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Aidy Thomas

Many women around the world have come to a point in their marriage where they are unsure whether the choice to be married was a good one or not. This has nothing to do with what the relationship has to offer but the task of keeping up to the expectation of that office is paramount.

After the excitement of name change to Mrs Somebody comes the reality of weaving your destiny with a totally different person who has come from a different family setting and exposure but desire oneness like the breath of life.

The process of achieving this unity is what gives birth to conflict and friction between lovers. If you came from where father does the lawn, electrical, repairs and all DIY while mom faces shopping, cooking, cleaning and general housekeeping to a different setting where the man enjoys being the chef and wants to be involved in every shopping so he can monitor how much of his quid you squander on impulse buying, it’s definitely not going to be easy to accept this role swap.

Growing up where ever you did gave a sense of value which made you believe whatever standard or family culture you were introduced to is suitable for survival. This is one of the reasons ‘change’ has remained a challenge to mankind —we love to keep doing what we are used to over the years or simply put, our impulse tends to tick quicker towards familiar tasks.

Before moving on to address the expectations of women as lovers and home-makers, it’s ideal to look into the heart of a typical woman; what she expects of her lover, how she’ll love to be treated and how to get the best from her in every or most situations.

Everyone seems to know about a woman being an emotional creature but very few really explore this piece of information to achieve harmony in relationships.

Yes, there is no doubt some guys know what would possibly make life good for their babes but would just not want to dance that way at all. On the other hand, significant others have good intentions and longing to make relationships work but just do not know exactly how; these are the ones I’m out to encourage/guide while still appealing to the others on the opposite side of the coin to make their union a safe haven while it lasts.

Women love to be talked to: When a woman is in the mood to talk or be talked to, nothing else means much except they come as support after the talking attention has been granted.      The height of this ‘talking need’ manifests desperately in women who have little contact/interaction with the outside world. It’s okay to think that watching TV all day is a good way to be linked to what is happening around the world but tell me who really enjoys a one way communication? We all love to talk and be talked to —that instant exchange of ideas; not dumping of other people’s opinion on us, is priceless.

When your spouse has been left alone at home all day with four young children to run after; she looks up to that time you’ll press the door bell and walk in with a smile, ready to soothe her aches. Doing what does not align with her expectations in this regard could bring out a personality you never knew she had.

Haven’t you heard people say a hungry man “WOMAN” is an angry man? If being hungry for food makes people angry, being hungry for love is a lot more dangerous and in most cases puts the victims in vulnerable situations.

I’m not making excuses for anybody who jumps from one bedroom to another claiming they are hungry for love but facing facts as it were, if you give your spouse the attention they require you’ll be happy at the result.

One way to have it easy with a woman is by telling her how beautiful she is. This single message is multi dimensional for her; she interprets it to mean…

(1) I’m proud of how you look

(2) No other woman can be compared to you

(3) I am satisfied with what I’ve got- YOU

If a woman feels this way about herself; tell me why she will not spin for you? Making people feel good about themselves is one of the greatest gifts we can ever offer them. People are not always comfortable with critics who look for every tiny loophole to nail them.

Yea; no one is infallible but putting people’s weaknesses to their faces all the time is a ridiculous way of crushing their ego. Watch this: the people you say nice things to will always want to keep that complement flowing by repeating whatever produced it.

Hugs and kisses makes a woman feel desirable at all times. The real closeness should not only be behind closed doors when nobody is watching; holding hands outside and being around her means the world to her.

Loads of other things can come in to grace the list but remember that giving someone a sense of value and making them feel loved can render a fiery person harmless.

On the side of the woman, this is a wakeup call to jolt you out of a false thinking of ‘happily ever after’ mentality. Being a woman or lady of the house is a huge responsibility which gets bigger and deeper as the family chain multiplies.

Educate yourself how best to be useful and explore different things that can help you deliver. Give no time to mourning about what you do not have; make use of what you have and build what you’ll love/proud to look back at. It’s really a privilege to be a woman; grasp the right attitude, ignore distractions and leave an enviable legacy to the generation next.


  1. mctadi

    Nice piece! some women dont deserve such treatment while some men cannot afford to offer that same treatment to their wives.

  2. Pa Phatty

    Very insightful! More power to your elbow.

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