was done by clerics from Celestial Church of Christ, also featured a lavish reception party immediately at a nearby hall. Decked in all white iro and buba attire, Bisi was all smiles, as she cuddled her baby.

The paternity of the child has been the subject of dispute between the actress and Melaye.


  1. ainy

    In a situation where a woman can shamelessly sleep with more than a man at a time, I want to tell you all that it will be difficult for her to know the real/ biological father of the child, she can only decides who she wants to give the child to, When a married man is so shameless to be sleeping around with anything in skirts, he should be ready to take bastards any time any day.Period. SHAME ON YOU BISI OMO LOGBA LOGBA, They are making films for people to learn but they themselves are not learning from what they are producing. What a shame!!!

  2. Ogbuefi

    Is Dino from the same state with 2face?

  3. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Well! Bisi Ibidapo Obe is the woman who can best identify the authentic father
    of her child.
    If Honourable Dino Melaye still reject that claim,then they would both resort to DNA test.But a country like Nigeria where everything goes with money and corruption is very rampant such DNA test-report could be doubted as anything could be done by either of the twosome to compromise the DNA-test report.Unless if DNA is done abroad?

    Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,

  4. Edo

    This is accidental discharge from Dino Melaye, because he refused to fasten his condom; but what can we do? But to God’s glory, both of them has something to show for their ridiculous indiscretional behaviour, Precious Oluwajomiloju Abikeade Melaye. I wish the baby girl the best of luck in this wicked world. She is the real victim here. Melaye should own up to his responsibilities and buckle up and make himself visible in the girl’s life.

  5. AKILE 1

    @solomon , u hav a point ok, i think he should do that to proof her wrong if he knew he his not d biologicall father, let them meet in court period!

  6. Mezie

    @Jide, there is nothing to proof,this lovely baby look like that stupid Melaye.

  7. Solomon

    There is no shame in the modern world. If she is confident that Melaye is the father of her daughter, why not name the child after her father’s name? And if Melaye feels offended by this act, he should be bold enough to challenge her in court. Thank God, there is DNA test to sort things out. PERIOD. So the question of name calling does should NOT arise here

    1. Elekeru

      @Solomon, I like yourl ine of argument. (from legal perspective). The onus is on Mr. Melaye to prove her wrong.

  8. Jide

    DNA will proof that.Simple

  9. imaobong

    Is this shameless Malaye not a married man? He should take up the responisbility of supporting his child. It is clear Melaye is up to no good, why would he allow this issue to come to the press, is he saying he never had unprotected sex with Bisi, if he did then how can he rule himself out as being the child’s father?

  10. chimaroke

    u c?so our politcians dey enjoy em raw. where is condom. sugar cane no be baboon

  11. Datti

    This is a shame!

  12. Akpos

    May be she is not very sure of who the father is. When the number is high it becomes confusing to know who exactly hit the’ bull’s eye’.

  13. Isah Musa

    What a world of Babylon!

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