Sanusi Is Confused, Revolution’ll Consume Him, Says JAF

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The President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Peter Esele, has described the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, as a confused man who has become too idle. He also gave Sanusi the title of the “Most Loquacious CBN Governor In The World.”

This is just as the Joint Action Forum (JAF), labour’s civil society body, declared that Sanusi is a possible victim of the much-talked about revolution that would consume some people in the country soon.

Sanusi had urged the Federal Government to sack up to 50 per cent of its civil servants because the government spends more money paying their salaries and allowances than developing the country.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS last night, Comrade Esele, said it had become clear that Sanusi wants to draw the ire of the citizens of the country, adding that the TUC would take a decisive action against the government if the latter heeds the advise of Sanusi, who he described as one of the most idle persons in the country right now. “Sanusi has become too idle that he has forgotten the difference between the monetary policy and the fiscal side of it.

“The governor knows where the money goes and cannot say the civil servants collect up to 70 per cent; let him define the civil servants collecting all these money. All the overhead that the governor is talking about goes to the politicians. The allowances, whether in the National Assembly or the executive arm of government, is the highest that is paid anywhere in the world. For me, Sanusi is the most loquacious CBN Governor in the world.

CBN governors in other climes are not seen or heard and anytime you see or hear them talk, it is when the country is in a quandary and when they talk, it is about the monetary aspect of the economy.

“Here, it is either Sanusi is attending a fund-raising or he’s busy donating money,” he said.

He disclosed that Sanusi is handling a CBN whose budget had been kept secret for years as nobody is allowed to approve or regulate how he spends money.

“He also said that all the 774 local governments should be scrapped and this tells you that one of our biggest problems is that our leaders are not forward thinking.

“What monetary policy can Sanusi claim to have completed? “The banking reform is not completed; he ran into the cashless policy and later reduced it to Lagos and even later excluded ministries, departments and agencies.

“Where is fraud perpetrated? Is it not in those areas?”

In his own reaction, Comrade Abiodun Aremu of the Joint Action Front(JAF) asked Nigerians to begin to take note of their enemies so as to know those to deal with when the time comes for the revolution which ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo predicted recently.

“Let it be told that if there is going to be a revolution in Nigeria, it is people like Sanusi that must be consumed. “So Nigerians should begin to take note of people like Sanusi that must be consumed by this revolution that must change this unjust system of exploitation and oppression,” he said.

According to him, “Sanusi has shown with the declaration that he is a person who lacks conscience and does not care about the lives of the people of the country.

“What he is emphasising is that the civil servants should be sacked so as to make more money available to be stolen by him and his cronies. It is an irresponsible statement to be made and people like Sanusi do not deserve to live in a community like Nigeria. It is unfortunate,” he declared.



  1. R.S. D

    Actually, go and check Sanusi’s profile , his education is more of Islamic studies. He has no business at all being in that position. It is unfortunate for this country. Except that God would not sup[port it, the best thing is for there to be at least thre countries carved out of Nigeria, so that those who want to have the best and qualified persons at the helm of affairs inh there country can do so and those who would want to be governed through Islamic dictates would not be hindered.

  2. Kingsley

    SANUSI is a government employee he should be number person to be affected if GEJ fail to stand by his Sanusi words by begining with him-Sanusi and all his family members in public service then there is a major problem

  3. tsighintsi ohdu

    Who will forced the politicians to cut down on the laqocious spending of our public funds meant development? Not Sanusi of course, because he belongs to the feudal lords who control large budgets without accountability. The politicians are our headache in this country since they can allocate funds to themselves arbitrarily. The revolution will start from Aso Rock through Otta farms etc, etc. Can anyone stop the revolution? Only time will tell.



  5. koko

    I want to believe that this statement should have been targeted at the political office holders whose allowances, whether in the National Assembly or the executive arm of government, is the highest that is paid any where in the world with security vote attached to it.

    “He also said that all the 774 local governments should be scrapped and this tells you that one of our biggest problems is that our leaders are not forward thinking. What is the essence of creating LGA, it is to bring dev to the locals.We need them to represent us at a state and federal level so that our voices can be heard.The role of local government is a delegated one. They are responsible for areas that are sub-units of the state or country. Their actual role and the scope of their powers varies from one nation to another.The Role Of Local Government Among the roles of the local government is to collect taxes, give licences accordingly, make by-laws and generally enforce policies that influence the local community’s development. The local government brings decision making closer to the people and enhances pride and sense of ownership of their communities. Local governments generally take responsibility for parks & recreation services, police & fire departments, housing services, emergency medical services, municipal courts, transportation services & public works. while should you think of scraping. Is this an alternative to your monetary policy, tell Nija your best perspective to the scrapping.

  6. paul

    Confusion on bastard SANUSI head is under-statement, sanusi is rotting as all the northerners coward public attention seekers -RIBADU, EL-RUFAI, BUHARI, ALL THE COWARD EMIRS ETC

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