Nigeria seeks to strengthen ties with Pakistan

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Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan sought Wednesday to strengthen bilateral ties with Pakistan by “re-energising” the existing bi-national commission between the two countries, his spokesman said.

Jonathan with Pakistani President Ali Zardari
“The issue of re-energising (the) bi-national joint commission was raised with a view to promoting trade relations between the two countries,” Reuben Abati told reporters after Jonathan held talks with President Asif Ali Zardari.

Jonathan arrived in Islamabad on Wednesday to attend a summit of eight developing nations (D8) in the first visit to Pakistan by a Nigerian leader in 28 years.

The summit brings together Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, as well as Nigeria and Pakistan.

Jonathan sought to sign air services and banking deals with Pakistan, as well as explore collaborations in other areas, Abati said.

He is scheduled to hold similar talks with leaders of Malaysia, Turkey, Iran and Egypt on the sidelines of D8 on Thursday.

Nigeria’s foreign minister Olugbenga Ashiru said his country has come to the summit to build cooperation with D8 members.

“Nigeria wants more improvement in terms of cooperation mostly in the areas of economy and power. We want to see a lot more done,” Ashiru told AFP.

He said that Nigeria is already in talks with Turkey but added that “we want to see more of this cooperation not only with Turkey but also with Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan”.

Nigeria, with a population of about 167 million, is Africa’s largest oil producer but has a very poor and unreliable electricity supply.




  2. adebowaleUdofiaChidi

    Jona! Jona!! Jona!!!.How many times have we called you? Who are you advisers Mr President? Are we preparing to build nuclear plants or manufacture more bombs industries as a way of creating employment for the almost 1 million jobless nigerians? Is that why we should form this “unholy” alliance with Pakistan? Mr. President, I respect you as a gentleman and the head of state and commander of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria but there are notably some of your policies that need a thorough review before you hit the airways to visit foreigners and discuss anything ” bilateral relationship”. Mr. President, Nigeria is 50times richer that U.A.E, pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Malaysia in terms of our natural and human resources. What is hampering our progress as a nation is your cabinet members, past president and politicians who continously hold the Nigeria jugular and resist all meaningful attempt to deliver Nigeria and Nigerians from the bondage of corruption with its attendant consequences which we all know to be gross poverty. Please Mr. President, can you open your eyes and fight corruption that is if you are not “among them” ? Mr. President, the solid mineral resources that we have in the Middle Belt and the Northern parts of the Country is enough to feed Nigerians and provide comfort for all Nigerians even those unborn for the next century. Mr. President we are weeping now that we are writing this to you and we wish someone will bring this write up to you to read. Mr president, Nigerians in diaspora are suffering to return hard currencies back home but Nigerian politicians are busy stealing the same money and siphoned it to foreign countries in the Middle East and Europe to establish business creating employment and comfort for those citizens.Mr. President can you call those responsible for the harboring and killing of innocent Nigerians to stop this nonsense? Can you use your veto power as the President to say enough is enough to all the stealing of oil money and the lack luster attitude of our legislators? Mr. President, this is the time to show action and not mere committees. We have had more committees set up to look into so many ills and the committees members sometimes join the bandwagon to perpetuate the same act that they themselves were mandated to resolve. For how long will this generation see their future jeopardized by selected few? For how will the children given birth to in Nigeria live without hope of a better tomorrow when today is bleak? We are not tired of this country yet but we would soon leave Russia back home if the suffering of Nigerians people continue without hope of restoration.It is better for a good father or brother to stay hungry and allow his children or fellow brothers to eat to their satisfaction. We are ready to do a little more than talking and begging. Q.E.D

  3. Jimo Owoseni

    I can’t help stop laughing. Nigeria to strengthen ties with Pakistan, Iran etc. Bird oo the same feather flocks together. Very laughable indeed!

  4. Areafather

    This is a country we dnt need or do anything with at all….. Pls Jonathan

  5. naubiko

    How about introducing BH to Al-Qeada while he’s at it. No good country will touch pakistan with a barge pole. Failed state (Pakistan and Nigeria) good bed fellow

  6. Joy

    “Jonathan sought to sign air services and banking deals with Pakistan, as well as explore collaborations in other areas, Abati said”.

    Mr. President, just watch your back amidst these Islamic countries before collaborating.

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