Nigeria Law School churns out new baby lawyers

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Like a factory producing products, Nigeria Law School today churned out a new set of lawyers to swell Nigeria’s legal profession. The baby lawyers were 3,897 in all.

They were all called to the Nigerian Bar, after meeting requirements of the Nigerian Law School at a ceremony in Abuja today.

The Director General of the Nigerian Law School, Dr Tahir Mamman, said nine candidates made First Class Honours, 195 made Second Class (Upper Division), 900 made Second Class (Lower Division), while 2,793 Candidates graduated with Pass.

He expressed optimism that the qualification obtained in the Bar programme would enable them to build their career.

The Chairman, Body of Benchers, Chief Idowu Sofola, called on the new wigs to join the struggle for the eradication of corruption from the judiciary and the society at large. He enjoined them to act fairly and with good conscience, adding that “ this is a noble profession and only the nobles should be called to the Nigerian Bar.’’

“Make the Rules of Professional Conduct your daily guide.Doing this will make you not to fall into what will or may diminish the honour and dignity of the noble profession. Remember a good name is better than gold or frankincense. Be on top of your case and clients will appreciate you for good performance, colleagues will respect you and the judges will credit you,’’ he said.

One of the new wigs, Folakemi Omotosho expressed happiness for being called to bar in spite of the numerous challenges she faced in school.

She called on the Nigerian Law School to pay more attention to the practical aspects of the training as well.


  1. Terberia Paul Ambue

    Congrates to graduates! Can one kind graduate give me information on modalities of admissions into the Law School?

  2. Ken

    Wow! Glad to hear this. Congrats to all our most learned gentle men and ladies. This is progress. God bless their calling.

  3. Seun

    Charge and bail on the increase, congrats!

  4. Ayo

    Lawyers or Liars. Products of a bad system can not serve any good.

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