Judgement day set for estranged couple

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.Wife tells court of battery from husband; hubby says wife grabs his manhood when they quarrel

A 23- year-old trader, Oluwakemi Igbaoma, on Tuesday pleaded with a customary court in Agege, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria, to dissolve her five-year-old marriage over frequent beating and lack of care by her husband. But her husband told the court that he beat his wife, ‘ver hard’ because “she used to hold tight to my manhood”, whenever they fought.

The presiding judge of the Grade A court, however thought the marriage has broken beyond repairs and fixed judgement for 12 December. In any case, husband and wife were already living apart.

It was the wife that dragged her husband to court seeking divorce.

The lady who lives at Owo Street, Agege, told the court that her husband flogged her at will.

“My husband flogs me at any slight opportunity and he does not have respect for me and my family. Whenever he flogs me, he inflicts wounds on my body, which normally lands me in the hospital,” she said.

The mother of two, aged one and three, told the court that she developed hypertension over the issue.

“My heart beats fast; I lost appetite for food; I lived under fear all through the period I was with him as I saw him like my god and the children also feared him. All sorts of scars are on my body as a result of the beating. My husband is callous and wicked; he drinks to stupor, and behaves abnormally. I want the dissolution of the marriage and want custody of my children because I don’t want them to live with their father who is a tout,” she said.

Her husband, Sunday Igbaoma, did not deny her wife-bashing story, but only told the court that he still loves his wife.

Igbaoma of Oniwaya Road, Agege, told the court:

“I am sorry for all the wrongs I have done to my wife; I don’t want to lose her as I love her with passion. Though my wife is not exonerated from this problem between us; whenever we fought, she used to hold tight to my manhood which normally made me to beat her hard. She does not respect me, she abuses me as she likes and this makes me to beat her,” he said.

The respondent, who is a member of a road transport union in Oshodi, told the court that he had changed and would not beat his wife anymore.

The court president, Mr Emmanuel Sokunle, told the couple to maintain the peace anywhere they meet each other.

He adjourned the case to 12 December 12 for judgment.

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  1. Oluchi

    It’s observe this two can’t live together, please, the court should dissolve the marriage before the wife-beater kills this innocent woman, the court should put the young children who might live without the love of their mother into consideration. I believe the woman grabbing his manhood might just be the only way to defend her self and upon that, instead of him to stop the beating he beats her even harder. The man deserve to be sentenced and have his examined.

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