Wife of Ogun state lawmaker kidnapped with friend

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Abiodun Onafuye/ Abeokuta


The Onademurens: wife and friend kidnapped
wife of the lawmaker representing Ijebu North-East State Constituency in Ogun state southwest, Nigeria, Samson Onademuren was today kidnapped by yet to be identified gunmen in Ijebu Ode, Ijebu Ode local government area of Ogun state.

P.M. News gathered that, Mrs. Onademuren was kidnapped around noon Tuesday by four hefty men at her husband’s building site in Ijebu-Ode.

Witnesses said that the gunmen abducted Mrs Onademuren few minutes after she got to her husband’s building site.

She was reportedly whisked away along with her friend in a white Opel car which registration number was said to have been removed during the operation.

Her husband who hails from Ipari-Nla town, near Atan is the Chairman, House Committee on Ethics and Justice and a strong loyalist of the former governor of the state and a chieftain of the party, Aremo Olusegun Osoba

He is at present in the United States of America USA, with 25 other lawmakers in the state, on a mission that is believed to be a jamboree.

The Police Public Relations Officer,PPRO, in the State,ASP Muyiwa Adejobi said he was yet to be briefed.

A witness however stated that, the kidnappers had passed the site before they noticed the women at the building whose gate was widely opened. Then then reversed their car, entered the compound and at gun point, ordered all occupants to lie on the floor before they
took their preys away.

Ogun state, with over five persons kidnapped in recent times, is fast gaining the disrepute as a nest of kidnappers.


  1. Dot

    To our esteemed Awujale, could you as the custodian of Ijebu traditions demand that Amosun the governor bring an immeadiately end to these kidnappings? As an Oba, you hear things and your chiefs know who has accumulated sudden wealth in the area. Pass anonymous information to the governor, and also teach some of these thieves a lesson that crime in Ijebu area will lead to death. Do not allow these imports from other states to turn Ijebu names into criminality. Call the governor to act or lose Ijebu votes at the next election. The real question is whether this is a PDP ploy to make the state ungovernable as Kashamu suggested and is now putting not play following what Boko Haram is doing to GEJ. Like 2 can play at the game. Why Ijebu as the center of Ogun state crime? Last year I was invited to Ijebu Ode, but I will be crazy to take up such an offer since my host himself had been kidnapped the year before at his gas station. To Amosun I say become retroactive, look at Kashamu’s boys to rule a political plot to destabilize the state, and Kabiyesi should perform a ceremony to curse the generations of these thieves with offerings to the creator. Muslim or Christians, Nigerians still deep down believe in the ancestral gods, otherwise nollywood will not be successful.

    1. T adams

      i dont understand why its taking our government so much time to make kidnapping any crime that will bring capital punishment. these Ibos and deltans or anyone associated with this crime must face the firing squad. i mean even the least involved , any association with kidnappers will warrant the death squad and the judgement should be swift. They should be televised while facing the firing squad just a month after arrest. then you will see a drop. it is the most serious threat to Nigerians now because it has become an alarming trend.kidnapping is not just about unemployment ,it is about greed ,one that will catapult one into an instant millionaire. i am unemployed and so are many but will never think of something like that. The kidnappers so far arrested are either working for the victims and they are building mega mansions. that is not unemployment, that is greed. and i am surprised ppl here pray for the death of the victims. is it a crime to work hard and be rich? or is it a crime to be related to a politician? poor man’s mentality as usual. This crime is coming to everyone’s doorstep. they are kidnapping Okada riders as well. Hope you guys know.

  2. Goddey

    I am about to purchase a ticket to come to nigeria, Ijebu- ode in particular which is my country home, i called a friend of mine who adviced me not to come that i should make it probably next year. I thought he was only trying to discourage me, 3 days after i read it in the PM News that Alhaji Safi Araba was kidnapped, while another victims fold up his businness in Ijebu-Ode. Our governments are the main problems, in a situation where massess cannot have a source of living, and a govt. of the day belief in beautification on empty stomach. Nobody is against good things but the timing is wrong. God save us in nigeria, time will tell those politicians will definately blame themselves, to it is the beginning of the end for you idiots.

  3. Omojuwa Omotiosun

    I am waiting for how Amosun warriors will respond to this. 13 APCs, One billion Naira worth of ammunitions, 150 brand new chinese patrol vans , 300 million naira worth of bullett proof vests. The profile of armed violence is rising. Ogun State is finished. People are leaving in droves. Businesses are closing shop. Amosun ti sun, oun harun. Now they will feel the pinch and stop blaming journalists and opposition. Amosun is completely helpless and clueless. Security issue is no media war. I wish somebody will wake this man up or else he should return the fake award he collected in Ghana, resign and apologise to Ogun people

  4. Jo

    Amosun are you sleeping? Ogun state now the haven for kidnappers? Governor do nothing, you must kill these kidnappers, or even yet paralyse them so they cannot commit crrimes again, and by that I mean literally crush their spine. If these kidnappers were exported from other states, then you as the Governor must be ruthless in your dealings with these criminals. I was in nigeria last year, and a friend related to me how he was kidnapped in Ijebu Ode, I thought he was trying to feel important but now I believe him. His people caught up with the criminals and killed them and disposed of the bodies. Governor Amosun what are you waiting for?

  5. muniru

    kudos to those kidnappers, pls keep on kidnapping those animals who call themselves politicians. pls do not release her until her jamboree husband is made to pay thru his nose. Nigerian politician including Jona, Obasanjo,Babangida and d rest ar evil, they shld all be kidnap and killed.

  6. otunba sege

    they should kill her so that this evil lawmakers wake up to their duty

    1. T adams

      kill her???? a human being that you have never met before ? just because she is the wife of a legislator that you have never met in your life? may that prayer be yours .poor man’s mentality. do you understand that these kidnappers are now kidnapping regular civil servants too? what a waste of sperm, you shouldn’t exist.

  7. Datti

    This is the handiwork of omo Ibo. The last kidnapping was the same ‘African Jews’ – the case is still in court. Na the curse of Awo dey affect una

  8. Jimco

    WOW. That’s the best news today. They should also feel what the common people go through.

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