Mr Andrew, Enebeli Elebuwa Dies

Veteran actor and ‘Mr. Andrew’ of the popular “I’m checking out” television commercial in the eighties, Enebeli Elebuwa, who has been suffering from stroke for many months now, is dead. He died in a New Delhi, India hospital last night.

Enebeli Elebuwa

National Secretary of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Abubakar Yakub, confirmed the death of the seasoned actor to P.M.NEWS this morning.

His colleagues, including the AGN President, Ibinabo Fiberesima, are expected to meet his family any moment from now to arrange for the transportation of his corpse back to Nigeria.

The late Enebeli hails from Upkane in Otagunu Local Government, Delta State. He lost his dad at a tender age and moved to Lagos to seek greener pastures.

He started acting in 1967 and the first soap opera he did was Mirror in the Sun. He also featured as a police officer in the Village Headmaster, which was the most popular soap opera back then. His first film which was on celluloid, ‘Dinner with the Devil’ produced by Sanya Dosumu, was in 1974.

He joined the movie industry fully in 1994. Formerly a producer/director in National Television Authority (NTA), he has been in the movie industry for over 30 years. He is married with four kids. Reacting to his death, former AGN President, Segun Arinze told P.M.NEWS: “It was a big loss. He was a national hero and we will try our best to give him a befitting burial. I pray that God will give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.” .

Before the deceased actor was flown to Indian, he was first taken to an Abuja private hospital on the bill of actress Stella Damasus.

But when his health did not improve, the decision to fly him abroad was taken.

The actor actually spoke from India some days back, claiming that his health was improving and that he would be back on his feet soon.


  1. Duru meg

    an iroko tree has indeed fallen in the movie industry PA enebeli may your soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. Gbenga

    May his soul rest in peace. He was a great actor and will greatly be missed.Nolly wood i think you people need God. Too many evil around you guys.

  3. Nonso uroko

    Rest in peace dere

  4. AKILE 1

    oh my god, we have lost another great instrument in d movie industry again, uncle andrew kindly rest in peace.

  5. Son of man

    Why must he be carried down to india for treatment? Atleast here in nigeria we have well trained doctors. Indian are using nigerians for rituals. Well, God time is the best.MAY HIS GENTLE SOLU REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

  6. Son of man

    Why must he be carried down to india for treatment? Atleast here in nigeria we have well trained doctors. Well God time is the best.MAY HIS GENTLE SOLU REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

  7. MT T

    The big eagle has flown . We will missu . May Good God will the family the fortitute to bear the irrepearale loss . Good bye

  8. Adelkaslim

    First we lost Sam Loco Efe now its you,Mr Andrew Enebeli Elebuwa.This is not just a great loss to ur family,the movie industry but to your fans aswell.we will all miss u and my earnest prayer for you is that ur soul rest in the bosom of our lord jesus christ.amen.then nollywood should go for prayers cause we are lossin talented people.

  9. Sunnybest

    It is a painfull to hear about a death again in nollywood just last month that we lost pete eneh r.i.p

  10. cyrus kimani

    am a kenyan and this is very sad Enebeli Elebuwa was a good man according to how i saw him perform………. To the Nigerians……… may u practice all that he had taught you….. RIP Enebeli Elebuwa

  11. Davo

    It’s worth adding that your demise is a very big loss to Ndokwa nation, which is your root. For us, your brothers and sisters of the same extraction, it is extra-painful to receive this news. But we thank God for your wonderful and excellent legacies in the movie world. They will truly live on. Andrew has really checked out. Sleep on, brother, till the resurrection morning. Adieu.

  12. naubiko

    RIP….Wish we had the facility to save him.

  13. Omo Tisa

    Exit of an Icon. Well, we don’t value what we have until we lose it. Sorry to Nigerian entertainers with the way Gov’t treats them. Adieu Enebeli.

  14. Ruth

    RIP….Its sad that you are gone. Many thanks for the utilizing your talent which we appreciated lots.

  15. ESTHER


  16. Omachoko Joseph

    It is quite on unfortunate. RIP!

  17. cassy

    mr Enebeli we love you, but God love you most. R.I.P. You died bcos of our govrment way of doing things.

  18. Davo

    Surely, Enebeli Elebuwa, will be so painfully missed. We pray God to grant members of his family and all his colleagues the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. May he rest peacefully in the bossom of the Lord.

  19. Mamman Bako

    If only he had been ‘allowed’ to check out, he’d probably be alive today. The things he complained about in that sketch are still with us today – no power, no roads, no healthcare, in fact ‘no life’. ‘Andrew’ do Rest In Peace. We will missed you, your fight for social equity and justice.

  20. Olalekan

    It is strange that our Nollywood stars are dying these days. We’ll miss Enebeli Elebuwa. Rest in peace, and thanks to Delta Stat governor for the assistance

  21. KOJ

    This is sad.
    Isn’t that strange how veterans actors in the Nigerian movie industry are dying?

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