Nigerian Basketballer Shot Dead In USA

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Reports say former Nigerian basketball player Chinedu Onyeuku has been shot dead after ‘trying to rob home in Texas with an accomplice’.

It was gathered that the former D’Tigers of Nigeria player, was shot dead in a botched burglary in Texas before Thanksgiving.

Onyeuku, 29, was trying to break into a home in Plano on 21 November and was shot and killed by the homeowner, Police say. Onyeuku had played for the Nigerian team that qualified for this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

According to the Dallas News, Onyeuku and another person allegedly tried to break into a residence on Rio Grande Street in Plano, Texas the night of 21 November.

The homeowner told Plano police that he saw ‘multiple people’ approaching the house. The two apparently entered the residence by breaking a glass patio door. The homeowner shot Onyeuku, killing him instantly. His accomplice ran away without injury. Police are still trying to track the second burglar.

No one inside the home was injured in the burglary. Upon their arrival, EMT workers pronounced him dead at the scene. It is unclear why Onyeuku and his companion were trying to burglarize the residence.

The Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF, posted a statement, saying that the 29-year-old athlete played basketball for the team that qualified for the London 2012 Olympics. However, Onyeuku was not on the Olympic roster and did not actually compete.

The statement reads: “His passion for playing with D’Tigers was deep-seated and he will be greatly missed. The federation joins his family and team mates to mourn a departed son, father, husband and great patriot.”

According to online sports records, Onyeuku was born in the Nigerian capital of Lagos in 1983. He moved to the United States at the age of six.

He played college basketball at Illinois State University and then went semi-pro for awhile, playing for the Arlington Bulldogs, in the American Basketball Association. In 2009, he was invited to play for the D’Tigers of Nigeria. It also said that Onyeuku lived in Omaha, Nebraska.


  1. naubiko

    Sounds weird this story. There’s more to it than it seems…But with the kind of govt we have nothing will come out of it for a proper investigation.

  2. Rita

    This is not a true story.The Lord will vindicate Nedu and fight for him.

  3. boyce

    If this story is true then Nigerians have deep rooted problem.


    Chinedu Onyeuku was cought in the act , the abbration conducts of so called nigerians both home and abroad is a product of long time bad governmental system and world most corrupt nation even if it is one . this is a country where a serving president with the all member of his family will be looting nation’s money with immunity , both son in diaspora wife ( first Lady) Duather , Nigeria as is a nation fruadulent and every thing about it is a fruad .

    1. Amos A B

      pls Ezeruenwa, i think its high time we begin to speak positive of the nation Nigeria. how could you mean the entire nation (including you) is corrupt? though we have those bad eggs, we should be suggesting the way to fish them out from gov’t and in the diaspora in order to have a good image in the international community.

    2. stevep

      please please guys, dont jump to conclusion, we dont really know what happen yet, let the police do there work if only they will,if you nigerians quick to condem your own citizen then you expect somebody else not to conclude,it could be friendship gone wrong somewhere,there might be a lot of things peoples might say about us, and there are things that are not common with us here.

  5. atuluku stephen

    In so far as we want to mourn this young man with great potential but cut down at his prime, let us not overlook the circumstance or otherwise of his death. It’s a shame to be labelled a burgler. we wait to see and hear the last from the US police. It is a decline and not helpful to NIGERIA’s image in the eye of the world.
    Atuluku Stephen

  6. JI

    This is the kind of product we export everywhere. Greed and fraud will not make our people take the part of honour in life.

    I will not be surprised if a serving or ex-Nigeria Governor is caught in robbery abroad.

    NASS, please observe a minute silence for the soul of the departed and let the sports ministry fly their flags at half mast throughout the country for one week.

    1. osa

      Is this someone in his right mind should say when a life has been lost?

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