Promising singer, King Oogbodo, has delivered a withering assessment of Nigeria in his latest song, Inu N’bi Mi.

Oogbodo, who is signed to Blood Entertainment, said Inu N’bi Mi was his own way of drawing attention to the deplorable situation in the country. He calls on other musicians to speak on behalf of the people.

“It is a reality song, which talks about the terrible condition of Nigeria, especially the wickedness of our leaders. Hypocrites and sycophants might not like this cut, but the masses definitely will.

“I also took time out to lash at traders, teachers, expatriates, craftsmen, the NYSC and terrorists. These are people who are contributing negatively to the nation, so I gave them a piece of my mind in Inu N Bi Mi,” Oogbodo stated.

— Bayo Adetu