Erstwhile husband of actress Monalisa Chinda, Segun Dejo-Richards, has denied reports that his second marriage to Lamide has hit the rocks. He remarried in January 2011 after his break-up with Monalisa.

Last week, there were rumours that Dejo and Lamide have separated, with the latter keen on filing for divorce. It was also alleged that Dejo married her because of her financial stability, but he has denied it all.

In a statement issued by HOB Media, Dejo’s publicist, he threatened to take legal action against those spreading the rumour, claiming that there is no element of truth in it.

Part of the statement reads: “Firstly, none of the publications can provide proof that the marriage has been dissolved. All they reported are hearsays. None of those who reported the rumour made effort to speak with both Dejo Richards and the wife before they went to press. The couple only read about their own break up on the Internet.

“On the issue that Dejo married Lamide for financial gains; it is sad that people do not know who Dejo Richard is. He comes from a very influential and financially stable family. We will not go ahead and drop names, but his family is well respected.

“Dejo on his own is an entrepreneur who studied in the United Kingdom. You will remember that he is one of the founders and co-owners of Question Marks label. He runs his own production outfit at the moment and he is producing for TV stations across Africa, London and Europe,” the statement added.